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Auto-Graphics, Inc.

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430 North Vineyard Avenue Suite 100
Ontario, California 91764
United States
Toll free: 800-776-6939
Phone: 909-595-7004
Fax: 909-595-3506
Web site:


  • Paul R. Cope -- President
  • Albert Flores -- Vice President of Sales
  • Eric Jung -- Vice President of Operations
  • Santosh Sabnis -- Director of Engineering
  • Mike Walters -- Director of Marketing and Product
  • Oliver Weiler -- Manager of Computer Operations
  • Mary Clark -- Product Manager, SHAREit
  • Ted Koppel -- Product Manager, VERSO ILS

Company Ownership

Agent Information Software, Inc. (AIS) became a publicly traded company in 2010 and involved a one-for-one exchange of shares from previously traded brand Auto-Graphics, Inc. (AUGR since 1969). Stock market quotations for Agent Information Software common stock can be found on Yahoo Finance under the ticker symbol AIFS. (from company investor page)

Library automation systems

Auto-Graphics, Inc. offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • AGent VERSO (422 libraries, 537 facilities in
    Public libraries: 358
    Academic libraries: 35
    School libraries: 12
    80 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 537 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Auto-Graphics, Inc..

Corporate Chronology

Jan 20, 2009   Auto-Graphics announces AGent Iluminar as its new generation presentation layer.
2006   Auto-Graphics releases AGent Search Web Service.
Apr 1, 2005   Paul R. Cope appointed President of Auto-Graphics.
2005   Auto-Graphics releases AGent VERSO.
Jun 14, 2004   Patrick T. Bergamasco joins Auto-Graphics as the new Chief Executive Officer.
May 17, 2004   Auto-Graphics, Inc. announces deregistration.
Jun 15, 2001   Auto-Graphics, Inc. acquires WINGS Request Management System from Pigasus Software.
Feb 1, 2001   Auto-graphics acquires Maxcess Library Systems.
May 23, 2000   Michael Skiles appointed to position of President of Auto-Graphics, Inc..
Jan 10, 2000   Auto-Graphics, Inc. launches LibraryCard, Inc. and Dataquad as new subsidiaries.
Aug 1, 1997   Auto-Graphics subsidiary purchases ISM's library services division.
Jun 1995   Auto-Graphics releases Impact /ONLINE.
Sep 1990   Auto-Graphics acquires LIBerator Library Management System.
1986   Auto-Graphics delivers CD-ROM based Public Access Library catalogs.
1970   Auto-Graphics produces its first library catalog produced from a database.
1970   Auto-Graphics, Inc. acquires Leaps.
1969   Cope Typesetting becomes Auto-Graphics, Inc. and begins trading as a public company.
1950   Auto-Graphics founded as Cope Typesetting.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

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Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (February 2012). Auto-Graphics: A Library Automation Pioneer Strengthens Its Position for Library Consortia

Auto-Graphics has been landing an increasing number of consortial contracts for its AGent VERSO ILS, demonstrating its standing as one of the stronger mid-level library automation vendors in the library automation industry. Their newest clients include a large statewide consortium in Tennessee. This project stands as a significant win for Auto-Graphics and also marks the first time that Tennessee has sponsored a statewide library automation initiative. In a phase of library automation where open source automation projects gain considerable attention, it demonstrates that proprietary systems continue to be regarded as viable alternatives.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (December 2005). Auto-Graphics launches ASP digital library product

Auto-Graphics, Inc. News

Tuesday Aug 22, 2017

All 210 Press Releases from Auto-Graphics, Inc.

10 most recent items:

May 18, 2017. Auto-Graphics delivers complete desktop-to-mobile ILS integration with the release of Auto-Graphics’ Library Mobile for VERSO. Auto-Graphics announced the latest release to their AGent Library Management Platform, Auto-Graphics’ Library Mobile for VERSO, continuing the company’s investment in the industry it serves. This new real-time app is tightly integrated with back-end VERSO desktop business rules, which means library circulation rules such as e-book retention, placing holds, etc. are automatically recognized and enforced, unlike third-party mobile apps, to provide a complete, integrated solution. <<more>>

April 26, 2017. Auto-Graphics, Inc. keeps adding to its impressive statewide library resource-sharing portfolio with sales of SHAREit. Auto-Graphics announced it is coming off one of its best eighteen-month growth periods due to winning contracts for statewide SHAREit resource sharing systems. With 14 states representing almost 6,000 connected libraries utilizing the hybrid (virtual/physical) SHAREit resource sharing solution, Auto-Graphics continues to be the undisputed leader in the library resource sharing category, enabling public, K-12, academic, special, and correctional libraries to easily share materials. <<more>>

April 18, 2017. Agent Information Software (AIFS) Publishes 2016 Audited Earnings. The parent company of Auto-Graphics, Inc., Agent Information Software (AIFS) is publishing the 2016 audited earnings for Auto-Graphics, Inc., an Industry-leading library management software provider and the first to provide Web-based library resource management solutions to library consortia. <<more>>

April 6, 2017. Vermont Department of Libraries modernizes with Auto‐Graphics' library management solutions. Vermont Department of Libraries selected Auto‐Graphics to provide a new integrated library system and a resource sharing system, giving library patrons the ability to search across all participating libraries in the state. <<more>>

March 11, 2017. Indiana library consortia break down individual library collection silos with Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit. Auto-Graphic announce the implementation success the State of Indiana Library has had with SHAREit, the #1 library resource management solution available in North America. Looking to greatly expand resource sharing and reduce the amount of time spent managing borrowing and lending activities among public libraries, academic libraries, and special libraries within the State of Indiana, in 2016 the Indiana State Library entered into a competitive RFP process for a state-of-the-art interlibrary loan resource sharing system. <<more>>

March 3, 2017. Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit improves the ACCESSPA fulfillment rate. Auto-Graphics announced that ACCESSPA, a hybrid (virtual and union) catalog containing the collections of thousands of Pennsylvania public, K12, academic and special libraries, reported a 30% increase over their old fulfillment rate and reduced MARC record duplication by 62% in just the first year after switching to Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit, an interlibrary loan and consortial borrowing solution. <<more>>

May 19, 2016. Indiana State Library Chooses Auto-Graphics' SHAREit. Auto-Graphics and The Indiana State Library proudly announce the selection of Auto-Graphics' SHAREit, as the new state-wide Interlibrary Loan and resource sharing system.After a competitive RFP process, Auto-Graphics was selected by Indiana State Library as the vendor of choice with their latest iteration of ILL software. SHAREit helps libraries significantly reduce the amount of time spent on managing borrowing and lending activities, greatly improving staff workflow and patron satisfaction. The system will support 166 library systems representing nearly 25 million holdings across the state. Nearly every ILS vendor is represented from large complex consortial ILS systems to local independent systems. The key to the initiative was Auto-Graphics ability to integrate 166 total libraries, running 15 different ILS systems into the SHAREit patron based ILL module. <<more>>

May 5, 2016. Auto‐Graphics, Inc Expands California Presence With VERSO ILS. Auto‐Graphics, Inc., a leading provider of tools, technologies, and software developed to power libraries, and Nevada County Library, are pleased to announce the selection and successful migration of Auto‐Graphics' VERSO®, as the new Integrated Library System. <<more>>

April 14, 2016. The Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit ILL era begins in the state of South Dakota. Auto-Graphics, Inc., a leading provider of tools, technologies, and software developed to power libraries, and South Dakota State Library, proudly announce the selection of Auto-Graphics’ SHAREit™, as the statewide resource sharing system. <<more>>

February 23, 2016. Agent Information Software, Inc. announces Second Quarter 2015 Earnings. Agent Information Software reported a net income of $142,166 for the first half year ended June 30, 2015, up $280,787 over the first half year 2014 losses.  The net income was less than the forecast for the first half year by $10,706 or 7%.  Net sales for the first half year ended June 30, 2015 were $2,485,828, which met the forecast and were up $351,621 or 16% from $2,134,207 for the same period last year, due to the increase of recurring revenues. <<more>>