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Box 24914
Lund, 224 21
Phone: +46-46-270-0400
Web site:

Board of Directors

  • Mats Hentzel -- Chairman
  • Andrew Fraser -- Board of Directors Member
  • Gunnar Sahlin -- Board of Directors Member
  • Joel Sommerfeldt -- Chief Executive Officer


  • Mats Hentzel -- Chairman
  • Magdalena Schultze -- Vice President Communication and Human Resources
  • Annika Jägenstedt -- CFO, Finance Manager
  • Grant Palmer -- Managing Director, Axiell UK
  • Janne Rouhiainen -- CEO, Ab Axiell Kirjastot Oy
  • Joel Sommerfeldt -- Chief Executive Officer
  • Malcolm Howitt -- Managing Director, Axiell CALM
  • Göran Hultén -- Vice President, Manager Corporate Development
  • Bert Degenhart Drenth -- Chief Technology Officer
  • Graham Wakerley -- Operations director, Axiell, Ltd.
  • Morten Nørgaard Berg -- Vice President, Sales
  • Suzanne Richter -- Human Resources Manager
  • Boris Zetterlund -- Vice President Strategy

Company Ownership

Library automation systems

Axiell offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • BOOK-IT (175 libraries, 732 facilities in
    Public libraries: 173
    Academic libraries: 2
    School libraries: 0
    5 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • (93 libraries, 334 facilities in
    Public libraries: 85
    Academic libraries: 3
    School libraries: 1
    2 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • LIBRA.FI (14 libraries, 28 facilities in
    Public libraries: 14
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    1 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • DDElibra (2 libraries, 6 facilities in
    Public libraries: 1
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 0
    78 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • BOOK-IT (175 libraries, 732 facilities in
    Public libraries: 173
    Academic libraries: 2
    School libraries: 0
    5 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • OpenGalaxy (45 libraries, 862 facilities in
    Public libraries: 45
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    40 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • PallasPro (38 libraries, 77 facilities in
    Public libraries: 38
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    66 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Origo (104 libraries, 176 facilities in
    Public libraries: 104
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    53 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Axiell Aurora (62 libraries, 140 facilities in
    Public libraries: 62
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    2 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 3087 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Axiell.

Corporate Chronology

May 25, 2016   Axiell acquires Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums.
Mar 9, 2015   Axiell acquires seventy percent of Elib e-book distributor from publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget.
Apr 3, 2014   Axiell acquires KE Software.
Oct 8, 2013   Axiell acquires Selago Design.
Aug 21, 2013   Axiell and Publit Launch Atingo for E-book lending.
Mar 1, 2013   Axiell Group acquires ADLIB Information Systems.
Jan 5, 2009   DS Ltd changed its name to Axiell Limited.
Apr 28, 2008   Axiell acquires DS.
Jan 1, 2008   Axiell Library Group formed as new parent company.
Dec 12, 2007   Axiell invests in Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP Oy.
Apr 2007   Axiell acqires TietoEnator Libraries Oy, Finland for 2.4 million Euros.
2005   Axiell engages with TietoEnator in joint venture for library systems development.
2004   Axiell acquires CSC's Consulting Group's Library Section.
2001   Axiell Biblioteksystem AB and BTJ System AB merge to form Axiell Bibliotek AB.
2001   eHuset Ltd goes into receivership and CSC Consulting Group is formed by CSC Denmark A / S takes over the most essential activities eHuset..
Jan 2001   DS Ltd acquires Crossnet Systems Ltd.
Jul 1999   ADLIB Information Systems acquires ROTA and Ocelot automation system from Reekx.
1999   Danish Data Elektronik becomes Ehuset A / S.
Jan 1999   Databasix Information Systems renamed to ADLIB Information Systems.
Aug 1, 1998   Adlib acquired SAILS from Swets & Zeitlinger.
1991   BTJ System AB is formed.
1991   Databasix Information Systems changes ownership through management buy-out led by Bert Degenhart-Drenth.
1988   BTJ 2000 launched.
1986   Bert Degenhart Drenth joins Databasix Computer Systems and launches a subsidiary office in the Benelux.
1985   Axiell Biblioteksystem AB Founded.
1975   Danish Data Elektronik Founded.
1960   BTJ converted into a limited company..

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of Axiell, or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (April 2013). Axiell Group Acquires Adlib Information Systems

In a move that consolidates two companies that produce systems for managing museum, archive, and library collections, Axiell Group has acquired Adlib Information Systems. Axiell offers a variety of library automation systems used in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom as well as Axiell CALM, for the management of archive and museum collections. Adlib's products find use primarily in museums, archives, and special libraries. The acquisition of Adlib, a company with particular strengths in the museum and archive automation sector, significantly expands Axiell's reach, especially into the museum sector and also into many new geographic areas. While it has not yet ventured into the North American library automation market, Axiell, with its growing arsenal of products, warrants attention as a major, global contender with the potential to expand into new geographic regions.

Axiell News

Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

All 133 Press Releases from Axiell

10 most recent items:

October 13, 2017. Axiell acquires ATP Automation LTD Oy. Axiell announced that the company has acquired ATP Automation Ltd Oy, a company specialized in library logistics. Through the acquisition, Axiell will broaden its offering in the Finnish market to cover market leading self-service machines and conveyor solutions for libraries, in addition to the already existing offer which the company is working with. ATP represents top Finnish know-how, guaranteed by a membership in the Association of Finnish Work. The four staff at ATP will join Axiell and will continue to serve existing customers. <<more>>

September 19, 2017. World premiere at Drammen Public Library for Axiell’s digital-first Library Services Platform. Axiell announced that Drammen Public Library in Norway has gone live with Axiell Quria, the company’s new cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform. The platform makes daily work routines more efficient, completely revamps how staff are guided by workflows and how search is done in the catalogue and removes all barriers between physical and digital assets. In addition, the cloud-based platform will dramatically reduce the lifetime cost while also being able to reduce the time it takes for launching additional functionality, for continuous improvement of the library service. <<more>>

August 9, 2017. Public library industry leader Ann Melaerts joins Axiell. Axiell announced the expansion of its operations in Europe. Ann Melaerts, formerly General Manager Library Division and VP Independent business units at INFOR, joins Axiell as Vice President & Business Area Director for Axiell Public Libraries. Ann will be responsible for sales from Axiell’s solutions and services portfolio to public libraries in Europe, which includes Axiell Quria, a cloud based library services platform, and Axiell Arena, an advanced and robust online discovery portal for libraries. <<more>>

June 19, 2017. Axiell expands library business in Germany with key staff and new solutions. Axiell, the leading vendor to public libraries in Europe and the market leader in Scandinavia, announces the expansion of its operations in Germany. Jürgen Keck, formerly with OCLC, joins Axiell as Sales Director. In his role, Jürgen will be responsible for sales to public libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, Axiell Arena, an advanced and robust online portal for libraries, is now available for the German library market. The solution is adapted for BIBDIA and Axiell Quria. <<more>>

February 8, 2017. Axiell UK combines UK business areas to provide integrated cultural solution. Axiell UK announced a major operational change to its business in the UK, which will see the merging of two of its primary business areas - the Public Library business and the Archives, special Libraries and Museums business, creating one team working collaboratively to benefit its customers. <<more>>

November 16, 2016. Axiell launches solution for web based collections management. Axiell announced Axiell Collections, a new application which provides web-based access to their collections management systems. This new solution has been developed to ensure that museums and archives globally can more rapidly enrich their collections information with existing internal resources and new crowd-sourcing techniques, to move beyond technology barriers and bring cultural and natural heritage to life. Axiell Collections enables museums and archives to access their collections data anytime, anywhere, through a web browser on tablets, laptops and Macs. <<more>>

November 14, 2016. Finnish library consortium has chosen to extend cooperation with Axiell for library system. Axiell announced that the library consortium for Ostrobothnia has chosen to continue to use library management solution, Axiell Aurora, for the coming three years. A new consortia, with 22 different sized municipalities in the regions of South Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia, will be formed in early December. The name of the new library consortium will be announced on December 1st. This will be one of Finland's largest library consortias, with Seinäjoki Provincial Library as the central hub. <<more>>

October 27, 2016. Ny it-lösning gör Historiska museets samlingar tillgängliga för hela världen. Allmänheten och vetenskapen kommer att få mycket bättre tillgång till våra samlingar när vi fått vår nya lösning på plats. Och tanken svindlar när man tänker på vad det kan betyda, nationellt och globalt. Det säger Wilhelm Lagercrantz, digital utvecklingsstrateg på Statens Historiska museer. Där påbörjas nu arbetet med att implementera den avancerade lösning för att hantera Historiska museets omfattande samling och göra den tillgänglig digitalt, som man köpt från det svenska it-bolaget Axiell. <<more>>

October 20, 2016. Gold Systems, Inc., Vital Records Division acquired by Sweden-based Axiell. Axiell, the leading vendor to archives, libraries and museums worldwide, as well as the leading Vital Records systems provider in Australasia and Canada, Tuesday announces the acquisition of a business division of Gold Systems, Inc., a Salt Lake City-based company. The acquisition further strengthens Axiell’s position in the market for Vital Records, which comprises software systems to help authorities manage births, deaths, marriages and more. By adding Gold Systems’ Vital Records customers, including Washington, D.C., the innovative Vita product and two authorities in the Vital Records field, Steve Gold and Jeff Greenland, Axiell has significantly strengthened its presence in the field. <<more>>

October 11, 2016. Axiell acquires BiBer and becomes the largest privately-owned vendor for libraries in Europe. Axiell announced its acquisition of BiBer GmbH, a full service provider to public libraries in Germany and Switzerland, offering Bibliothekssystems BIBDIA, an advanced hosting and library logistics solution. The acquisition extends Axiell’s presence in Germany and adds 160 customers with 230 branches to the 3,000 Scandinavian and UK library institutions that already use an Axiell solution. <<more>>