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1 Oliver's Yard; 55 City Road
London, England EC1Y 1SP
United Kingdom
Phone: +440-1213742740

Executive Leadership

photo of Alison Spencer
Alison Spencer
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Matt Moran
Matt Moran
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Lizzie Lee
Lizzie Lee
Chief Revenue Officer

Company Ownership

Talis Education Limited is owned by SAGE Publications

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Breeding, Marshall. SAGE Publishing Expands Its Tech Offerings. October 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. There has been a strong trend in recent years for publishers to become involved with technologies supporting the broader scholarly communications process. SAGE Publishing has likewise joined this trend. Throughout its business history, SAGE Publishing has consistently expanded its portfolio of publications and its international involvement, both through launching new publications and through acquisitions. The company has increasingly been involved in open access publications. This year, SAGE has also ventured in to the technology arena, through the acquisitions of Talis and Lean Library and with the launch of the Advance preprint archiving service.

Breeding, Marshall. Talis exits the library automation industry to focus on the Semantic Web. March 4, 2011. Library Technology Guides. In a move that allows Talis to concentrate on its growing semantic web business which has been its strategic focus in recent years, the company has divested its library automation unit to Capita Group, a large UK-based outsourcing company. Talis Information Limited, a business unit of Talis Group has been acquired by Capita Group, in a transaction valued at about $32 million dollars that closed on March 3, 2011. Capita Group ranks as one of the largest UK companies specializing in business process outsourcing and professional services.

. Talis launches Education Division focusing on Learning Technology. June 29, 2009. . With a vision to connect faculties, students and educators together, Talis has formed a new Education Division that will create joined up learning environments and provide seamless access to education resources and pedagogical expertise.

. BLCMP announces new company, Talis Information Ltd. November 1, 1998. . BLCMP members have overwhelmingly approved plans to adopt a profit making trading model with effect from April 1999. A new company, Talis Information Ltd, has been registered, and will carry out all of BLCMP's trading from that date.

. New Directors at BLCMP. June 1, 1996. . Two new directors have been appointed to the BLCMP Board; Grace Kempster and Peter Wright.

. BLCMP launches Talis. June 01, 1992. . BLCMP's new integrated library system, Talis, was launched at the Library Resources Exhibition. It is an entirely new design conceived according to open systems principles and operating on UNIX platform. Talis is based on the Sybase relational database software.

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News Announcements

January 17, 2022. Langara College Joins Talis Aspire Resource List Management Solution (RLMS) Community to streamline copyright workflows and improve student success. The Talis Aspire community in Canada continues to grow, as Langara College joins the University of Alberta, Capilano University, MacEwan University, and Okanagan College in benefitting from the platform-neutral Resource List Management Solution. Talis Aspire will facilitate library oversight of copyright workflows, reducing risk across the university, while amplifying library visibility and use of licensed resources at the point of student learning.

August 5, 2021. MacEwan University selects Talis Aspire Resource List Management Solution to streamline library workflows and increase faculty engagement. MacEwan University has selected Talis Aspire as their Resource List Management Solution, as they seek to widen their teaching and learning initiatives. Resource lists in Talis Aspire will strengthen their faculty and library relationships and streamline library workflows. It will further provide them with deeper insight into how students are using and engaging with resources, so the library can deliver an improved student experience.

July 28, 2021. Okanagan College becomes first Talis Aspire site on FOLIO Library Services Platform. Talis, a SAGE Publishing Company extends its congratulations to the library team at Okanagan College, upon their successful transition from Voyager ILS to the FOLIO Library Services Platform. This transition also places Okanagan College as the first FOLIO site in Canada, and the first institution integrating Talis Aspire with FOLIO globally. Okanagan College is leveraging the FOLIO platform using EBSCO FOLIO from EBSCO Information Services for hosting and service support.

June 7, 2021. Capilano University joins the growing Talis Aspire community in North America. Capilano University has selected Talis Aspire as their Resource List Management Solution, in order to better support faculty and library relationships, particularly with copyright auditing and management. Resource lists offer them greater insight into how to meet student resource needs and deliver an improved student experience.

April 28, 2021. Talis Sponsors QAA Project on Active Online Reading. Talis nnounced our sponsorship of the Quality Assurance Agency Collaborative Enhancement Project 2021 Active Online Reading, seeking to explore how we can enhance students' active online reading practice across the sector. This project seeks to investigate current practice around close reading and resource engagement in an online setting. It will produce guidance, briefing, and supporting documentation to develop academic and student practice in this area. This project will be led by Dr. Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln), Dr Anna Rich-Abad (University of Nottingham) and Dr. John Chandler (University College London), with support from a wider steering group of members from across the sector.

April 14, 2021. Delft University of Technology becomes the first university in The Netherlands to adopt Talis Aspire. Delft University of Technology has adopted Talis Aspire in order to better support the student experience and drive efficiencies within the library. They will be making use of online reading list management along with Talis Aspire's Management Information (MI) Dashboards, in order to gain better insight into list coverage and usage analytics.

September 28, 2020. The University of Sussex adopts Talis Elevate to build community within their Foundation Year Programme. The University of Sussex has purchased Talis Elevate for the Foundation Year programme in order to grow the online learning community and to deepen student engagement with their academic study.

September 23, 2020. Talis CEO transition. As part of a planned transition, CEO Dave Errington will step down at the end of 2020 to be succeeded by Alison Spencer who has been Chief Operating Officer since July 2019.

July 14, 2020. Talis partners with Perlego to offer a unique solution to eTextbook provision. Perlego, a new ebook and etextbook subscription service, has partnered with Talis to enable unlimited access to online resources for students on over 230,000 courses.

June 18, 2020. University of Tasmania adopts Talis Aspire. The University of Tasmania in Australia has adopted Talis Aspire. Reading lists and copyright clearance will be implemented with Talis Aspire to improve the student experience and encourage more engagement with collections. Enhanced analytics capabilities will be utilised with the Talis Aspire Advanced Management Information System to provide a deeper insight into learner analytics.

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Corporate Chronology

Aug 2018 SAGE Publishing acquires Talis Group Ltd
Talis has been acquired by SAGE Publishing, a leading global and independent academic publisher. SAGE Publishing will provide Talis with the opportunity to expand into new markets whilst maintaining their existing relationships with customers and partners. Talis will continue to be run as a separate business by its existing management as a SAGE company from its offices in Birmingham UK.

Mar 04, 2011 Talis acquired by Capita Group
Capita Group acquired Talis Information Limited for a consideration, on a cash-free, debt-free basis of £18.5 million, plus up to a further £2.5 million depending on TIL's profit performance in the year to 31 March 2012. Talis made an operating profit of £3.5 million on turnover of £7 million for the year ended March 31, 2010.

2009 Talis Education Division created

2006 Development of Talis Semantic Platform begins

2002 Talis Alto Library Management System launched

Apr 01, 1999 BLCMP becomes Talis Information Ltd.
The owners of not-for-profit BLCMP voted to become a for-profit company effective April 1999. A new company, Talis Information Ltd., will continue the business activities of BLCMP's.

1995 Launch of TalisWeb OPAC

1977 BLCMP becomes a private company
Becomes BLCMP (Library Services) Ltd, a fully independent and registered company, wholly owned by the share holding libraries.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2010 Talis Accomplishments Narrative

The three main achievements in 2010 for Talis are enhancements to our next generation OPAC (Talis Prism 3), our ILS (Talis Alto) and our integration product (Talis Keystone).

Delivered as Software as a Service, our next generation catalog, Talis Prism 3, has gone from strength to strength. Over 40% of our customers have already upgraded, leading to improved resource discovery experience for their patrons. The main area of improvement has been moving from a field based record representation to linked data model. There have also been several new features added, including:

  • Catalog enrichments: Customers can now choose the data supplier that best meets their requirements
  • Customized extensions: We have created an open source project that enables extensions to be added to the OPAC. Extensions that have already been created by the community include: Google Maps, author videos, QR codes and social networking “like” functionality.
  • Customized design: customers are able to deliver a more consistent user experience for patrons by styling their OPAC to match their corporate brand.

Furthermore, as Talis Prism is a cloud based product this means a reduction to the total cost of ownership for Talis customers as separate servers are no longer required to run the OPAC.

Our ILS, Talis Alto, had a major upgrade to the underlying database and operating system in late 2009. We have worked hard with customers to upgrade them so they can benefit from these enhancements. In just a year, over 75% customers have upgraded and we expect to complete the remaining ones in early 2011.

We have also added authority control functionality into Talis Alto which is now an integral part of the application. This has streamlined the workflow for cataloguers as they can now add authority control data to records, without having to reference a separate thesaurus. As the data is now easier to keep consistent, it improves searching for users and has been integrated into the bibliographic database, Talis Base.

Throughout 2010 we have seen the continued growth in the requirement to integrate and interoperate between disparate systems. To meet this need, we have continued to develop our integration product, Talis Keystone, to enable the ILS to interoperate with corporate systems such as CRM systems (such as Oracle) and central finance systems (such as SAP). New functionality has also been added to Talis Keystone to automatically integrate library processes (such as electronic borrower joining and electronic ILL requests) with the ILS, eliminating the need to manually re-key information into the system, and ensuring that patron requests are actioned more quickly.

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