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Research Park
Inwood, West Virginia 25428-9733
United States
Phone: 304-229-0100
Web site:

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Annette Harwood Murphy
Annette Harwood Murphy
Co-founder, President/CEO, Chairman of the Board
photo of Gary Kirk
Gary Kirk
President, Tech Logic
photo of John Burns
John Burns
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Justin Dewel-Zahniser
Justin Dewel-Zahniser
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Brad Murphy
Brad Murphy
Vice President, Singapore Operations
photo of Calvin Whittington
Calvin Whittington
Director of Finance and Administration
photo of Don West
Don West
Director of Operations TLC-Denver
photo of Martin  Kasemsan
Martin Kasemsan
Associate Director of Customer Relations, Denver
photo of Sherry Banks
Sherry Banks
Director of Operations, Headquarters
photo of Sam Brenizer
Sam Brenizer
Director of Product Management, Inwood

Company Ownership

The Library Corporation is privately owned by company founder Annette Harwood Murphy

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

The Library Corporation 2019453514617117
The Library Corporation 20184338181017126
The Library Corporation 20174284221017175
The Library Corporation 20163884201017169
The Library Corporation 20144094251327199
The Library Corporation 20134193251327199
The Library Corporation 20123991281328199
The Library Corporation 20113991281328199
The Library Corporation 20103991281328199
The Library Corporation 20093989281328197
The Library Corporation 20083987251340204
The Library Corporation 2007646426136191
The Library Corporation 20066885311115210
The Library Corporation 20057085221221210
The Library Corporation 20047065221220189
The Library Corporation 2003705825918180
The Library Corporation 2002635424917173

Documents or articles featuring The Library Corporation

Breeding, Marshall. Executive Changes at The Library Corporation. July 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The Library Corporation has recently made changes in its executive team. Company co-founder Annette Harwood Murphy continues as President and Chief Executive Officer. Given the company's founding in 1974, Murphy ranks as the longest serving executive in the library automation industry. The company has made several promotions from within its ranks to fill other top executive positions.

Breeding, Marshall. The Library Corporation Works Toward a New ILS Platform. December 2008. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The Library Corporation announced that it is developing a new integrated library system called LS2. This product will ultimately become TLC’s strategic automation product, though it will continue to develop and support both of its existing ILS products indefinitely. The initial module of the system, the LS2 PAC, has been completed and has been implemented by the Shenandoah County Library System in Virginia.

Breeding, Marshall. TLC strikes exclusive deal with Aquabrowser. June 2005. Smart Libraries Newsletter.

Breeding, Marshall. AquaBrowser dives into ILS Technology. April 2005. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Medialab Solutions, B.V, an Amsterdam-based software development company, has developed a search environment called AquaBrowser that takes quite a different approach. As with a standard catalog, a search session begins by typing search terms. In addition to the list of results returned by a conventional online catalog search, AquaBrowser Library presents an interface designed to help the searcher pinpoint material that matches their investigation topic.

Breeding, Marshall. The Library Corporation acquires CARL Corporation. September 2000. Information Today. The consolidation of the library automation marketplace continues with the acquisition of CARL Corp. by The Library Corporation (TLC). In this development, TLC expands its presence from small and medium-sized libraries to the very largest libraries and library consortia. CARL Corp. will be wholly owned by TLC, though its name will continue to be used in the combined company. The marketing, sales, support, and development of CARL's products and services will continue largely unchanged from its Denver facilities.

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News Announcements

January 11, 2021. TLCs Family of Customers is growing in Indiana. The Library Corporation'continues to expand its family of customers in Indiana with the recent Library.Solution implementation at Plymouth Public Library.

December 18, 2020. Bremen Public Library joins the TLC family. The Library Corporation announced that, in spite of the hurdles and challenges COVID-19 continues to present to the library industry in 2020, TLC's family of customers continues to grow and thrive. The most recent library to join the TLC family is Bremen Public Library.

December 15, 2020. Bremen Public Library Joins the TLC Family. The Library Corporation announced that, in spite of the hurdles and challenges COVID-19 continues to present to the library industry in 2020, TLC's family of customers continues to grow and thrive. The most recent library to join the TLC family is Bremen Public Library.

December 7, 2020. TLC completes milestone migration to TLC.Cloud Services. The Library Corporation has completed its fifth customer migration to its latest cloud hosting model: TLC.Cloud Services. Five distinctive library systems from around the country and internationally have partnered with TLC to successfully migrate their integrated library systems into the new cloud platform, with more customers scheduled for migrations later this year and beyond.

December 4, 2020. eBiblioFile now serves former RBdigital customers enhanced data. With the recent acquisition of RBdigital by OverDrive, TLC announced that all former RBdigital customers are now eligible to utilize eBiblioFile, an on-demand MARC record service for eBooks and other downloadable titles. This service has been available to OverDrive customers as well as cloudLibrary™ by bibliotheca customers.

October 27, 2020. Now Live on CARL.X: OWLSnet Consortia implemented new Iitegrated library system 100% virtually. The newest library system to implement TLC's CARL.X integrated library software is the Outagamie Waupaca Library System's shared automation network (OWLSnet). This library system, which went live on August 17, 2020, is a public library consortium consisting of 29 libraries with 49 locations that stretch across two library systems in northeast Wisconsin.

October 14, 2020. Newport News Public Library implements Library.Solution. Newport News Public Library recently joined The Library Corporation family by implementing Library.Solution integrated library system software. Located in Newport News, VA, this 5-location library system has a mission to “connect, inspire, enrich and empower,” which they have continued to do in the middle of a global pandemic.

October 8, 2020. Library.Solution 5.6.1 is here. The Library Corporation's latest major update to Library.Solution was recently released and customers are already complimenting the enhancements and new features found within version 5.6.1 of the Library Management System.

August 27, 2020. CARL Development Centered on Customer Priorities and Innovation. The Library Corporation continuously and consistently develops CARL.X, CARL.Connect Discovery and Mobile, and CARL.Connect Staff, making it the most innovative integrated library system in the industry. TLC's commitment to working alongside customers as development partners fuels development investments TLC continuously makes to the CARL product platform. As a result of this collaboration, CARL.X version 9.6.6, CARL.Connect Staff version 1.6.2, CARL.Connect Discovery version 3.6.1 and CARL.X APIs version 1.9.7, are now available.

August 4, 2020. The Library Corporation and Oracle Cloud Deliver Best In Class Cloud Solution. The Library Corporation has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as its commercial public cloud platform. TLC's Library Management Software platforms: CARL.X, Library.Solution, and Library.Solution for Schools, provide their users with an experience built for scalability, high availability, and operational efficiency while supporting the librarians' goal of enhancing the patron's experience with the library.

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Corporate Chronology

Feb 2007 Ingenta acquires Vista International

Apr 01, 2005 The Library Corporation acquires TechLogic
The Library Corporation acquired majority stock shares of Tech Logic Corporation of White Bear Lake, MN. In doing so, TLC immediately assumes responsibility for the management of Tech Logic. Tech Logic founders Mark and Linda Frich remain stockholders while continuing their active participation in the operations of the company.

Jul 03, 2000 The Library Corporation acquires Carl Corporation from WardShaw
The Library Corporation acquired The CARL Corporation, a leading developer of automation solutions for all types of libraries. CARL is the creator of the CARL System, which is used in over 1,000 libraries of different types at 37 sites.

Mar 2000 ingenta acquires UnCover Company from Ward Shaw
ingenta, a global research gateway, has announced that it has merged with UnCover, an article access and document delivery provider to the U.S. academic market. Under the terms of the agreement, ingenta has purchased 100 percent of UnCover's issued stock, and Ward Shaw, chairman of UnCover, will join ingenta's board.

Jan 1999 Ward Shaw purchases Carl Corporation and the Uncover Company
The CARL and Uncover companies were sold in late January to Ward Shaw, CARL founder and chairman of the board.

1997 Tech Logic founded by Mark Frich and Bob Rohlf
Mark Frich and Bob Rohlf, former CEO of Hennepin County (MN) Library, founded Tech Logic in 1997, by combining Mark's extraordinary engineering skills and Bob's legendary library leadership to resolve the laborious challenges associated with manually checking in and sorting library materials.

1996 Annette Harwood Murphy becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Library Corporation
Following the exit of co-founder Brower Murphy, Annette Harwood Murphy takes full leadership of the Library Corporation as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Aug 09, 1995 Knight-Ridder Information acquires CARL Corporation and The UnCover Company
The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, the CARL Corporation, Blackwell Limited and Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. announced on August 9, 1995 that agreements have been reached leading to the sale of the CARL Corporation and The UnCover Company to Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. of Mountain View, California.

Jun 1993 UnCover Company formed as a joint venture of Carl Systems and B.H. Blackwell
The UnCover Company formed in 1993 to advance CARL's UnCover document delivery project and has grown to become a major online information and document supply service. Blackwell and Readmore, a Blackwell company, will market Uncover internationally and CARL Systems will to market uncover as an integral part of its library management system.

1988 The CARL Corporation, incorporated in 1988 as for-profit spin-off of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

1988 Uncover article request and document delivery service launched by Carl Systems, Inc.

1987 The Library Corporation launches The Intelligent Catalog
The Intelligent Catalog was the first multi-media CD-ROM online catalog.

Jun 1985 Eyring Research Institute, Inc. founds Eyring Library Systems to market Carl
The Eyring Research Institute, Inc., founded another library automation-oriented company, Eyring Library Systems. The new company will market the CARL system developed by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. Eyring Research Institute also owns Dynix.

1985 TLC launches BiblioFile
The Library Corporation offers BiblioFile Cataloging as a CD-ROM based product for cataloging that included storage of MARC records.

1982 Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries develops the CarlSystem
In 1982, the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries developed the CARL integrated library system

1974 MARC Applied Research subsequently known as The Library Corporation, founded by Brower Murphy and Annette Murphy
One of the company's earliest products included its service to provide MARCFICHE to libraries.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2019 The Library Corporation Accomplishments Narrative

Over the course of 46 years, The Library Corporation has established itself as a company that provides excellence, outstanding customer service, and creative thought processes in its development and strategic relationships within the industry to offer customers the best solutions available in library management software. In 2019, stability was the foremost attribute that TLC’s family of customers valued the most. Remaining under the same ownership since its inception, TLC is a company its family of customers knows and trusts that it will be there for them tomorrow. This stability has allowed TLC to support a consistent vision and continually improve on its existing software, while always keeping an eye on the future.

Because of this, numerous library systems not only joined TLC’s family of customers but even more migrated from the classic client-based Library•Solution to TLC’s web-based LS2 Library Management Solution. Fifty-nine libraries from across the country chose 2019 as the year to migrate to LS2, matriculating to the web-based platform built to capitalize on operational efficiencies that allow staff to spend more time with their patrons and less time with software management. Dallas Independent School District and the Hawaii State Department of Education chose Library•Solution for Schools to remain as their trusted library management solution. Other libraries such as AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts based in Los Angeles and New York City, La Porte County in La Porte, IN, and Longport Public Library in Longwood, NJ, chose LS2 as their library management solution.

Libraries migrating to LS2 and Library•Solution for Schools benefited from the release of version 5.5 which included numerous updates, such as an improved online borrower registration experience, automatic item renewals, and enhancements to LS2 Cataloging with user experience modifications and additional batch change functionality. TLC has taken additional development steps to further integrate with partners such as Patron Point, Quipu and Google. Version 5.5 also included LS2 Inventory, an all-new, web-based inventory tool that integrates inventory directly into the LS2 Cataloging interface. LS2 Inventory also included workflow improvements that allow users to see which staff members scanned specific items, expected remaining item counts, and the ability to check shelf order in real-time. “I think I hear a choir of angels singing,” stated Patty Windsor, the Senior Library Systems Specialist at Denton ISD in Denton, Texas, a TLC customer since 2003. Version 5.5 also introduced a new iteration of LS2 Reports, a LS2 web-based reports module powered by IBM Cognos.

CARL•X and CARL•Connect had an incredible year of growth, both with product developments as well as customer roster expansion. OWLSnet, a federation of the public libraries in Outagamie and Waupaca counties in Wisconsin, 29 library systems with 49 locations, chose CARL as their new ILS. CARL•Connect was also selected as the library management solution for Winter Park Public Library. This forward thinking public library in Central Florida will be utilizing the web based features of CARL•Connect Discovery and CARL•Connect Staff as they take a 21st century approach to library services.

CARL•Connect benefited from numerous product updates. Building upon an already established foundation as one of the most powerful discovery layers native to a library management solution in the current marketplace, CARL•Connect Discovery version v3.6 launched. The newest CARL•Connect Discovery release brings the availability of FRBR Views (phase two development) to beta partners and early adopters. Based on feedback from beta partners, TLC was able to focus on foundational changes to the way records are grouped to improve relevance in results. Facets were also introduced to FRBR Views in CARL•Connect Discovery, giving library staff and patrons greater searchability and filtering options while still presenting a unified Trusted Record view for results with many different formats.

CARL•Connect Discovery v3.6 also features the Available Now facet, showing patrons on the search results page and the FRBR formats page if an item is available for immediate pick up at a particular library. Available Now is an additive facet, meaning on first selection of a location the feature will limit results to only that location, while adding additional location filters will add more search results back to the search. CARL•Connect Discovery v3.6 technical improvements in the areas of Lucene versioning and Lucene facets were a major focus of this release, as back end development was completed to upgrade to Lucene 5 and Lucene facet libraries for use in Availability and FRBR Phase 2 development.

CARL•Connect Staff v1.6.1 took the opportunity to update the existing Check In page to use new development tools in regards to design and back-end applications. This change resulted in updates to the user interface across CARL•Connect Staff , as well as changes to the Check In page. Colors and fonts were updated to meet ongoing updates to accessibility standards. CARL•X version 9.6.5. follows a continued effort to improved on Dynamic Routing functionality within CARL•X. Improved Dynamic Routing takes a giant step forward with this release. Now, as patrons or library staff place holds, reactivate suspended holds, or cancel existing holds via CARL•Connect Staff, CARL•Connect Discovery, or third party activities using SIP2, ROUTER will run against a single BID for all hold interactions on that BID. Holds are now moved dynamically to new router lists, or removed from router lists appropriately, as the transactions are happening in real time.

TLC’s SmartTECH division continued its mission to provide insight for librarians about the best STEM and Makerspace products on the market using a consultative approach. The SmartTECH team traveled around the country conducting hands-on demonstrations and workshops for libraries and schools in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Hawaii, among others. At TLC Headquarters, the SmartTECH team held an Open House in the TLC Idea Lab for local West Virginia government officials and librarians to promote STEM in libraries to the legislature. The Longwood University Summer Literacy Institute invited TLC SmartTECH to present to the educators and students in attendance how important Makerspace activities are in libraries.

The School Library Journal approached TLC SmartTECH to facilitate an ‘Innovation Playground’ for the annual SLJ Summit in Baltimore attended by leaders in the field of K12 librarianship. TLC SmartTECH forged new partnerships with educational technology manufacturers and organizations in 2019 including MERGE, Legends of Learning, Piper Computers, Boolean Girl, and CreatorBot. Finalizing a long-awaited partnership with Convergent Library Technologies made the NovelBranch library kiosk available to TLC customers who wanted to extend their library’s reach.

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