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100 West San Fernando Street Suite 530
San Jose, California 95113
United States
Phone: 408-993-2140

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Executive Leadership

photo of Norman Kline
Norman Kline
Chief Executive Officer
photo of John  McIntyre
John McIntyre
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Allison  Abbott-Kline
Allison Abbott-Kline
Vice President Government Relations

Company Ownership

Originally known as CASPR Library Systems, Inc., LibraryWorld is privately owned by its founder Norman Kline.

Personnel employed

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News Announcements

March 16, 2021. LibraryWorld announces new integrated library system called WikiLibrary. WikiLibrary Basic is available immediately: designed for smaller libraries requiring professional features found in larger systems. It's easy to use and packed with powerful features that make managing a collection simple and fun. A standard and premium level will be available later this year for most standard size libraries.

November 14, 2013. LibraryWorld Introduces a New Two Tier Pricing Model. LibraryWorld will be announcing a new two tier pricing model. The new Standard service is the result of hundreds of requests to provide a small basic service for a variety of environments including: school classrooms, professional office centers, and academic collections. The new free ‘Standard' service will be available with limited storage and be supported by online ads. The new Standard service will include a limit of 500 records per library and restrict sharing of book jacket images and permissions. But generally, all management and OPAC features will be available to this free ‘Ad' supported service.

January 27, 2010. LibraryWorld allows Librarians to customize. LibraryWorld, a leading Web-based library and collection management system, has expanded user options for customizing catalog reports, patron lists, and overdue letter reports. These enhancements are immediately available to new customers and the more than 2,000 libraries who manage their collections using LibraryWorld’s secure online portal.

October 24, 2007. Version 2.0 Shown at AASL in Reno, Nevada. LibraryWorld Version 2 was announced which adds book jacket covers, reserves, global changes, and a powerful new search engine to the already robust online service. Now hosting more than 1,000 libraries worldwide, LibraryWorld users can share and update book jackets in their personal libraries. Version 2.0 is scheduled for release at the end of 2007. All current users will automatically be upgraded to the new release as part of their normal subscription service.

August 8, 2007. LibraryWorld standard service now provides up to 100 megabytes of storage. The LibraryWorld Standard Service, priced at $365 per library per year, had been upgraded to include 100 megabytes of storage. The standard service contains all the modules in the system, including: cataloging, patron management, circulation, reports, inventory, serials tracking, permissions and settings. The standard storage of 100 megabytes is equivalent to approximately 50,000 catalog records. Additional storage can be purchased to handle larger collections.

June 20, 2007. LibraryWorld Hits 700, Scanners and Hint at new Fall Release. The, service now has about 700 active libraries. This means 700 libraries paying the annual subscription service fee. Many other libraries use the trial version without cost.

May 10, 2007. MARC Database Updated. The internal MARC database within LibraryWorld has been updated to include Library of Congress records cataloged in 2005 and 2006. Overall, the database includes nearly 3 million records licensed from the Library of Congress for use in The company we will be implementing a Z39.50 protocol that will allow searching and pulling into your collection records from a large number of internet connected libraries.

March 7, 2007. passes 500 mark. LibraryWorld, Inc. announced that its Web library hosting service just passed the 500 mark within the first full year of service. Over 500 libraries now use the Web site to automate with no need for expensive hardware, software or networking nightmares. LibraryWorld provides a breakthrough technology and pioneering approach to automating libraries.

January 24, 2007. Checkout by Patron Name. In the LibraryWorld circulation module, items can now be checked out to a patron by using the patron's name as well as the patron's number. When in checkout mode, enter the patron's number or enter the patron's last name. If there are multiple patrons with the last name, a list will appear to choose the correct full name.

January 14, 2007. Direct OPAC Access. The Online Patron Catalog module has replaced the standard search only module within the LibraryWorld navigation panel. This allows you to quickly view exactly what patrons see when searching the library. After entering a library, you are now placed in the catalog module by default. Former library home page elements for news, links and subscription information have been moved to the default catalog page display.

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Corporate Chronology

Mar 16, 2021 LibraryWorld announces new WikiLibrary integrated library system
WikiLibrary Basic is available immediately: designed for smaller libraries requiring professional features found in larger systems.It's easy to use and packed with powerful features that make managing a collection simple and fun. A standard and premium level will be available later this year for most standard size libraries.

Jun 2007 CASPR changes business name to LibraryWorld
CASPR Library Systems, Inc., began operating as LibraryWorld in January 2007, adopting the brand of its line of flagship library automation products.

May 15, 2000 CASPR launches new service
Librarians can access the Web site, register, create a library, enter catalog records, patron records and start circulating. The service is sold on a per-concurrent seat basis with the first seat being free. Additional seats can be purchased for as little as $50.00 per seat. Provided as a service, there's no hardware, software or networks to buy or maintain. is accessible from any location on the Internet using standard Web browsers.

Jun 1997 CASPR Library Systems acquires Columbia Library System from McGraw-Hill School Systems
CASPR Library Systems acquired the library automation products and services of McGraw-Hill School Systems, including the Columbia Library System (CLS). CASPR will provide technical support services and will work with customers to support and improve the CLS program while providing a migration path to CASPR's LibraryWorld '97 Windows product.

Jun 09, 1996 CASPR announces LibraryNet
CASPR announced the LibraryNet, a complete online patron access catalog (OPAC) server written to allow all standard WEB browsers to search libraries. LibraryNet is a multi-user server application that supports web browsers in searching a library collection over an internal Intranet or the Internet. Now school, business, higher education and public libraries have an easy, inexpensive and powerful means for publishing their collections through the Web.

Jun 23, 1995 CASPR announces LibraryWorld
CASPR announced LibraryWorld as the first groupware library automation program for libraries. With this innovative program, libraries of all sizes have the ability to store, access, and share information in a variety of ways. LibraryWorld combines traditional library automation features, such as MARC cataloging, circulation, acquisitions, serials, and patron access, with digital document storage and retrieval, bulletin boards, email, online access, and CD-ROM databases --all in one affordable and comprehensive package. LibraryWorld is compatible with computers running Apple's Macintosh or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Aug 1993 CASPR announces LibraryWorks for Windows
CASPR, Inc., has announced a Windows version of its integrated library management software, LibraryWorks. The system represents a cross-platform option in the sense that users can now run the software on either PCs with Windows or Macintoshes; or it can mix and match Macintosh and Windows-based computers on a single network in a client/server environment.

1992 CASPR Introduces LibraryDisc
CASPR Introduces LibraryDisc enabling libraries to search their own collection plus available databases on CD-ROM.

1991 LibraryWorks developed as a cross-platform ILS for Macintosh and Windows

1988 Mac Library System introduced
Norman Kline developed the Mac Library System (MLS) that ran on Macintosh computers providing general automation for school, special, public and academic libraries.

1986 CASPR introduces MacCards to produce catalog cards and book labels

1985 CASPR Library Systems founded by Norman Kline
CASPR was started by Norman Kline in 1985 to develop information programs for Macintosh computers. Apple Computer Inc, was CASPR's first customer and together developed the first commercial integrated library program for the Macintosh, called the Mac Library System (MLS).

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 LibraryWorld Accomplishments Narrative has successfully been positioned in the market as a low cost alternative for solo librarians who need professional library automation features at a price that smaller organizations can afford. continues to the be a premium full featured service and has just completed a complete redesign of the user interface, offering an enhanced user experience for both professional staff and library patrons.

Both service provide excellent solutions to a wide variety of libraries, including schools, academic, public and special libraries.

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