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2603 Main Street Suite 710
Irvine, California 92614
United States
Phone: 323-525-1767

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)


Executive Leadership

photo of Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
photo of John Crook
John Crook
General Manager, Information Centres
photo of Nathan Godfrey
Nathan Godfrey
Portfolio Manager at Volaris Group
photo of Hillary Noye
Hillary Noye
General Manager, Education

Company Ownership

Softlink is owned by the public company, Constellation Software Inc.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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Softlink Information Centres 20216104323
Softlink Information Centres 20206853426
Softlink Information Centres 2010132
Softlink Information Centres 20083046321410132
Softlink Information Centres 2007224527138115
Softlink Information Centres 2006233528135104
Softlink Information Centres 2005193221151097
Softlink Information Centres 200494
Softlink Information Centres 200380
Softlink Information Centres 200275

Documents or articles featuring Softlink Information Centres

Breeding, Marshall. Softlink International Realigns its Forces. October 2009. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Softlink International, a global company that produces the Liberty and Oliver library automation systems, has made a number of noteworthy changes over the last year. They have installed a new CEO for the global company and new management at their US subsidiary, and have incorporated a major independent distributor into the parent company. Softlink International reports that its software finds use in over 10,000 libraries spanning 108 countries, making it a key player in the library software world. The company offers library automation products for school, corporate, academic, and public libraries. In the United States Softlink has not gained wide adoption in large public or academic libraries, but has a substantial presence in school and corporate libraries.

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News Announcements

August 26, 2022. Softlink IC at Australian Law Librarians' Association 2022 Conference. Softlink Information Centers was at the 2022 Australian Law Librarians' Association conference in Hobart, Tasmania between 24 – 26 August 2022.

July 21, 2022. Softlink IC launches free library app, use it to grow your library. Softlink IC has just launched a fantastic tool to help you promote your library … for free. Visit to create your own custom QR code and image for your library catalog. Usethis to allow easy access to your library catalog and promote your library. With just one scan from asmartphone, your library users can connect to your library and engage!

July 21, 2022. Softlink IC 2022 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) conference wrap up. Softlink Information Centers attended the 2022 AALL conference from 16 – 19 July. The conference was a great opportunity to show Softlink products, integrated library management system Liberty and research management system, illumin.

July 20, 2022. Softlink Information Centers Virtual Open Day Opens Minds. Softlink Information Centers held a successful Virtual Open Day on 15 June 2022. The team at Softlink IC ran sessions across three time zones where registered participants were able to view engaging and informative sessions such as; How to stay alert with Current Awareness in Liberty?, How illumin can shine a light on your valuable research management?, What Liberty's smart serials can do to your catalog? and more.

February 18, 2022. Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea goes live with Liberty Integrated Library Management System. Softlink Information Centres announced the Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea is now live with Liberty as their Integrated Library Management System. The commission is focused on the delivery of good governance and quality leadership. The decision to install a world-class ILMS such as Liberty, supported by Softlink IC, reflects their commitment to sharing knowledge and information across the public sector.

February 9, 2022. The House of Commons Library Chooses Softlink IC's illumin. Softlink Information Centres announced that the House of Commons Library recently selected illumin as their customer requests and enquiries management system.

December 6, 2021. Official Launch of the Liberty ILMS in Vietnam. Softlink IC announced that on the 15th of September 2021, in conjunction with the Sao Mai Education Group, Liberty, our integrated library management system, was launched to libraries across Vietnam.

May 25, 2021. Softlink IC's Annual Library Survey is Now Open. The Softlink IC Annual Library Survey is designed to identify important statistical information, such as staffing and budgets, library practices, services, resourcing, and trends around the world.

April 14, 2021. The Queensland Parliamentary Library chooses Softlink IC's Liberty and illumin. Softlink Information Centres is delighted to announce the Queensland Parliamentary Library recently selected Liberty as their new library management system and illumin as their research management system.

February 2, 2021. The Central Land Council Goes Live with Liberty and Orbit Library Management System. Softlink Information Centres congratulates the Central Land Council Library in Australia's Northern Territory on the successful launch of Liberty and Orbit library management system.

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Corporate Chronology

Sep 2013 Volaris Group acquires Softlink International
Volaris Group announced that it has acquired a company in the Library Management vertical. (Softlink International) The acquisition is Volaris’ first investment in this particular vertical market. The acquired company provides solutions that help to manage the full process of cataloguing, lending and acquiring both digital and physical assets, enabling libraries to optimize their knowledge management processes and improve their library operations.

Sep 03, 2009 Catherine Leonard appointed as General Manager for Softlink America
Manager of Softlink Pacific, Catherine Leonard, will relocate to the US to manage Softlink America from its Seattle office. Leonard has 25 years experience in the library and information management industry, including ten at Softlink and five years as Manager of Softlink Pacific in Auckland.

Sep 03, 2009 Nathan Godfrey has been appointed Chief Operating Officer for Softlink International
Chief Financial Officer Nathan Godfrey has been appointed Chief Operating Officer at Softlink’s Brisbane head office

May 05, 2009 Softlink International acquires Softlink Europe
Softlink International acquires Softlink Europe, based in Oxford, UK. Softlink gains direct ownership of Oxford-based office, staff and prestigious customers that include, Birmingham Law Society, Eton College and Cambridge University.

Aug 15, 2008 Kim Duffy joins Softlink International as Global Chief Executive Officer
Formerly CEO of ISS and TSW International, Duffy’s career to date has demonstrated an ability to successfully manage, develop and expand operations to meet and create demand in an International market.

Jul 29, 2008 Softlink CEO and co-founder, Bob Dunne retires

Jan 31, 2005 Softlink Europe acquires Limes Software
On January 31st, Softlink Europe announced the merger with Limes Software. In future, Softlink will be handling the support and services for Limes users. Limes staff have joined Softlink, and along with new staff will provide the necessary skills. Over the next few weeks we will be carrying out a review of Limes products and services with a view to ensuring all our clients have access to the best possible systems.

Dec 09, 2004 Softlink International launches Oliver
Oliver will complement Softlink's existing products: Alice and Liberty3 which are still available and will continue to be improved and supported.

Mar 25, 2004 Robert Corrao appointed as president of Softlink America
Softlink America announced the relocation of its North American headquarters to Los Angeles, California from Denver, Colorado. Additionally, Soflink America announces the appointment of Robert Corrao as president of the North America business unit. This formal announcement comes on the heals of record setting revenue growth for the 20-year old international software company.

Mar 2002 Softlink introduces Liberty 3 into United States
Softlink America today announced the introduction of Softlink Liberty3 to the U.S. library market.

2002 Softlink Pacific acquires New Solutions Limited

2000 Bob Dunne named Chief Executive Officer of Softlink International
Founder and CEO John Dunne steps down due to illness. His brother and co-founder Bob Dunne steps in as CEO.

1997 Softlink launches Alice for Windows

1996 Softlink International launches Alice

1993 Softlink launches Oliver

1992 Softlink Europe established

1988 Softlink introduces OASIS

1985 ALARM -- Softlink's first LMS introduced
ALARM -- Softlink's first LMS introduced in All Hallow's School Brisbane

1985 Bob Dunne joins Softlink
Bob Dunne joins John Dunne at Softlink

1983 Softlink International founded by John Dunne
Upon founding Softlink in 1983, John Dunne developed the company’s first library management system (LMS) ALARM and subsequently grew Softlink’s global presence and customer base across 108 nations before leaving Softlink at the end of 2000.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2022 Softlink Information Centres Accomplishments Narrative

Liberty & illumin Releases

As always, we continued to deliver innovative features and valuable enhancements to benefit our Liberty v5 and illumin users. Within Liberty some of our favorites include our homepage subpages, integration with CloudLibrary and the ability to catalog via Liberty Link.

Not to forget illumin! This year, team favorites included adding linked fields, custom notifications, and taxonomy (being able to categorize and organize information, data and more based on characteristics).

User Group Meetings & Bootcamps

This year Softlink IC held two User Group Meetings (UGMs): one in Brisbane, Queensland and one in London, England. We were thrilled to host our first post-COVID, in-person meetings!

The UGMs are designed to provide our customers with a chance to come together to discuss best practices when using our software. It’s great to see our customers networking and learning from each other’s experiences to increase their knowledge of the software. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet members of the team at Softlink IC who provided insight into upcoming features developments and product updates.

Conferences & Webinars

We attended two in-person conferences this year. Our North American team was onsite and ready to greet eager conference attendees at the 2022 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) conference from 16 – 19 July. After two years of Virtual Conferences, it was so good to conference in-person at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Our APAC team attended Australian Law Librarians’ Association (ALLA) conference in Hobart, Tasmania between 24 – 26 August 2022. A biennial event hosted by ALLA, the conference is the major professional and business development event in the Association’s calendar.

Virtual Open Day

Softlink IC held its first ever Virtual Open Day this year! The Virtual Open Day featured presentations from content experts hosted six 30-minute sessions across three time zones. Presentations included:

  • How to stay alert with Current Awareness in Liberty
  • How illumin can shine a light on your valuable research management
  • What Liberty’s smart serials can do to your catalog
  • Who can stump our panel of experts
  • How to catalog anything in Liberty
  • And more!

In 2022 we launched a fantastic tool to help you promote your library …for free! Anyone can create a custom QR code and image for their library catalog. Visit to get started and see how easily you can share access to your library catalog.

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