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2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, California 91320
United States

Executive Leadership

photo of Sara  Miller-McCune
Sara Miller-McCune
Founder and Executive Chair
photo of Blaise R. Simqu
Blaise R. Simqu
President and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Chris  Hickok
Chris Hickok
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
photo of John Shaw
John Shaw
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Tracey Ozmina
Tracey Ozmina
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Katharine  Jackson
Katharine Jackson
Executive Vice President, SAGE Limited
photo of Stephen  Barr
Stephen Barr
President, SAGE International

Company Ownership

Sage Publications is privately owned by its co-founder Sara Miller McCune

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Breeding, Marshall. SAGE Publishing Expands Its Tech Offerings. October 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. There has been a strong trend in recent years for publishers to become involved with technologies supporting the broader scholarly communications process. SAGE Publishing has likewise joined this trend. Throughout its business history, SAGE Publishing has consistently expanded its portfolio of publications and its international involvement, both through launching new publications and through acquisitions. The company has increasingly been involved in open access publications. This year, SAGE has also ventured in to the technology arena, through the acquisitions of Talis and Lean Library and with the launch of the Advance preprint archiving service.

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News Announcements

January 6, 2023. New SAGE white paper argues business schools should Hack the Status Quo in business research. SAGE released a white paper identifying critical gaps in the metrics that business schools use to evaluate research. Co-authored by Dr. Usha Haley, professor of management at Wichita State University, and Andrew Jack, a global education editor for the Financial Times, “Measuring Societal Impact in Business & Management Research: From Challenges to Change” examines the challenges of measuring societal impact in business research. Pulling from surveys of business school academics from the Academy of Management, SAGE, Financial Times, and Times Higher Education, the authors review the commonly used measures of scholarly impact and address their concerns, including policies and practices of academic journals. They conclude with recommendations for a more responsible research environment within the business school ecosystem.

December 14, 2022. SAGE Publishing and Council of Australian University Libraries reach new Read and Publish agreement. SAGE Publishing and the Council of Australian University Librarians, the negotiating body representing universities in Australia and New Zealand, have announced a new Open Access Agreement which will expand publishing opportunities for ANZ researchers. Researchers at member institutions will have access to SAGE's vast collection of journals in the social and behavioral sciences, and growing quality STM research portfolio. With the help of SAGE's Open Access Portal, a platform dedicated to supporting OA workflows, authors will benefit from a seamless experience that guides them through licenses and streamlines the OA publication process.

December 7, 2022. AM and Big Ten Academic Alliance partnership provides researchers with access to millions of pages of primary source content. AM, a SAGE company, has announced a major new agreement with premier library consortium, the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Students, researchers and scholars at 15 of the leading research institutions in the United States will now have unified access to millions of pages of essential primary source content from the entire AM core collections portfolio. Working closely with BTAA and the framework of their strategic Big Collection initiative, AM has rolled out its Impact purchase model across the entire group. The ability to draw on this breadth of content in a united way across the BTAA membership will create opportunities for inter-institution research and collaborative projects at an unprecedented scale, whilst at the same time allowing individual members to focus on their own local academic strengths and specialisms.

September 16, 2022. SAGE Publishing announces winners of 2022 SAGE Concept Grant. SAGE Publishing has announced the winners of the 2022 SAGE Concept Grant, with £15,000 awarded to Causal Map, a tool that identifies and visualizes causal connections in speech and writing. Five further grants of £2,000 were awarded to early-stage software ideas that support social scientists during the research process.

August 11, 2022. University of Phoenix provides Lean Library as student resource to enhance research capability. University of Phoenix has partnered with Lean Library, part of Technology from SAGE to provide students with enhanced research capability and access through a simple browser extension. Students can utilize this exciting new research tool for a more convenient experience and easy location of research materials along their academic journey, saving students time and money.

July 20, 2022. Talis Elevate: Looking back over the last academic year. As we start to approach the summer, we would like to celebrate all the wonderful things academics and students have been doing using Talis Elevate this academic year – and look back on the product development Talis made to improve and enhance the academic and student experience when using Talis Elevate.

July 11, 2022. Technology from SAGE acquires reading, authoring, and collaboration tool Sciwheel. Technology from SAGE, a division of SAGE Publishing, has acquired Sciwheel, an award-winning tool providing library patrons with an easy way to discover, read, annotate, write, and share research. Founded by Vitek Tracz, the entrepreneur behind the Current Opinion journals, Current Drugs, F1000 and BioMed Central, Sciwheel was created to go beyond traditional reference management by assisting students and researchers throughout the entire writing process. Sciwheel will be integrated with Technology from SAGE's Lean Library, to create a comprehensive academic workflow tool.

June 8, 2022. SAGE Publishing and the University of California announce a transformative agreement to expand reach of UC research. SAGE Publishing and the University of California announce an agreement to expand open access publishing opportunities for researchers at all 10 UC campuses. Running through 2024, the agreement will provide funding for UC researchers to make their SAGE research articles free and openly available to the world. SAGE is one of the largest publishers of UC research in the social sciences and humanities.

December 8, 2021. SAGE Publishing founder Sara Miller McCune passes control of SAGE to the SAGE-SMM Trust. SAGE Publishing founder and owner Sara Miller McCune has signed over her voting shares and control of the company to the independent SAGE-SMM Trust. The move takes an irrevocable step towards her long-standing estate plan goal of ensuring SAGE remains an independent company focused on its mission to build bridges to knowledge through educational and research publishing.

December 2, 2021. SAGE Publishing and Bodyswaps launch virtual reality resource for health and social care training. SAGE Publishing is partnering with Bodyswaps, an award-winning virtual reality (VR) platform, to launch a cutting-edge resource for health and social care training. The Mental Health Practitioner VR experience supports students in developing soft skills through an immersive virtual environment, representing a first step into a new generation of learning.

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Corporate Chronology

Sep 11, 2018 SAGE Publishing acquires Lean Library
SAGE Publishing has acquired technology start-up Lean Library and its associated products to promote the value of the academic library to patrons and bring library services directly into the patron's workflow via their web browser. The Lean Library browser extension provides seamless, one-click access to all licensed library resources, both on and off campus, and offers up legal routes to discover open access full text. At the same time, the service enables libraries to promote their services exactly when and where they are needed by delivering targeted, customisable messages directly into users' workflows.

Aug 2018 SAGE Publishing acquires Talis Group Ltd
Talis has been acquired by SAGE Publishing, a leading global and independent academic publisher. SAGE Publishing will provide Talis with the opportunity to expand into new markets whilst maintaining their existing relationships with customers and partners. Talis will continue to be run as a separate business by its existing management as a SAGE company from its offices in Birmingham UK.

Apr 2018 SAGE Publishing acquires software and services developer GVPi
SAGE Publishing has today announced the acquisition of Global Village Publishing (GVPi), a software and services provider specializing in the delivery of customized digital publishing solutions.

Nov 2016 Lean Library founded by Johan Tilstra and Jan Thij Bakker

Apr 2016 SAGE Publishing acquires full portfolio of IP Publishing
SAGE Publishing purchases the full journal portfolio of academic journals publisher, IP Publishing Ltd. IP Publishing Ltd is an independent company specializing in the publication of referred academic and professional journals within the humanities and social sciences.

Jan 2016 SAGE Publishing makes investment in Publons
SAGE Publishing announces that it has led an investment round for a minority stake in Publons with additional participation by existing investors. Known for its mission to use peer review to speed up science, Publons will remain completely independent and publisher-neutral following this investment, allowing for continued participation from other parties.

May 28, 2015 SAGE Publications acquires Pion Limited
SAGE announced the purchase of Pion Limited, independent publisher of high quality academic journals founded by Adam Gelbtuch and John Ashby in 1959.

Feb 26, 2015 SAGE acquires The Goodwin Group International
SAGE, the global independent scholarly and professional publisher, announced today the acquisition of The Goodwin Group International, LLC, publisher of MD Conference Express, the first publication to subject medical conference highlights to the rigorous test of peer review.

Dec 09, 2014 SAGE Publications acquires Baywood Publishing Company
SAGE announced the purchase of 19 journals from Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. With this acquisition, SAGE will publish journals in counseling, gerontology & aging, health & healthcare, education, anthropology, beginning in 2015. Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. has published scholarly and professional journals and books in the social sciences and humanities for more than 50 years.

Aug 08, 2014 SAGE Publications acquires Symposium Journals
SAGE purchased Symposium Journals, adding nine titles to its education portfolio;

Jul 03, 2014 SAGE Publications acquires Vathek Publishing
SAGE announced the purchase of legal journal publisher, Vathek Publishing. Vathek Publishing, incorporated in the Isle of Man in 2000 by Lilli Waterford, is best known for supporting academics and law practitioners with cutting edge research and practical evaluation.

Oct 05, 2012 SAGE Publications acquires Adam Matthew
SAGE has acquired Adam Matthew Digital and Adam Matthew Education. The acquisition was concluded on 5th October 2012 and was officially announced on Thursday 11th October. There will be no changes to the Adam Matthew team or structure. The business will continue to operate from its offices in Marlborough, Wiltshire and Chicago, Illinois under its existing management team who will continue to maintain all existing customer relationships

Aug 01, 2011 SAGE Publications acquires Learning Matters
SAGE acquired Learning Matters, a leading publisher of market focused books and e-Books for professional and vocational courses in education, social work, nursing, and health. Founded in 1999, Learning Matters is a leading publisher of market focused books and ebooks for professional and vocational courses in education, social work, nursing and health.

2011 SAGE Publications launches Research Methods as its first online resource for research methods

May 2008 SAGE Publications acquires CQ Press
SAGE acquired CQ Press, the book-publishing unit of Washington-based Congressional Quarterly. In May 2008, CQ Press was acquired by SAGE, a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets.

Jun 12, 2006 SAGE Publications acquires Hodder Arnold Journals
SAGE Publications and Hodder Education announce the acquisition by SAGE Publications of Hodder Arnold's journals list, incorporating 33 titles. The Arnold list complements SAGE's existing portfolio of over 400 academic and professional journals and enhances significantly its offering in the medical market.

Jun 2006 Sagebrush spins off Sagebrush Educational Resources as a separate company
Sagebrush reorganizes, separating Sagebrush Educational Resources activities including Sagebrush books and Library Services into a new company.

Jun 2006 Follett Corporation acquires Sagebrush Corporation
Follett Corporation acquires Sagebrush Corporation. The newly formed separate company was not part of the sale.

Mar 2006 Sagebrush Educational Resources acquires Turtleback Books
Sagebrush Educational Resources acquires Turtleback Books from Demco Media.

2006 Kevin Muha and Michael Sisolak acquire Global Village Publishing from its founders

Oct 2005 Sagebrush releases InfoCentre
Sagebrush releases InfoCentre, its next-generation library automation system.

Aug 2004 Goodwin Group International founded by Jennifer Goodwin Schünemann
The Goodwin Group International, LLC works to overcome geographic, technological and linguistic barriers to connect physicians around the world with the state-of-the-art in clinical practice. We work with world renowned institutions such as the American Heart Association, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the European League Against Rheumatic Illness to bring peer-reviewed news from major medical meetings to doctors around the globe.

2004 SAGE Publications discontinues Scolari software division

2004 SAGE Publications appoints Blaise Simqu as Chief Executive Officer

Sep 2001 SAGE Publications acquires Technomic
Sage Publications has acquired 20 journals and seven newsletters from Technomic that cover the fields of environmental sciences, food science and technology, materials science and pharmaceutical sciences.. The Technomic imprint included over 20 engineering journals. Sage Publications has acquired 20 journals and seven newsletters from Technomic that cover the fields of environmental sciences, food science and technology, materials science and pharmaceutical sciences.

2001 SAGE Publications launches SAGE REFERENCE

Jan 2001 Sagebrush partners with Sirsi for Accent
Sagebrush partners with Sirsi to release Accent, a centralized school library automation system based on Unicorn.

Aug 1999 Sagebrush Technologies acquires Winnebago Software Company
Sagebrush Technologies announces it will acquire Winnebago Software Company. Jeb Griffith exits. Sagebrush now employs 600 with $75 million revenue.

1999 SAGE Publications appoints Michael Melody as Chief Executive Officer

1999 Learning Matters founded
Founded in 1999, Learning Matters has become one of the UK’s leading independent academic publishers. We publish books and ebooks for professional and vocational courses studied at universities and colleges.

Sep 1998 Sagebrush acquires Nichols Advanced Technologies
Sagebrush acquires Nichols Advanced Technologies from Bruce Butler.

1998 SAGE Publications acquires Paul Chapman Publishing

1995 SAGE Publications establishes Scolari software division
Scolari software division was created to market several qualitative data analysis products, including NUD.IST, NVivo, SAGE/SAGE Research Methods Database of Social Research Methodology on CD-ROM, Diction, and Decision Explorer.

Jan 01, 1994 Sagebrush acquires Catalog Card Company
Sagebrush acquires 100% of Catalog Card Company from NCS for $2.35 million. Catalog Card Company operates under the name Library Services Company

1992 SAGE Publications establishes Pine Forge Press
Pine Forge Press was launched as a social science textbook imprint for the midlevel undergraduate curriculum.

1990 SAGE Publications launches Corwin
IN 1990, SAGE launched Corwin with a vision to assist administrators and teachers to be more effective in improving student learning and achievement.

1990 IP Publishing Ltd established by John Edmondson
IP Publishing Ltd is an independent company that specializes in the publication of refereed academic and professional journals.

1988 GVPi founced by William H. Donellan

1981 SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd. established in New Delhi

1971 SAGE Publications, Ltd. established in London

1965 SAGE Publications founded by Sara McCune

1945 Nelson Poynter founds Congressional Quarterly