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Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

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1900 Powell Street; Suite 400
Emeryville, California 94608
United States
Toll free: 800-878-6600
Phone: 510-655-6200
Fax: 510-450-6350
Web site:


  • Yariv Kursh -- General Manager
  • Kathryn Harnish -- Senior Vice President of Product Strategy
  • Tom Jacobson -- Vice President, Executive Library Advocate and Strategist
  • Hilary Newman -- Senior Vice President of Customer Support and Customer Success
  • Kirsten Matetich -- Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Aaron Terrell -- Vice President, Engineering and IT
  • Eyal Alkalay -- Vice President, Information Technology
  • Akin Adekeye -- General Counsel and Vice President Partnerships and Business Development
  • Robert Jacobs -- Vice President, International Sales
  • Toni Minick -- Vice President, Product Management
  • Raena Morrison -- Vice President of Sales, North America

Company Ownership

Innovative Interface is a wholly owned business of ProQuest

Library automation systems

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Sierra (2178 libraries, 4415 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1370
    Academic libraries: 571
    School libraries: 25
    205 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Polaris (1521 libraries, 3708 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1340
    Academic libraries: 47
    School libraries: 56
    185 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Virtua (191 libraries, 397 facilities in
    Public libraries: 6
    Academic libraries: 110
    School libraries: 0
    125 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Millennium (251 libraries, 683 facilities in
    Public libraries: 31
    Academic libraries: 109
    School libraries: 11
    2892 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 9203 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Innovative Interfaces, Inc..

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. offers an OpenURL Link Resolver:

  • WebBridge used in 59 libraries, 199 facilities in

Corporate Chronology

Dec 4, 2019   ProQuest Acquires Innovative Interfaces.
May 5, 2019   Shaheen Javadizadeh named Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Interfaces, Inc..
Jan 28, 2016   James Tallman named Chief Executive Officer.
Aug 27, 2015   Kim Massana resigns as CEO of Innovative Interfaces. Bert Winemiller of JMI Equity appointed as acting CEO.
Jun 1, 2014   Innovative Interfaces acquires VTLS.
Mar 31, 2014   Innovative Interfaces acquires Polaris Library Systems.
Dec 31, 2013   Innovative reports 336 total installations of Sierra for the Library Systems Report.
Feb 1, 2013   Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity purchase remaining shares of Innovative Interfaces.
Aug 27, 2012   Kim Massana named as Chief Executive Officer.
Apr 17, 2012   Hillsdale College in Michigan first library to place Sierra into production.
Mar 1, 2012   Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity make strategic investments in Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and SkyRiver.
Apr 25, 2011   Innovative announces Sierra Services Platform development.
Aug 9, 2010   Neil Block becomes president of Innovative Interfaces, Inc..
May 26, 2006   Innovative Interfaces launches Encore discovery interface.
Oct 16, 2001   Jerry Kline purchases the outstanding shares of the company from co-founder Steve Silberstein.
Apr 30, 1997   Innovative acquires SLS.
Aug 1995   Innovative launches its first Web-based online catalog.
Oct 15, 1992   Bob Walton Joins Innovative Interfaces Inc. as Executive Vice President.
1992   Innovative opens office in the United Kingdom.
1991   Innovative develops INN-Reach system.
1989   Innovative interfaces develops Circulation Module for INNOPAC.
Sep 1987   Innovative moves headquarters to Berkeley, CA.
1987   Innovative interfaces develops online catalog module for INNOPAC.
1985   Innovative Interfaces develops Serials Control Module.
Jan 1982   Innovative launches INNOVACQ SYSTEM 100.
1978   Innovative Interfaces develops OCLC-CLSI interface.
1978   Innovative Interfaces, Inc. founded by Jerry Kline and Steve Silberstein.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of Innovative Interfaces, Inc., or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2017). Innovative’s New Business Strategy and Management Team

Innovative Interfaces, under the leadership of its new Chief Executive Officer James Tallman, has begun to execute major changes to strengthen its position in the library technology industry. Innovative has expanded its management team to include a new set of executives with proven abilities in other sectors to take the company forward. In its next phase, Innovative intends to make major investments to transform itself into an “enterprise class library solutions company,” adopting practices and methodologies that have proven successful in other technology-oriented business sectors. These investments will also support new product development initiatives.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (July 2014). Innovative Interfaces acquires VTLS

Innovative Interfaces has acquired Blacksburg, VA-based VTLS as part of its strategic expansion strategy. This move follows the acquisition of Polaris, announced in April 2014. Both acquisitions were conducted in parallel, with each transition closing on a different schedule. The acquisition of VTLS significantly expands Innovative's international reach and brings a number of new technology products under its corporate umbrella. VTLS had been the longest standing company remaining under the ownership and management of its founder in the library technology industry. VTLS has been active since 1974, first as a department of the Newman Library of Virginia Tech University and since 1985, as an independent company.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2014). Innovative Interfaces acquires Polaris Library Systems

In a move that further consolidates the library automation industry, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has purchased Polaris Library Systems. Innovative is one of the largest companies in the industry, with an international presence and customers from all types of libraries. The acquisition significantly strengthens its presence in the US public library arena because of Polaris’s success in winning the majority of municipal library procurements in recent years.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2013). Innovative Interfaces Absorbs SkyRiver and Withdraws Lawsuit Against OCLC

In a major shift in strategy reflecting a more collaborative style of its new ownership and management, Innovative interfaces has withdrawn the lawsuit it filed against OCLC in July 2010. SkyRiver Technologies, the sister company and lead plaintiff of the suit, has been absorbed into Innovative Interfaces, which will integrate the SkyRiver cataloging service into its product offerings.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2013). VTLS Moves to Open Skies

VTLS launched a new product suite, called VTLS Open Skies, positioned as a library services platform. A major step for VTLS, this new strategy takes the most successful components in the current arsenal of technologies and products and rebuilds them into a comprehensive platform for the management and access to library resources.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2013). Innovative Interfaces Ownership Update

Smart Libraries Newsletter has previously reported on the majority acquisition of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and SkyRiver Technologies by a pair of private equity firms, Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity. In the initial transaction, company cofounder Jerry Kline sold the majority of the company, but retained a stake and served as the chairman of a newly constituted Board of Directors. In a subsequent transaction that closed the end of January 2013, Kline divested his remaining shares to the investment firms. Huntsman Gay and JI Equity now own 100 percent of Innovative Interfaces and SkyRiver. No information is publicly available regarding financial details such as the valuation of the company or the portion of shares retained by Kline following the initial transaction. Kline also has resigned from the company's board of directors, having divested his ownership and concluding his strategic and operational involvement.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (October 2012). New Executive Leadership at Innovative Interfaces

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has appointed Kim Massana as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective upon the announcement on August 27, 2012. Jerry Kline continues as Chairman and Neil Block as President.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2012). Innovative Interfaces Joins the Private Equity Club

Innovative Interfaces, one of the veteran companies of the library automation industry, has been one of the major holdouts in the wave of private equity investments that has reshaped the library automation industry over the last six years. The company has remained under the sole ownership of its co-founder Jerry Kline. That position now changes as a pair of private equity firms, Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity have made strategic investments in Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and its sister company SkyRiver Technology Solutions. Following the transaction Kline retains partial equity in the company and will serve as the Chairman of the company's reconstituted Board of Directors and will continue involvement in the leadership of the company. Rich Lawson, co-founder and Managing Partner of Huntsman Gay serves as Vice Chairman and JMI Equity will hold a seat on the new Board. No changes in the executive management of Innovative or SkyRiver are planned.

(March 1, 2012). Library technology and services leader Innovative Interfaces announces strategic investment from Huntsman Gay Global Capital and JMI Equity

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. announced that it has received a strategic investment from Huntsman Gay Global Capital, a leading middle market private equity firm, and JMI Equity, a leading growth equity firm focused on investing in growing software, internet, business services and healthcare IT companies. Innovative Founder and Chairman Jerry Kline will continue to be directly involved in the Company’s overall operation as Chairman of the Board and shareholder of the Company. SkyRiver Technology Solutions, a provider of library metadata, also owned by Kline, received investment on the same terms. Financial terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (March 2012). Innovative Interfaces: Sierra, Encore, and Electronic Resource Management

Innovative Interfaces continues to build interest in its new Sierra platform. The company also launched its new Decision Center product, and announced new releases of Encore and Content Pro.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (October 2010). New Management at Innovative Interfaces

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has named a new President to lead the operations of he company. Effective August 2010, Neil Block, formerly Vice President for Worldwide Sales, advances to the role of President responsible for all divisions of he company. Jerry Kline, who co-founded Innovative Interfaces in 1978, owns the company and will continue to serve as its Chairman.Serials Solutions has also seen a major transition in its executive management. ProQuest announced that Michael Gersch had been appointed as the General Manager of Serials Solutions and as an Executive Vice President of ProQuest.

Breeding, Marshall, (May 3, 2010). Encore Synergy Launched for Article Discovery—A New Search Model

Following the January 2010 announcement by Innovative Interfaces ( that its Encore discovery platform would be enhanced to include new article integration capabilities (, the company has launched Encore Synergy. This new enhanced version of Encore uses dynamic web services interoperability with content providers to layer access to articles into search results.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2011). Innovative Interfaces to Launch Sierra: A New-Generation Automation Platform

Innovative Interfaces has joined the fray of library automation vendors launching new-generation library automation platforms. With Innovative's new system, dubbed Sierra, they aim to offer the depth of functionality equivalent to their current Millennium ILS. This system leverages current technology architectures that include open source components, with fullfeatured API bundles that enable greater extensibility and flexibility in the way that libraries make use of the system.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2010). Management Buy-out at Polaris

Polaris Library Systems announced that it has changed ownership through a management-led buyout of the company.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (July 2006). Innovative to introduce Encore

Innovative Interfaces announced it’s developing Encore, a next-generation library interface, or discovery services platform, which is designed to provide a more unified approach to finding information resources.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (May 2006). Innovative undaunted

Innovative Interfaces, second ranked company in the industry after SirsiDynix, has delivered its own steady stream of accomplishments so far this year. Recent sales of the Millennium ILS include the Oakland Public Library in California, Texas State University—San Marcos in Texas, Jinan University in China, Bibliothèque Méjanes in France, and the Université François-Rabelais de Tours Information Services also in France.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (July 2005). 1896 to 2005: the Polaris story

Polaris Library Systems traces its background through the venerable Gaylord Bros. company, a long-established (since 1896!) and major supplier of library furniture and supplies. One of the pioneers in commercially available circulation systems, Gaylord Library Systems was established in 1975 to develop and distribute library automation systems.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (June 2005). Innovative wins Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, the original development site for the VTLS automation system, announced that will it migrate its libraries to Millennium from Innovative Interfaces.With this selection, Innovative shores up its lead among the prestigious members of the Association of Research Libraries to 37 out of the 123 total.

(October 16, 2001). Innovative announces transition in Ownership

Innovative Interfaces announced that Jerry Kline, co-founder and CEO, has reached an agreement to purchase the outstanding shares of the company from co-founder Steve Silberstein. Upon closing of the transaction, which is expected by the end of the year, Kline will assume full ownership of the company.

Library Systems Newsletter (June 1997). Innovative purchases SLS

Innovative Interfaces, Inc., purchased SLS Information Systems of Great Britain. SLS has over 700 installations in Europe, including more than 50 in academic libraries. Its primary product is Libertas. SLS was owned by 16 UK universities. Innovative purchased all of the outstanding stock for cash. The deal includes subsidiaries in Scandinavia (Stockholm) and Spain (Madrid) . SLS currently has a staff of 46 people.

Library Systems Newsletter (January 1996). Innovative has record year

Innovative Interfaces had a record year in 1995, signing 100 new-name customers during the year, including 11 academic research libraries and 20 public libraries.

Library Systems Newsletter (September 1993). OhioLink system up and running

OhioLINK is the first in which all activity of the separate local library systems is recorded and displayed immediately in the statewide union catalog. The OhioLINK INNOPAC statewide union catalog went online for the public on November 11, 1992, with 2.4 million bibliographic records from six university libraries, including: Case Western Reserve, Bowling Green, University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Central State University and Wright State University.

Library Systems Newsletter (July 1993). Innopac enters the European market

The European University Institute's recent installation of the INNOPAC library automation system marks the entry of Innovative Interfaces, Inc., into the European market. Innovative Interfaces systems are now installed in more than 340 libraries in six countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Italy.

Library Systems Newsletter (November 1992). Bob Walton joins Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Bob Walton will join Innovative Interfaces, Inc. as Executive Vice President and will serve as the company's Chief Financial Officer, including responsibility for marketing, sales, and administration.

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. News

Friday Aug 14, 2020

All 850 Press Releases from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

10 most recent items:

August 13, 2020. Innovative Announces Official Sponsorship of the Library Leadership Podcast. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, has announced its exclusive sponsorship of the Library Leadership Podcast. <<more>>

July 29, 2020. Innovative successfully serves libraries with additional resources and support during global pandemic. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, has successfully worked with customers around the world to help them sustain and update operations during the global pandemic. Working with individual libraries, Innovative has offered free services and discounted subscriptions when needed. Globally, Innovative has also provided a significant amount of new resources and a comprehensive approach to customer support. <<more>>

July 22, 2020. Leading U.S. Public Libraries Partnering with Innovative on the Most Modern Library Platform Available. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, announced that six public libraries joined the Development Partner program for Vega, a new patron engagement and discovery solution for public libraries. The partners include The Central Arkansas Library System, The Ferguson Library, Jefferson County Library Cooperative, Mid-Hudson Library System, MidPointe Library System, and Springfield-Greene Library System. <<more>>

June 19, 2020. Innovative Hosts Polaris ILS Webinar for Libraries in Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, will host two webinar sessions June 23 & 24 featuring team members from Marigold Library System in Alberta, Canada to discuss the power of the Polaris integrated library system (ILS) for the 180 members of The Regional Automation Consortium (TRAC). <<more>>

June 4, 2020. Innovative Announces Continuation of Free Quick Hits Webinar Series Based on Successful Attendee Turnout. Innovative announced today that the Quick Hits webinar series will continue through the month of June. Topics covered in the webinar series are short, helpful sessions of about 45 minutes for Sierra and Polaris customers, as well as broader topics applicable to all customers such as Product and Support updates. <<more>>

May 14, 2020. Innovative Polaris ILS for public libraries now available in Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, today announced that the Polaris integrated library system, which is the leading solution for public libraries in North America, is now available in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Polaris currently serves over 600 public libraries and consortia of all sizes in the United States and Canada. Offering Polaris in these new markets is a complement to Innovative Sierra, which is used by some of the most prestigious public libraries globally. <<more>>

May 13, 2020. Innovative Announces New Partner Gemini Bilgi Teknolojileri. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software,announced a new partnership with Gemini Bilgi Teknolojileri based in Istanbul, Turkey. <<more>>

May 7, 2020. Sioux City Public Library migrates to Innovative Polaris ILS. Innovative announce that Sioux City Public Library in Sioux City, Iowa is now live on the Innovative Polaris integrated library system. <<more>>

April 22, 2020. Bibliotheque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne selects Innovative Sierra. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software announced that the Sorbonne Interuniversity Library, which serves multiple universities in Paris, has chosen to migrate to the Sierra library services platform (LSP). <<more>>

April 9, 2020. Innovative Launches Free Webinar Series. Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, is pleased to announce a series of webinars to offer product best practices, training, and insights for libraries. <<more>>