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Nasmyth Building, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park Nasmyth Ave
Glasgow, Scotland G75 0QR
United Kingdom
Phone: +440-1355813600
Web site:

Executive Leadership

photo of Neil Wishart
Neil Wishart
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Andrew Daye
Andrew Daye
Chief Technology Officer
photo of John Richardson
John Richardson
Director - Solus North America
photo of Liz McGettigan
Liz McGettigan
Director of Digital Library Experiences

Company Ownership

Solus is privately owned by its founders.

Documents or articles featuring Solus

Breeding, Marshall. SOLUS Expands through Acquisition of Boopsie. November 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. SOLUS has acquired the Boopsie Mobile division from Demco, Inc. The deal strengthens SOLUS's presence in the global library market. Boopsie was one of the pioneers of mobile technology in libraries, though its presence has since been eclipsed by SOLUS and other providers. The technology platform developed by Boopsie was quite advanced and forward-looking when it was launched in 2005, though it may not necessarily be optimal for the current generation of patron-facing mobile interfaces. This business event provides libraries using Boopsie's products an opportunity to shift to more recently developed technologies provided by a vendor with established success in the library mobile technology sector. While consistent with the pattern of consolidation within a market niche, it runs a bit counter to the trend for smaller specialized companies to be acquired by large businesses with diverse product portfolios.

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News Announcements

April 19, 2022. Lake Agassiz Regional Library deploys SOLUS mobile Library App. SOLUS announced that the Lake Agassiz Regional Library System has deployed its Library App. Lake Agassiz Regional Library is a consolidated public library system serving the residents of Becker, Clay, Clearwater, Mahnomen, Norman, Polk, and Wilkin counties in northwest Minnesota. LARL is comprised of 13 branch libraries and 9 LINK sites. The LARL Administrative Office is in Moorhead, MN.

February 17, 2022. SOLUS offers consortia-friendly app within an app mobile option. SOLUS announced the growing deployment of consortia “templates”, essentially an app-within-an-app, for member libraries within a consortium. A unique-to-the-SOLUS-mobile app is its ability to support consortium subscriptions, and then allow member libraries to have their own template, akin to an app-within-an-app. These templates then link to the master subscription – but at a fraction of the price of another stand-alone subscription.

January 11, 2022. Antioch goes live as the 110th Solus app of 2021. Solus announced today that Antioch, Illinois has gone live with the Solus app.

December 6, 2021. SOLUS Library App Launch – City of Sydney, Australia becomes the 100th SOLUS built Library App of 2021 to go live. SOLUS is pleased to announce the launch of it's 100th new Library App of the year, with City of Sydney in Australia going live.

October 25, 2021. Solus expands its North American staff with Andrew Johnson appointment. Solus has appointed Andrew Johnson as Director of Customer Engagement for its North American operations. Andrew Johnson will initially lead the company's new foray into Library Events & Room Booking with its new, next generation eb#1 platform offering. The platform was extensively developed over a multi-year period in Australia and is being brought to the US and Canadian marketplace. Johnson will assist in the marketing and sales-to-implementation go-live process initially.

September 30, 2021. SOLUS Launches eb#1 -- innovating library and community events and bookings. SOLUS is pleased to announce the launch of eb#1 in partnership with Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation, Melbourne, Australia. Specified, designed and built-in partnership with Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation, SOLUS is delighted to bring eb#1 to the library community, further innovating Library and Community Events & Bookings. Delivering an incredible Events and Bookings experience, eb#1 is loved equally by library patrons and staff.

August 19, 2021. Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKiT ) deploys the SOLUS app. Dundalk Institute of Technology De Chastelain Library has chosen the SOLUS app to engage students and enable 24/7 remote access to library services and resources. It is designed to simplify communication between libraries and students and to make that 24/7 access to the libary and resources simple and intuitive from a smartphone.

July 20, 2021. South Central Library System (WI) deploys Solus Library App. Solus announced that after an industry market-wide search, the South Central Library System has selected – and deployed the Solus mobile Library App. SCLS is one of Wisconsin's largest public library systems serving 49 member libraries through its consortial ILS and in turn serving 440,000 registered patrons.

July 15, 2021. North America’s largest library consortium selects the Solus Library App. Solus announced that the Illinois Heartland Library System automation group SHARE selected the Solus mobile Library App, based on recommendations from the SHARE Executive Council, E-Resources Committee, Finance & Policy Committee, and SHARE members.

June 18, 2021. Solus mobile Library App now integrated with the Bibliovation Library Services Platform. Solus announced that its mobile Library App product fully integrates with the Bibliovation Library Services Platform. This includes its Content Management System, unique consortium support, patron self-service via both barcode and RFID tagged collections, advanced Click & Collect curbside pickup functionality and support for 24 languages.

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Corporate Chronology

Sep 30, 2020 Solus UK acquires Boopsie Mobile App Division from Demco, Inc
Solus UK announced it has acquired the Boopsie mobile app and customer base from Demco, Inc. All Boopsie customers will be migrated to the latest Solus Library App at no additional cost to their existing subscription.

2005 Solus founded by Neil Wishart and Andrew Daye