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The Library Corporation

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Research Park
Inwood, West Virginia 25428-9733
United States
Toll free: 325-7759
Phone: 304-229-0100
Fax: 304-229-0295
Web site:

Board of Directors

  • Annette Harwood Murphy -- Co-founder, President/CEO, Chairman of the Board
  • Gary Kirk -- President, Tech Logic
  • Brad Murphy -- Vice President, Singapore Operations


  • Annette Harwood Murphy -- Co-founder, President/CEO, Chairman of the Board
  • Gary Kirk -- President, Tech Logic
  • Rich Jacobson -- Chief Operating Officer
  • Calvin Whittington -- Director of Finance and Administration
  • Brad Murphy -- Vice President, Singapore Operations
  • Paul Leppert -- Vice President -- Managing Director TLC Denver
  • John Burns -- Vice President of Sales
  • Sherry Banks -- Director of Inwood Operations
  • Sam Brenizer -- Director of Product Management, Inwood
  • Lorrie Ann Butler -- Director of Product Strategy and Customer Relations, Denver

Company Ownership

Library automation systems

The Library Corporation offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Library.Solution (717 libraries, 3851 facilities in
    Public libraries: 501
    Academic libraries: 78
    School libraries: 79
    323 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Carl.X (89 libraries, 481 facilities in
    Public libraries: 85
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 1
    16 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Carl (2 libraries, 3 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 1
    490 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 4335 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by The Library Corporation.

Corporate Chronology

Apr 1, 2005   The Library Corporation acquires TechLogic.
Jan 12, 2001   The Library Corporation launches YouSeeMore.
Jul 3, 2000   The Library Corporation acquires Carl Corporation.
1995   The Library Corporation launches ITS.for Windows.
1987   The Library Corporation launches The Intelligent Catalog.
Jun 1985   Eyring Research Institute, Inc. founds Eyring Library Systems to market Carl.
1985   TLC launches BiblioFile.
1978   Colorado Alliance for Research Libraries founded.
1974   MARC Applied Research subsequently known as The Library Corporation, founded by Brower Murphy and Annette Murphy.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

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Breeding, Marshall, Information Today (September 2000). The Library Corporation acquires CARL Corporation

The consolidation of the library automation marketplace continues with the acquisition of CARL Corp. by The Library Corporation (TLC). In this development, TLC expands its presence from small and medium-sized libraries to the very largest libraries and library consortia. CARL Corp. will be wholly owned by TLC, though its name will continue to be used in the combined company. The marketing, sales, support, and development of CARL's products and services will continue largely unchanged from its Denver facilities.

The Library Corporation News

Friday Apr 26, 2019

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10 most recent items:

February 14, 2019. Updates to CARL.X, CARL.Connect Discovery and CARL.Connect Staff. TLC announced the release of CARL.X version 9.6.3, CARL.Connect Discovery version 3.4.5, and CARL.Connect Staff version 1.5.3. These releases continue TLC’s trend of providing user-centered solutions to both library users and library staff. Each update removes barriers to service, and empowers libraries to connect with their unique communities. <<more>>

January 24, 2019. Berkeley Public Library selects TLC’s CARL as their next ILS. TLC announced that Berkeley Public Library in California chose CARL.X as their next integrated library system, taking advantage of the fully hosted service model that TLC offers its customers. <<more>>

January 11, 2019. Library.Solution upgrades to Version 5.4.1. The Library Corporation announces the release of Library.Solution version 5.4.1. This new release includes many features in the ILS, most noteworthy the ease of use with batch editing in cataloging. Batch editing has been simplified by making titles and items editable with a drop-down menu for TLC's web-based, award winning software, LS2 Cataloging. <<more>>

November 30, 2018. Updates to CARL.Connect Discovery shows TLC’s commitment to user experience. The Library Corporation is pleased to announce the release of CARL.Connect Discovery version 3.4. CARL.Connect Discovery is a native discovery service that is distinguished by a focus on user experience. This round of development concentrated on solutions that improve the usefulness of the library catalog for both patrons and staff. To that end, v3.4 brings the highly anticipated FRBRized discovery experience to CARL libraries, and provides new visibility to library collections with updates to the CARL.Connect Discovery Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. <<more>>

August 20, 2018. CARL continues to lead libraries into the future. The Library Corporation is pleased to announce our latest product updates with the release of CARL.X v9.6, CARL.Connect Staff v1.5, and CARL.X APIs v1.9.3. <<more>>

July 20, 2018. Building upon innovations introduced with Library.Solution. Building upon innovations introduced with Library.Solution v5.0, which included the award winning LS2 Cataloging, TLC continues its push to remove the complexities and inefficiencies library staff face daily by legacy ILS systems. With the release of Library.Solution v5.3.1, libraries can utilize all new features, such as Item Spaces, the reinvented Fast Add Cataloging, and improved item visibility and access rules for multi-branch libraries, school districts and library consortia. <<more>>

June 22, 2018. TLC is hiring a new Director of Technology Strategy. he Library Corporation is pleased to announce the hire of Monique Sendze as Director of Technology Strategy. Sendze joins the TLC and CARL.X team with formidable library and technology experience, operating in the industry for nearly 20 years. <<more>>

June 20, 2018. The Library Network implements CARL.X. The Library Corporation announced that The Library Network, a coalition of 50 public libraries in Southeast Michigan, has migrated to TLC’s CARL.X ILS. The Library Network used SirsiDynix Symphony as their ILS for the past 15 years. However, TLC’s success with large library systems—and reputation to treat customers as partners—convinced TLN stakeholders, who unanimously agreed to make TLC their ILS provider for the future. <<more>>

March 20, 2018. TLC and Mackin to offer full MackinVIA content integration. The Library Corporation has partnered with Mackin Educational Resources, merging MackinVIA eRe ource platform services with TLC’s Library.Solution ILS. Released on March 8th, the integration of MackinVIA and Library•Solution’s Public Access Catalog begins a partnership that unifies MackinVIA's capabilities with TLC’s customer base. <<more>>

February 9, 2018. TLC and Turing Tumble announce partnership. The Library Corporation and Turing Tumble have agreed to a strategic partnership, bringing the marble-powered computer – The Turing Tumble – to the library and school market. The Turing Tumble is the latest addition to TLC’s lineup of innovative and engaging TLC.SmartTECH STEM offerings. <<more>>