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Who maintains Library Technology Guides?

Marshall Breeding created Library Technology Guides and serves as Editor and Publisher.

Why did you create Library Technology Guides?

The project started out of my own research needs. I do a considerable amount of writing in the field of library automation, and I needed to track the relevant literature, companies, and products. The only way that I could do this efficiently was to manage that information in a database. Web-enabled databases have long been an interest of mine, and these became a way to gain practical experience with them. Even now, one of the main reasons that I find it worthwhile to keep up Library Technology Guides is that it continues to support my own research and writing.

What is the relationship between and Library Technology Guides? is a component of Library Technology Guides, but is designed to function as a separate resource. Data in lib-web-cats regarding automation products and installation dates feeds many of the statistical reports in Library Technology Guides.

What is the intended audience of Library Technology Guides?

The website aims to provide information to anyone interested in library technologies. Systems librarians may use it on an ongoing basis to keep up with information in the field. Library automation vendors find it helpful in monitoring broad trends in the field and tracking their competitor's activities. Libraries in the process of selecting a library automation system use the site to help them become familiar with the products and companies available, to find libraries that have experienced similar system migrations, and to see the general trends in the sales of library automation systems.

What is the intended audience of targets the general public as a general directory of libraries. Many libraries place it on their own websites as a way for their users to find other libraries. In its simplest form, functions as a library directory, but the advanced search page allows it to function as a tool for viewing trends and migration patterns related to the implementation of library automation systems.

What technology platform does Library Technology Guides use?

  • Dell PowerEdge Server (housed by a remote hosting service)
  • Windows 2008 R2 Operating System
  • Microsoft IIS Web Server
  • ActivePerl from ActiveState
  • Win32:ODBC perl module from Roth Consulting
  • MySql ODBC Connector
  • MySql

All pages are dynamically generated using perl. The perl scripts communicate to the database through ODBC, using SQL syntax.

What databases comprise Library Technology Guides?

libraries.orga global database of libraries
bibbibliographic database that underlies the LTG Document Repository and the News Release Archive
companiesa database of companies
membersregistered users of Library Technology Guides

When was Library Technology Guides created?

lib-web-cats, the precursor to, has been available on the Web since late 1997. It was announced to the public on May 12, 1999. Library Technology Guides was announced to the public in December 1999.