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InfoVision Software, Inc.

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3830 Valley Centre Drive Suite 705-703
San Diego, California 92130
United States
Phone: 858-243-1481

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Bruce Elliott
Bruce Elliott
President and Chief Executive Officer

Company Ownership

Infovision Software, Inc. is owned by its founder Bruce Elliot

Personnel employed

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Breeding, Marshall. Evolve ILS Launched by InfoVision Software Following OCLC Acquisition of Amlib. September 2010. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a time when itís rare to for a new product to enter the library automation market, InfoVision Software has quietly launched the Evolve Library Management System. This product targets public, school, and special libraries and will initially be marketed in the United States.

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Corporate Chronology

Jun 2009 InfoVision Software begins development of Evolve Library Management System

Jan 2004 InfoVision Software assumes role to distribute Amlib in North America

2002 InfoVision Software founded by Bruce Elliott

Annual Accomplishments Statements

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We have developed an integrated program management and marketing application that runs on both Apple and Android devices. [View Narrative for 2018] [View Narrative for 2015] [View Narrative for 2014] [View Narrative for 2012] [View Narrative for 2011] [View Narrative for 2010] [View Narrative for 2005]