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PO Box 25005
Guelph, Ontario N1G 4T4
Phone: 519-837-8370
Web site:

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

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Executive Leadership

  • Shara Blackmore -- Support and Admin Supervisor
  • Bruce Hawkins -- Development Supervisor
  • Brian Watson -- Founder and President
  • Helena teBokkel Watson -- Human Resources
  • Company Ownership

    Resourcemate is owned by Harris Computer Systems, an operating group of Constellation Software, Inc.

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    News Announcements

    November 16, 2017. ResourceMate is now part of Harris Computer Systems. ResourceMate is now part of Harris Computer Systems, or just ‘Harris’. Harris was founded in 1976, and we started off by providing utility billing solutions to the public sector. We have grown considerably over the years and we are now the 2nd largest software company in Canada, and among the top 100 software companies in the U.S. Harris has over 30,000 customers in over 30 different markets worldwide.

    October 29, 2014. ResourceMate introduces Reading Program Service Lexile Framework for Reading and Accelerated Reader integration into ResourceMate Extended and Premium. Jaywil Software Dev. Inc.’s Instant access to Lexile scores and Accelerated Reader information. There is no need to export data to have it processed. When you add an item the scores are automatically retrieved.

    January 16, 2013. ResourceMate introduces new Family of Products From Lite to Premium, 2,500 items to MS SQL Server, ResourceMate grows while continuing to serve its first niche audience. Jaywil Software Development Inc.’s faster, comprehensive software will make organizing your collection a much simpler task these new features allow customers to catalog any type of resource in any language – from English to Hebrew to Chinese and anything in between. The committed team behind the product and the quality of product at this price point make it unique in the industry.

    January 10, 2009. ResourceMate is a lifesaver for libraries with a limited budget.. Faced with automation possibilities and searching the web for candidates, Janine Walters, Director, The Center Point Public Library in Center Point, Iowa discovered ResourceMate. This testimonial reflects this library's satisfaction with ResourceMate.

    July 10, 2007. ResourceMate brings more capabilities to budget-strapped libraries. Jaywil Software unveiled two new powerful tools for use with their popular library automation software, ResourceMate Library Search and Web Search Inter-Library! These add to the already impressive features and products in the ResourceMate family of library automation.

    September 9, 2004. ResourceMate Smashes 3000 Registered User Mark. 3000 small- to medium-sized libraries worldwide are now registered users of ResourceMate library automation software.

    June 9, 2003. ResourceMate registers 2,000th library. Over 2,000 small- and medium-sized libraries worldwide are automated thanks to ResourceMate from Jaywil Software.

    December 17, 2001. ResourceMate registers 1,000th user. Over 1,000 small- and medium-sized libraries worldwide have chosen to automate using ResourceMate from Jaywil Software.

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