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Tracking Library responses to COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak, now classified as a Pandemic, is making a massive impact on libraries. Most are remaining open, but are limiting certain activities. Others are closing or operating under limited hours and staffing.

We are collecting data on how each library is responding to COVID-19 in This information will be useful in communicating the status of individual libraries and to the broader community in analyzing the general response trends.

I invite each library to provide this information on This data will display on the library listing during this crisis and will be retained for follow-up reporting and analysis.

To update a library profile, you will need to log into Library Technology Guides. If you have not previously registered, the process is brief. The requrement to sign in avoids unwanted or malicious changes to library entries.

A new field has been added to each library profile to record the library's response to the crisis. To add this information, just follow these steps:

Find your library:
(hint: for public libraries, enter city or county)
  • Select and view the listing for your library
  • Press the button
  • Enter the text describing the library's response into the new field: Special COVID-19 Response

Once you save the profile, the message will be prominently displayed on the profile for the library.

Once the crisis is over, the display of this information will be disabled. You will not need to go back and remove it at that time. Changes can be made to the status as needed.

A report will be created that will be made available to those interested listing or summarizing the responses recorded.