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Polaris Library Systems

103 Commerce Boulevard PO Box 4903
Syracuse, 13221-4903
United States
Toll free: 800-272-3414
Fax: 315-457-5883
Web site:


  • Jim Mieczkowski -- Chief Information Officer
  • Scott McCausland -- Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Connie Wilson -- Customer Relations Manager

Company Ownership

Polaris Library Systems is owned by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. effective April 1, 2014.

Library automation systems

Polaris Library Systems offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Polaris (1519 libraries, 3702 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1338
    Academic libraries: 48
    School libraries: 56
    181 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Galaxy (0 libraries, 0 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    357 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 3702 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Polaris Library Systems.

Corporate Chronology

Mar 31, 2014   Innovative Interfaces acquires Polaris Library Systems.
Jan 15, 2010   Management buy-out of Polaris Library Systems from Croydon Company.
May 1, 2005   GIS Information Systems renamed Polaris Library Systems.
May 20, 2003   Gaylord Information Systems renamed GIS Information Systems.
May 16, 2003   Bill Schickling named President and Chief Executive Officer.
May 1, 2003   Croydon Company sells Gaylord Bros to Demco, retains ownership of Gaylord Information Systems.
Jul 9, 2001   Death of Morris Bergreen.
May 25, 1999   Katherine Blauer appointed President, Gaylord Information Systems.
Feb 15, 1997   Polaris introduced as new ILS.
Mar 1, 1996   Michael K. Skiles named President of Gaylord Information Systems.
1993   Gaylord introduces COSMOS.
1989   Gaylord Information Systems introduces Galaxy.
1988   Gaylord System 400 Circulation.
1985   Gaylord acquires LSSI.
1984   Gaylord introduces GS 3000 Catalog Management System.
1975   Gaylord Libary Systems established.
1975   Gaylord introduces Gaylord System 100 Circulation.
1930   Gaylord Bros introduce Model C Book Charger.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of Polaris Library Systems, or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2013). Polaris Creates Social PAC

Polaris Library Systems has created a version of its online catalog that offers a distinctively social flavor. Through a partnership with ChiliFresh, the Social PAC brings the social networking features of ChiliFresh Connections directly into the Polaris PowerPAC interface. Rather than layering the ChiliFresh content and social features, as was previously possible, the Social PAC uses behind-the-scenes APIs to seamlessly blend them into the product.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (September 2012). Illinois Heartland Library System, Largest Library Consortium in the US, Opts for Polaris for Shared Automation

The Illinois Heartland Library System, recently formed out of the merger of four antecedent consortia, has selected Polaris to provide its shared automation system. With a total 588 members, 450 of which will initially participate in the implementation of Polaris, aptly named SHARE (Sharing Heartland's Available Resources Equally), this consortia stands as the largest consortium in the United States in terms of libraries served.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2012). Polaris delivers Full Integration with the 3M Cloud Library

Collaboration between Polaris and 3M has resulted in a full integration of e-book lending within the PowerPAC or MobilePAC patron interface of the Polaris Library Management System. This integration enables patrons of libraries using the Polaris automation systems to search and access e-books using the same interfaces offered for other library materials.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2010). Management Buy-out at Polaris

Polaris Library Systems announced that it has changed ownership through a management-led buyout of the company.

Polaris Library Systems News

Friday Apr 10, 2020

All 258 Press Releases from Polaris Library Systems

10 most recent items:

March 31, 2014. Polaris Library Systems introduces live chat support service. Polaris Library Systems proudly introduces a new live chat feature that will allow customers to instantly communicate with Polaris staff beyond that of the traditional phone call or email. <<more>>

March 26, 2014. Scottsdale Public Library chooses Polaris Library Systems as new ILS vendor. Polaris Library Systems announced that Scottsdale Public Library has selected Polaris as its new integrated library system. Scottsdale Public Library will join over 90 libraries in Arizona who have implemented Polaris software, including Phoenix Public Library and the Maricopa County Library District. <<more>>

February 26, 2014. Polaris to highlight new technology trends and the impact on public libraries at PLA 2014. Polaris Library Systems will be attending the Public Library Association 2014 Conference to discuss the impact technology trends have on public libraries and solutions for increasing the connection between libraries and their communities. <<more>>

February 19, 2014. Polaris receives top ratings in annual Library Automation Perceptions Report. Polaris Library Systems, a trusted provider of library automation software for public libraries, has received top ratings in the seventh annual Library Automation Perceptions Report. <<more>>

January 30, 2014. Polaris customer named to advisory council for 3M Cloud Library in Canadian expansion. Polaris Library Systems announces Polaris customer Brampton Library was selected as a member of the Advisory Council for the Canadian launch of the 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending System. <<more>>

January 22, 2014. Polaris Library Systems announces Year of Connection at ALA Midwinter 2014. Polaris will unveil its Year of Connection at the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting, demonstrating how every decision the company makes, in terms of products and partnerships, will have a distinguishable impact on library workflows and the dynamic services offered to patrons. Librarians attending ALA Midwinter will have the opportunity to explore various Polaris products, such as the web-based application LEAP, Community Profiles, the Polaris API and Fusion. Attendees will also have a first look at the OverDrive e-content integration. <<more>>

January 2, 2014. Polaris Library Systems Announces Continued Success and Growth in 2013. Polaris Library Systems, a trusted provider of library automation software for public libraries, has experienced significant growth in 2013. This year, 44 libraries have selected the Polaris Integrated Library System (ILS), representing over 130 new locations adopting Polaris library software throughout the United States and Paris, France. <<more>>

October 18, 2013. Polaris Library Systems announces Library App Challenge for New York State. October 18, 2013. Polaris Library Systems today announces the launch of the Polaris App Challenge, aimed to spark the creation of unique software applications for library staff and patrons. <<more>>

October 10, 2013. Polaris Library Systems partners with EnvisionWare to offer enterprise ecommerce services. Polaris Library Systems announced an integration partnership with EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-service and library-efficiency solutions. The partnership offers patrons and staff one modular, integrated system for self-service payment throughout the library. <<more>>

October 9, 2013. Polaris Library Systems unveils next generation library Automation Software. Polaris Library Systems unveiled the development of a new product, LEAP, considered to be the next generation of library automation software. LEAP, a web application that brings the Polaris power and functionality to the user through a browser, can be used on a desktop, notebook, or tablet. <<more>>