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8016 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, 27612
United States
Phone: 919-782-1143

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Executive Leadership

photo of Kay Holloman
Kay Holloman
Chief Executive Officer
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Dave Holloman
photo of James Burts
James Burts
Executive Vice President

Company Ownership

Keystone Systems is privately owned by its founders

Personnel employed

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Keystone Systems, Inc. 20085522216
Keystone Systems, Inc. 20075422216
Keystone Systems, Inc. 20064521113
Keystone Systems, Inc. 2005671114
Keystone Systems, Inc. 200413
Keystone Systems, Inc. 200312
Keystone Systems, Inc. 2002552112

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News Announcements

January 2001. Illinois libraries converted to a statewide KLAS network. Keystone Systems announced that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed at the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service and its six sub-regional libraries throughout the State of Illinois. The cooperation among the regional and sub-regional libraries involves less duplication of effort, allowing the sub-regional libraries to concentrate on serving the patrons more effectively.

January 2001. Keystone integrates library automation with warehouse materials management. Keystone Systems, Inc. is announced that it has successfully integrated its KLAS (Keystone Library Automation System) software with a state-of-the-art computer-controlled warehouse storage and retrieval system manufactured by Diamond Phoenix. The KLAS Carousel Storage interface allows quick, easy and accurate pulling of materials for library patrons. It also speeds the return to storage when items are checked back in. The first library to implement this interface was the New Mexico Talking Book Library in Santa Fe, NM.

August 2000. Palm Beach County Public Library System Chooses KLAS for Talking Books. Keystone Systems announced that the Palm Beach County Library System has selected KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, for their Talking Books Library.

August 2000. Karen L. Odean to receive Alexander J. Skrzypek award from ILA. Karen L. Odean, Director of the Talking Book Center of Northwest Illinois, was recently selected as the 2000 recipient of the Alexander J. Skrzypek Award.

April, 2000. Broward County Talking Book Library converts to KLAS!. Keystone Systems announced that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed in the Broward County Talking Book Library, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

September 1999. Florida Network of Talking Book Libraries featured in the NLS Quarterly. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) Quarterly Newsletter has published a very informative and complimentary article about the Florida network of talking book libraries. This cover story reports how the various participating libraries use the system to improve patron services.

September 1999. Oklahoma Library converts to KLAS in Record Time!. Keystone Systems announces that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed at the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

June 14, 1999. Lee County Talking Book Library Outsources KLAS Operations. Keystone Systems announced that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed at the Lee County Talking Book Library (LCTBL) as the new library automation system.

June 1, 1999. Indiana Educational Resource Center (IERC) implements KLAS from Keystone Systems. Keystone Systems, a leading producer of library automation systems, is proud to announce that KLAS, the Keystone Library Automation System, has been installed at the Indiana Educational Resource Center (IERC) at the Indiana School for the Blind in Indianapolis, Indiana. The IERC converted to KLAS version 5.7 from an extremely complex manual card catalogue system. Staff uses the existing desktop LAN workstations to connect to KLAS. The KLAS modules installed are Catalogue Management, Circulation Control, Holdings Management, Equipment Services, and Patron Services with the enhanced Patron Order Processing function.

May 5, 1999. Virginia Division for the Visually Handicapped Library and Resource Center joins the KLAS Family. The Virginia Division for the Visually Handicapped Library and Resource Center (LRC) installed KLAS version 5.7. The LRC circulates books, materials and equipment to all eligible visually handicapped school children throughout the state. They also provide services to adult patrons in the statewide low-vision program.

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Corporate Chronology

1983 Keystone Systems, Inc. founded

Annual Accomplishments Statements

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2023 Keystone Systems, Inc. Accomplishments Narrative

The 2023 KLAS Usersí Conference held at the Tennessee School for the Blind in Nashville was a return to in-person training, networking, and collaboration, but for the first time it offered a hybrid option! This format was tricky to run, but with the hard work of Keystone staff and the KLAS Usersí Group Programming and Logistics committees we aimed to achieve a balance of in-person exclusives such as hands-on training sessions each morning, and online value by ensuring front-line and specialist staff could attend only those sessions relevant to them and offering libraries unable to travel for conferences a chance to still benefit from the conference while providing the accessibility for all attendees.

Additionally, Keystone staff attended other professional conferences, including the National Library for the Blind and Print Disabled regional conferences and the American Printing House for the Blind Annual Meeting, in an effort to keep up-to-date on our customerís needs and requirements. These events provide another opportunity for our staff connect with our users, and for us to learn about the challenges and opportunities our customers are facing.

Outside of these events, we continued to providing user training throughout the year. This included the release of two new User Training Manuals: the Reader Adviser Manual, and the Transfers Manual, and hosting webinars such as: Preparing for e-Braille Circulation and an open-forum Q&A with Keystone Support Staff.

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