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Dublin, Ohio
United States

Executive Leadership

photo of Ian Downie
Ian Downie
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Gene Shimshock
Gene Shimshock
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Ted  Fons
Ted Fons
Vice President, Technology
photo of Brendan  Pearce
Brendan Pearce
Business Development Director
photo of Nigel Wheeldon
Nigel Wheeldon
Business Development Director

Company Ownership

Patron Point is privately owned.

Documents or articles featuring Patron Point

Breeding, Marshall. Patron Point Launches Online Patron Registration. May 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Patron Point, a firm offering a set of services to help libraries improve their marketing and communications with patrons, introduced a new product for patron self-registration.

Breeding, Marshall. Smarter Libraries Through Technology: Customer Relationship Management. February 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Libraries are beginning to shift their emphasis of technology support systems from a narrow focus on the back rooms of processing collection materials to an expanded view that's more inclusive of the front lines of information services and patron engagement. Library automation systems developed to date have focused primarily on managing and providing access to collections. The integrated library system and the more recent genre of library services platforms have developed very sophisticated functionality for technical services and for circulation of physical materials. Discovery services enable library users to easily find and gain access to patron materials and continue to improve capabilities for digital lending. These systems have not, however, been developed to deliver sophisticated tools to help libraries assess and improve their services to patrons or strengthen engagement. Room remains to extend the scope of the core library automation infrastructure to fill voids unaddressed by traditional models of functionality. These tools adopt the characteristics of products and services available in the business sector for marketing automation and customer relationship management but are tuned to reflect the values and strategies of libraries.

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News Announcements

January 27, 2023. Ocean State Libraries (RI) has chosen Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Ocean State Libraries in Warwick, Rhode Island, has selected its patron engagement platform to support their consortium's marketing efforts. In particular, Ocean State Libraries has identified a priority in streamlining patron registration and membership renewal. The consortium's overarching intention for the platform is to augment the support of its patrons and their communities.

January 25, 2023. Broward County Library (FL) selects Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Broward County Library in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has selected our patron engagement platform to support its mission to provide convenient access to a full range of innovative and cost-effective services that satisfy the changing needs of the people of Broward County for information, education and recreation.

January 24, 2023. Patron Point welcomes Jyssica Solomon into Data Integration Specialist role. Jyssica Solomon has joined Patron Point in the role of Data Integration Specialist. Jyssica joins the Implementation team with a vast background in integrations and project management.

January 20, 2023. Warren County Library (NJ) implements Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Warren County Library in Belvidere, New Jersey, has chosen to utilize our patron engagement platform to support its mission of providing community centers that facilitate learning and collaboration.

January 18, 2023. Patron Point receives Platinum Award again in 2023 Modern Library Awards.. Patron Point announced it has received a Platinum award in LibraryWorks' ninth annual Modern Library Awards. The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. Products and services were submitted in the Fall using a simple application, and then were posted on a private site with an enhanced description and attendant materials. These products were batched into small groups and sent to the LibraryWorks database of more than 80,000 librarians at public, K-12, academic, and special libraries. Only customers with experience with these products/services in their facilities were permitted to judge the products/services, resulting in a truly unbiased score.

January 18, 2023. Franklin Township Public Library (NJ) adopts Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Franklin Township Public Library (FTPL) in Somerset, New Jersey, has chosen to implement its patron engagement platform to support their mission of being a major information and cultural resource for all members of the community. By enhancing library communications, FTPL will be able to make patrons aware of the variety of materials and services available for their educational, professional, and personal needs.

January 13, 2023. Adrian District Library (MI) chooses Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Adrian District Library in Adrian, Michigan, has selected its patron engagement platform to support the Library's strategic plan to take a stronger, more visible role within the community as part of its commitment to meet their community's evolving needs.

January 11, 2023. Ashtabula County District Library (OH) adopts Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Ashtabula County District Library in Ashtabula, Ohio, has adopted our patron engagement platform to support its mission to gather, read, discover, and transform

January 6, 2023. Sno-Isle Libraries (WA) selects Patron Point. Patron Point announced that Sno-Isle Libraries in Marysville, Washington, has selected our patron engagement platform to support its mission to engage and inspire their communities through equitable access to knowledge and resources.

January 4, 2023. The Colony Public Library (TX) chooses Patron Point. Patron Point announced that The Colony Public Library in The Colony, Texas, has chosen our patron engagement platform to support its mission to improve its patrons' quality of life by facilitating their search for informational, educational, and recreational resources and materials.

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Corporate Chronology

Dec 2015 Third Chapter Partners, now doing business as Patron Point, founded by Ted Fons, Gene Shimshock, and Tom Jacobson
Third Chapter Partners was established in 2016 as a new consulting firm offering a diverse set of services to libraries. The firm was founded by Ted Fons, Gene Shimshock, and Tom Jacobson.