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1653 Aryana Drive
Encinitas, California 92014
United States
Phone: 760-870-4243

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Tony Saadat
Tony Saadat
President and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Graham Partridge
Graham Partridge
Vice President Research and Development

Company Ownership

Soutron Global is majority owned by Bloom Equity Partners with company founder Tony Saadat as a minority owner.

Personnel employed

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Documents or articles featuring Soutron Global

Breeding, Marshall. Soutron Global merges Businesses. February 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. Soutron Global, a company that specializes in technology products and services for corporate, law, and other special libraries, entered into a new business arrangement. This transaction combined two related companies, Soutron Limited, based in the United Kingdom and Soutron Global, based in the United States. Bloom Equity Partners gains majority ownership of the company through a new investment. Soutron Global founder Tony Saadat will hold a minority ownership stake in the combined company which he will lead as Chief Executive Officer.

Breeding, Marshall. Soutron Global: New Competition in Special Library Automation. April 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Industry veteran Tony Saadat has launched a new company Soutron Global that will specialize in providing library automation solutions for special libraries in the United States and Canada. This new company was founded in partnership with Soutron Limited, a UK-based company that has been involved in various aspects of special library automation since 1985. The companies will evolve toward a unified organization with its global headquarters in Encinitas, California.

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News Announcements

July 9, 2024. Soutron Global to exhibit their archive management solution at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting in Chicago. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, announces their upcoming attendance at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting in Chicago August 15-17. At the Archives*Records 2024 meeting, attendees will find Soutron at booth #308 to see a demonstration of Soutron's modern archive management system. With the Soutron Archive Management System, archivists can solidify their role as vital guardians of information and knowledge, ensuring material accessibility and continued relevance.

June 11, 2024. Auditing AI (Artificial Intelligence) usage in legal organizations: New Vertical Files Podcast episode from Soutron Global. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, today announced the availability of a new podcast episode discussing the importance of auditing AI usage within organizations, hosted by John Connolly, MLS, PMP, with special guest Robin Rebollo, an innovative consultant and information professional.

June 4, 2024. Soutron Global to exhibit the latest release of their legal library software Solution at the CALL/ACBD and AALL conferences. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, announces their upcoming attendance at both the Canadian Association of Law Libraries and the American Association of Law Libraries conferences.

May 29, 2024. New eBook Information Management Basics: An Introduction for Managers now available, a must-read information management roadmap. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, announced the publication of its new eBook, "Information Management Basics: An Introduction for Managers." This comprehensive guide equips managers and business leaders with the essential knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the ever-evolving world of information management, particularly in the emerging age of Artificial Intelligence.

May 23, 2024. Soutron Library Management Software at BIALL the Conference in June. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, announces their upcoming attendance at the #BIALL2024 conference to be held in Leeds, United Kingdom, 12th to 14th June. Graham Partridge (VP of R&D at Soutron Global and former Legal Librarian) will be taking part in the BIALL product showcase, presenting how you can “Bridge the gap between Library, Know-how & Beyond" in the session titled “How does your firm manage your know-how? How easy is it to manage, search & retrieve?”.

May 14, 2024. Soutron Global Vertical Files podcast discusses the challenges of data security. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, discusses the challenges of data security in their latest Vertical Files podcast with Fred Wiese, who is responsible for North American data center operations, overseeing data centers in Canada and the United States to provide operational security policies and much more. In this thought-provoking episode, a wide variety of data security needs are discussed, from the nature of the data itself to the types of access, and storage compliance issues.

April 30, 2024. Soutron Global to add rich new functionality to the latest release of Soutron, its library and archive information resource management system. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, is adding rich new functionality to its Special Library, Archive, and Information Management System flagship solutions. This latest release will enhance core functionalities with administration updates that promise to improve staff efficiency with newly upgraded editing workflows, provide for improved material visibility with less clicks, and continue to enhance the ease of use of client driven Soutron to increase client efficiencies and productivity. This release will focus on updated user interfaces that improve usability to provide an enhanced user experience. The use of new software technologies allows Soutron to add new features quickly.

April 10, 2024. Soutron Client Advisory Group advises on Soutron AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiatives and alignment with new developments. Soutron Global, an internationally recognized provider of information management solutions for corporate libraries and digital archives, recently held a client advisory meeting on AI initiatives that focused on how to make AI beneficial to the industry. Attendees included representatives from clients in the pharmaceutical, engineering, legal, energy, manufacturing, medical, electronic industries, in addition to membership organizations. At the meeting, potential areas of AI interest were discussed, including new methods of streamlining workflows and creating new efficiencies, while seeking balance and benefit alignment with the diverse Soutron client base of special libraries and archives.

March 26, 2024. Soutron announces new blog resource: Advantages of advancing your information management with Soutron and SharePoint integration. Soutron Global announced the availability of a new blog resource to help information professionals understand how to use Soutron in conjunction with SharePoint titled "Advantages of Advancing Your Information Management with Soutron and SharePoint Integration to Increase Findability and Usability." This comprehensive blog post explores the challenges faced by organizations struggling with information sprawl and the limitations of using just MS365/SharePoint folders for document management. It highlights how Soutron's integration with SharePoint offers a powerful solution to enhance information findability and knowledge discovery.

March 5, 2024. Soutron celebrates 35 years of innovation in information management for special libraries, knowledge management, and archives. Soutron Global is commemorating its 35th anniversary, a milestone that highlights the company's enduring commitment to enabling information professionals to provide access to information. Since 1989, Soutron's founder Graham Beastall's core vision was to be dedicated to supporting librarians, archivists, and information professionals in their mission to transform information access, empower knowledge discovery and to take advantage of the latest database technology, a vision that remains as important as ever. Soutron was one of the first companies to bring an integrated library management system to the UK market and this pioneering spirit enabled the library of a top London law firm to implement the firm's very first computer network in the early ‘90s. Soutron continued to evolve and adapt, being an early adopter of web-based technology. It was in 2007 that Graham Partridge, a Soutron client of 10 years, joined Soutron to develop a true web integrated application utilizing a relational database which has evolved into the flexible Soutron Library & Information Management system.

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Corporate Chronology

Jan 2012 Soutron Global founded by Tony Saadat
Tony Saadat, President and CEO of Soutron Global and Graham Beastall, Founder and Managing Director of Soutron Limited, had first worked together at Sydney Development Corporation in the mid-80s. Each has since become a high-profile, respected player in his own market: Tony in North America, and Graham in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Soutron Global will become the world headquarters for the partnership, which will deliver innovative Library and Knowledge Management solutions

Feb 1991 Soutron Limited enters into an agreement with Inmagic to sell and support its products in the United Kingdom

Mar 02, 1989 Soutron Limited licenses Sydney Library System from Sydney Development Corporation
Soutron acquires a licence to resell and develop the Sydney Library System within the United Kingdom. Any code developed would be passed back to Sydney Development Corporation.

Jan 1989 Soutron Limited established
Soutron Limited was officially formed in January 1989. Soutron commenced trading on 2nd March 1989

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 Soutron Global Accomplishments Narrative

Soutron Global continued its program of investing to support clients by increasing the size of both the helpdesk and R&D teams. Combined with its efforts in marketing and client support, Soutron Global exceeded sales expectations and remains a top contender in the legal automation market and other specialist market segments.

Soutron Global continued to focus on its client-driven approach via the Client Advisory Group, a program designed to listen to clients’ needs and help guide the future direction of our products. Additional client-focused events included training workshops, webinars, and sponsored events.

Soutron Global’s Reseller Partner program remains an important channel to introduce our products to new and expanding markets. Soutron Authorized Business Partners are providing Soutron archive and library solutions in Africa and beyond, with localized multi-lingual and currency support to help provide regional use of Soutron as a world class library and archive solution for their own clients.

New developments for 2023 included a brand-new Auto Catalogue function providing a simple, more powerful, method of automatically adding records to the catalogue from a variety of sources. Significant improvements were made to the embedded media player, search API, SEO and site verification, right-to-left language enhancements, new notification options for document submissions and self-managed routing lists via the My Account feature. The R&D team continued its focus on implementing the latest web frameworks and code development strategies.

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