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Softlink International

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2603 Main Street Suite 710
Irvine, California 92614
United States
Toll free: 877-454-2725
Phone: 323-525-1767
Fax: 310-943-2393
Web site:

Board of Directors

  • Kim Duffy -- Non-Executive Chairman


  • Alasdair Darroch -- Managing Director, Softlink Europe
  • Iain Dunbar -- Managing Director, Softlink Europe
  • John Dunne -- Chief Information Officer
  • Catherine Leonard -- President, Softlink America
  • Chris McPhee -- Director of Marketing
  • Hillary Noye -- Director of Business Development Asia Pacific
  • John Crook -- Professional Services Director
  • Nathan Godfrey -- Managing Director
  • Nathan Godfrey -- Chief Operating Officer

Company Ownership

Softlink is owned by the public company, Constellation Software Inc.

Library automation systems

Softlink International offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • illumin (0 libraries, 0 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    0 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Liberty5 (8 libraries, 8 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1
    Academic libraries: 3
    School libraries: 0
    1 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Oliver (4 libraries, 4 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 3
    3 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Alice (4 libraries, 4 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 2
    School libraries: 2
    21 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 16 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Softlink International.

Corporate Chronology

Sep 3, 2009   Catherine Leonard appointed as General Manager for Softlink America.
Sep 3, 2009   Nathan Godfrey has been appointed Chief Operating Officer for Softlink International.
Jun 8, 2009   Robert Corrao Resigns from Softlink America.
May 5, 2009   Softlink International acquires Softlink Europe.
Sep 1, 2008   Softlink America relocates headquarters from Los Angles to Seattle.
Aug 15, 2008   Kim Duffy joins Softlink International as Global Chief Executive Officer.
Jul 29, 2008   Softlink CEO and co-founder, Bob Dunne retires.
Jun 27, 2008   John Dunne returns to Softlink International the role of Chief Information Officer.
2006   Softlink International launches Liberty4.
2006   Softlink International launches Oliver Junior for primary schools.
Feb 22, 2005   Softlink partners with VIP Tone.
Jan 31, 2005   Softlink Europe acquires Limes Software.
Dec 9, 2004   Softlink International launches Oliver.
Mar 25, 2004   Robert Corrao appointed as president of Softlink America.
Mar 2002   Softlink introduces Liberty 3 into United States.
2002   Softlink Pacific established.
2002   Softlink Pacific acquires New Solutions Limited.
2000   Bob Dunne named Chief Executive Officer of Softlink International.
1998   Softlink Hong Kong established.
1997   Softlink launches Alice for Windows.
1996   Softlink International launches Alice.
1994   Softlink Asia established.
1993   Softlink International opens North American office.
1993   Softlink launches Oliver.
1992   Softlink Europe established.
1988   Softlink introduces OASIS.
1985   ALARM -- Softlink's first LMS introduced.
1985   Bob Dunne joins Softlink.
1983   Softlink International founded by John Dunne.

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Softlink International News

Sunday Sep 22, 2019

All 118 Press Releases from Softlink International

10 most recent items:

September 5, 2019. Softlink IC Liberty’s London Conference on September 12!. Softlink’s Technical Services Manager, Sarah Thompson and General Manager John Crook are looking forward to catching up with our Liberty customers at the September 12th 2019 London Liberty User Group Meeting. This year Softlink information Centres will also hold an hour long Liberty and illumin Showcase following the conference from 4.00 pm – 5.00pm. <<more>>

May 14, 2019. Softlink IC Release the Liberty Conference Dates for June - September 2019. The dates for the Liberty User Group meetings (UGMs) between June and September 2019 have been confirmed. <<more>>

March 19, 2019. Softlink Information Centres releases Liberty v5 Build 8.031. Softlink Information Centres, a leading supplier of library and research management systems is pleased to announce the release this week of Liberty v5 Build 8.031. The version includes a number of much anticipated features and enhancements. <<more>>

February 5, 2019. Softlink IC at the ALIA 2019 Information Online Conference. Booth 70 will be the place to visit as Softlink Information Centres exhibits at the 2019 ALIA Information Online conference. <<more>>

December 3, 2018. Softlink's Liberty chosen by the Michael Somare Library. Softlink Information Centres announced that the University of Papua New Guinea’s Michael Somare Library has chosen the Liberty library management system. <<more>>

November 7, 2018. The latest version of illumin released in November. Used by top 10 worldwide consulting companies and law firms, the latest illumin release continues to build on its already rich functionality. Enhancements in the release include the ability to merge request tags, easier management of custom fields, changes to the illumin API, updates to the Knowledge Base interface and the sharing of analytics queries, to name a few. <<more>>

July 16, 2018. New Zealand librarians meet up for 2018 Liberty National User Conference. Almost forty librarians from government, public, academic, health, engineering and legal libraries took part in our New Zealand National User Conference and Masterclass in Wellington in June. The free event for Liberty customers was also preceded by a site visit to the Environmental Protection Authority's library. <<more>>

June 6, 2018. See the Liberty library management system at the ANZ Theological Library Association Conference. Softlink Information Centres, provider of the Liberty library management system, is sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2018 Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association (ANZTLA) conference in Brisbane, July 11-14. <<more>>

May 20, 2018. Softlink Information Centres responds to changes in data privacy regulations such as GDPR. There are a number of changes to data privacy regulations occurring around the world. Among them is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The personal data privacy of customers, and that of their end users, has always been important to Softlink Information Centres. The company has released an overview on what Softlink Information Centres is doing to keep pace with changing regulations. <<more>>

April 8, 2018. Mobile Apps in the law library - see the Liberty Link mobile app at ALLA 2018. Released as Library Link in 2013, Softlink’s enhanced mobile app for libraries has been renamed Liberty Link, and is being demonstrated at the Australian Law Librarians Association Conference in Darwin in May.ALLA delegates will be able to download the new Liberty Link app for free and use it to interact with a virtual law library. Instructions on how to take part in the virtual experience will be included in delegate satchels and on the Softlink stand in the exhibition hall. <<more>>