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Research Park
Inwood, West Virginia 25428-9733
United States
Phone: 304-229-0100
Web site:

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Annette Harwood Murphy
Annette Harwood Murphy
Co-founder, President/CEO, Chairman of the Board
photo of Gary Kirk
Gary Kirk
President, Tech Logic
photo of John Burns
John Burns
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Justin Dewel-Zahniser
Justin Dewel-Zahniser
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Brad Murphy
Brad Murphy
Vice President, Singapore Operations
photo of Calvin Whittington
Calvin Whittington
Director of Finance and Administration
photo of Don West
Don West
Director of Operations TLC-Denver
photo of Martin  Kasemsan
Martin Kasemsan
Associate Director of Customer Relations, Denver
photo of Sherry Banks
Sherry Banks
Director of Operations, Headquarters
photo of Sam Brenizer
Sam Brenizer
Director of Product Management, Inwood

Company Ownership

The Library Corporation is privately owned by company founder Annette Harwood Murphy

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions for The Library Corporation

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

The Library Corporation 2021301917646118
The Library Corporation 2020473514515116
The Library Corporation 2019453514617117
The Library Corporation 20184338181017126
The Library Corporation 20174284221017175
The Library Corporation 20163884201017169
The Library Corporation 20144094251327199
The Library Corporation 20134193251327199
The Library Corporation 20123991281328199
The Library Corporation 20113991281328199
The Library Corporation 20103991281328199
The Library Corporation 20093989281328197
The Library Corporation 20083987251340204
The Library Corporation 2007646426136191
The Library Corporation 20066885311115210
The Library Corporation 20057085221221210
The Library Corporation 20047065221220189
The Library Corporation 2003705825918180
The Library Corporation 2002635424917173

Documents or articles featuring The Library Corporation

Breeding, Marshall. Executive Changes at The Library Corporation. July 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The Library Corporation has recently made changes in its executive team. Company co-founder Annette Harwood Murphy continues as President and Chief Executive Officer. Given the company's founding in 1974, Murphy ranks as the longest serving executive in the library automation industry. The company has made several promotions from within its ranks to fill other top executive positions.

Breeding, Marshall. The Library Corporation Works Toward a New ILS Platform. December 2008. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The Library Corporation announced that it is developing a new integrated library system called LS2. This product will ultimately become TLC’s strategic automation product, though it will continue to develop and support both of its existing ILS products indefinitely. The initial module of the system, the LS2 PAC, has been completed and has been implemented by the Shenandoah County Library System in Virginia.

Breeding, Marshall. TLC strikes exclusive deal with Aquabrowser. June 2005. Smart Libraries Newsletter.

Breeding, Marshall. AquaBrowser dives into ILS Technology. April 2005. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Medialab Solutions, B.V, an Amsterdam-based software development company, has developed a search environment called AquaBrowser that takes quite a different approach. As with a standard catalog, a search session begins by typing search terms. In addition to the list of results returned by a conventional online catalog search, AquaBrowser Library presents an interface designed to help the searcher pinpoint material that matches their investigation topic.

Breeding, Marshall. The Library Corporation acquires CARL Corporation. September 2000. Information Today. The consolidation of the library automation marketplace continues with the acquisition of CARL Corp. by The Library Corporation (TLC). In this development, TLC expands its presence from small and medium-sized libraries to the very largest libraries and library consortia. CARL Corp. will be wholly owned by TLC, though its name will continue to be used in the combined company. The marketing, sales, support, and development of CARL's products and services will continue largely unchanged from its Denver facilities.

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News Announcements

June 16, 2022. Find solutions and win prizes at ALA Booth #1625. The annual American Library Association conference returns to an in-person event in Washington, DC, from June 23 – 28, 2022. The Library Corporation will exhibit and raffle great prizes at Booth #1625. TLC invites attendees to view its modern ILS options and standalone metadata services. Current users of Library.Solution and CARL.Solution can preview upcoming ILS features and the newest mobile app option.

June 1, 2022. TLC exhibiting at California Library Association Booth #111. The Library Corporation invites attendees of CLA to visit Booth #111. The annual California Library Association conference will take place June 2-4, 2022, in Sacramento, CA. TLC will demo its latest library mobile app and award-winning modern integrated library systems. Attendees can also learn more about cloud hosting and TLC's vendor-agnostic cataloging services.

June 1, 2022. Bedford Public Library System (VA) launches TLC.Go! Mobile App. The Library Corporation announced that Bedford Public Library System is now live with TLC.Go! — the latest mobile app solution provided by TLC. BPLS is able to offer library services via Android and iOS to its community in and around Bedford, Virginia. TLC.Go! provides a seamless connection to BPLS's integrated library system, Library.Solution.

May 13, 2022. TLC Exhibiting at Florida Library Association Booth #46. The Library Corporation invites attendees of FLA to visit Booth #46. The annual Florida Library Association conference will take place May 23-25, 2022, in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. TLC will demo its latest library mobile app and award-winning modern integrated library systems. Attendees can also learn more about cloud hosting and TLC's vendor-agnostic cataloging services.

April 29, 2022. Libraries Contribute Bibliographic Records for TLC's ITS.MARC Databases. The Library Corporation has expanded ITS.MARC resources with new contributed datasets. TLC established new partnerships to provide libraries with access to recently published titles. The high-quality copy cataloging service from TLC now provides over 81 million records from 23 databases. Of which, school and public library partners contribute 1.2 million records, with more on the way.

April 14, 2022. TLC Exhibiting at Texas Library Association Booth #1225. The Library Corporation invites TLA attendees to visit Booth #1225 in Fort Worth, Texas, April 25-27, 2022. TLC will showcase vendor-agnostic cataloging services alongside their modern integrated library systems. Other highlights include Oracle cloud hosting and TLC's new library mobile app option.

April 7, 2022. TLC statement on student privacy in Library.Solution for Schools. TLC strongly considers student data privacy while developing the features requested by our customers. TLC has no plans to pursue development that would negatively impact student privacy but recognizes that we may be requested to do so by customers seeking to comply with local laws. In such cases, our intent would be to provide as much control as necessary to each customer to achieve the balance required in their district between privacy and compliance with applicable laws.

April 4, 2022. TLC caters to customers with latest Library.Solution release. The Library Corporation announces the latest release of their Library.Solution integrated library system: version 5.6.5. The latest customer-driven development improves Authority Control, user experiences, partner integrations, and more.

March 11, 2022. Now using Library.Solution: Organization of Watauga Libraries join TLC. The Library Corporation welcomes the Organization of Watauga Libraries with the recent implementation of Library.Solution. TLC completed the migration services from the SirsiDynix integrated library system for the multi-library organization.

March 11, 2022. TLC exhibiting at PLA Booth #1711. From March 23 to March 25, 2022, The Library Corporation invites PLA conference attendees to visit Booth #1711. TLC will showcase their modern integrated library systems: Library.Solution and CARL.Solution. Other offerings will include the TLC•Cloud Services hosting platform via Oracle, web-based reporting via IBM Cognos, and new TLC.Go! library mobile app option via Solus UK Ltd.

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Corporate Chronology

Feb 2007 Ingenta acquires Vista International

Apr 01, 2005 The Library Corporation acquires TechLogic
The Library Corporation acquired majority stock shares of Tech Logic Corporation of White Bear Lake, MN. In doing so, TLC immediately assumes responsibility for the management of Tech Logic. Tech Logic founders Mark and Linda Frich remain stockholders while continuing their active participation in the operations of the company.

Jul 03, 2000 The Library Corporation acquires Carl Corporation from WardShaw
The Library Corporation acquired The CARL Corporation, a leading developer of automation solutions for all types of libraries. CARL is the creator of the CARL System, which is used in over 1,000 libraries of different types at 37 sites.

Mar 2000 ingenta acquires UnCover Company from Ward Shaw
ingenta, a global research gateway, has announced that it has merged with UnCover, an article access and document delivery provider to the U.S. academic market. Under the terms of the agreement, ingenta has purchased 100 percent of UnCover's issued stock, and Ward Shaw, chairman of UnCover, will join ingenta's board.

Jan 1999 Ward Shaw purchases Carl Corporation and the Uncover Company
The CARL and Uncover companies were sold in late January to Ward Shaw, CARL founder and chairman of the board.

1997 Tech Logic founded by Mark Frich and Bob Rohlf
Mark Frich and Bob Rohlf, former CEO of Hennepin County (MN) Library, founded Tech Logic in 1997, by combining Mark's extraordinary engineering skills and Bob's legendary library leadership to resolve the laborious challenges associated with manually checking in and sorting library materials.

1996 Annette Harwood Murphy becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Library Corporation
Following the exit of co-founder Brower Murphy, Annette Harwood Murphy takes full leadership of the Library Corporation as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Aug 09, 1995 Knight-Ridder Information acquires CARL Corporation and The UnCover Company
The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, the CARL Corporation, Blackwell Limited and Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. announced on August 9, 1995 that agreements have been reached leading to the sale of the CARL Corporation and The UnCover Company to Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. of Mountain View, California.

Jun 1993 UnCover Company formed as a joint venture of Carl Systems and B.H. Blackwell
The UnCover Company formed in 1993 to advance CARL's UnCover document delivery project and has grown to become a major online information and document supply service. Blackwell and Readmore, a Blackwell company, will market Uncover internationally and CARL Systems will to market uncover as an integral part of its library management system.

1988 The CARL Corporation, incorporated in 1988 as for-profit spin-off of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

1988 Uncover article request and document delivery service launched by Carl Systems, Inc.

1987 The Library Corporation launches The Intelligent Catalog
The Intelligent Catalog was the first multi-media CD-ROM online catalog.

Jun 1985 Eyring Research Institute, Inc. founds Eyring Library Systems to market Carl
The Eyring Research Institute, Inc., founded another library automation-oriented company, Eyring Library Systems. The new company will market the CARL system developed by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. Eyring Research Institute also owns Dynix.

1985 TLC launches BiblioFile
The Library Corporation offers BiblioFile Cataloging as a CD-ROM based product for cataloging that included storage of MARC records.

1982 Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries develops the CarlSystem
In 1982, the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries developed the CARL integrated library system

1974 MARC Applied Research subsequently known as The Library Corporation, founded by Brower Murphy and Annette Murphy
One of the company's earliest products included its service to provide MARCFICHE to libraries.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2021 The Library Corporation Accomplishments Narrative

In the face of a pandemic, 2020 was a year that saw libraries and companies alike pivot priorities and services. 2021, seemingly, returned to a new sense of “normalcy” in library technology and led to a rise in mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, and growing uncertainty in the status of systems and companies alike. The Library Corporation (TLC) continues to push back against the new sense of “normal” by continually providing the stability and excellency our partners expect from us. With TLC, your library won’t experience sell-offs, downsizing, or ever-expanding market focuses. TLC’s focus is on libraries: our partners and our future.

Nine systems, representing 46 locations, welcomed Library•Solution into their libraries in 2021. New Haven Public Schools, Grand Island Public Library, Bryan+College Station Public Library, J Robert Jamerson Memorial Library, Leander Public Library, Lodi Public Library, Medaille College, Pillar College, and Belhaven University all implemented TLC’s award-winning Library Management Software platform, built to enhance a library’s operation efficiencies without sacrificing quality and service to their communities. Four of these systems, New Haven Public Schools, J Robert Jamerson Memorial Library, Leander Public Library, and Medaille College reconnected with TLC and returned to TLC’s Library•Solution. The staff of the returning libraries often mentioned TLC’s service, support, and partnership as their determining reasoning for selecting TLC, once again. Additionally, 46 systems, representing 271 total locations, migrated from Library•Solution’s legacy, client-based system to Library•Solution’s 100% web-based generation.

TLC built upon the successful 2020 launch of TLC•Cloud Services, TLC’s hosting platform powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which won the distinction of being the Modern Library Award 2021 Service of the Year. TLC’s Library•Solution team migrated 46 systems for a total of 875 locations from either locally hosted or traditional co-location environments to the Oracle Cloud environment., The migration to TLC•Cloud Services includes the Hawaii Department of Education, the only statewide public school district in the country, comprising of 257 public schools, 37 charter schools, 180,000 students, and 22,000 permanent, full-time staff. TLC’s CARL•X team migrated 7 systems for a total of 258 locations including the Nashville Public Library, a progressive system that combines not only the public libraries of Nashville but the Metro-Nashville Public School system as well.

CARL•X continued its evolution in 2021 by establishing itself as the new Library Management Software used by Frederick County Public Libraries in Frederick, Maryland. Frederick, Maryland residents now utilize CARL•X in their public libraries. Additionally, students have access to Library•Solution for Schools in one of the 68 school locations in the Frederick County Public School system. CARL•X’s leading-edge, open system approach leverages a FRBRized PAC and enhanced customization capabilities, proving that it is not only a system that is desirable to large urban systems, but also large scale consortia, and high volume, high circulation suburban public library systems. The continued successes of the development priorities and customer support of CARL•X are also evidenced by Nashville Public Library, Brevard County, Monroe County (NY), and Loudoun County all of whom are continuing their partnership with TLC and CARL•X signing new renewal contracts in 2021.

In 2021, TLC partnered with Solus to release TLC•GO! into the marketplace. TLC•Go! provides an additional mobile option to TLC customers. The app offers a highly configurable Content Management System allowing for logos, colors/fonts, field labels, menu layouts, the ability to schedule content, support of 24 current languages, curbside pickup functionality for libraries who choose to continue pick-up service post-COVID, a digital library card that supports linked accounts (family members, elder care, etc.), links to social media feeds and calendar/event programs, ability to search the catalog and place/cancel holds, pay fines (to supported ePayment gateways), and switch language. TLC•GO! also offers a cost-effective consortium option, giving member libraries the ability to have their own branding, link to the local calendar and social media feeds of the libraries, participate in (optional) contactless self-checkout via RFID (barcode for borrowers using their own smartphone), and the ability to scan the ISBN of a book locations outside of the library to determine if the item is at the local or school library.

TLC’s Library Management Software platforms utilized their releases in 2021 to further advance the structural integrity of the systems, as well as focus on requests from existing customers. TLC has always viewed our libraries not simply as customers but as partners, and the feedback from our partners is what allows both CARL•X and Library•Solution to thrive. Library•Solution’s releases addressed numerous enhancements to the infrastructure of the system, leading to process and performance improvements.

CARL•X gained improvements to the holds process by comparing the number of holds currently placed on a title against the number of copies available on the shelf that could fulfill the outstanding holds, and allowing the item to be renewed if the available items-to-holds ratio met library-defined parameters. The “Damaged Items” workflow experienced notable improvements, simplifying numerous steps while maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act for improved accessibility. CARL•X also debuted the “Wander List,”, as items tend to wander off the shelves and out of existence at the library, items not found from Fill Lists, Missing Lists, and Lost Lists can all be managed within the Wander List feature. Libraries can now customize the number of days before a patron account is blocked when an item on their account is overdue. This setting will continue to incentivize the return of materials without creating a financial impact on patrons, thus supporting libraries that are taking steps toward a fine-free approach. Additionally, a step towards focusing on inclusion allows for a preferred name field in addition to the legal name field. TLC cares about patron security, which is why patrons now have additional opt-in layers of security when it comes to loan history.

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