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One Boston Place Suite 2600
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
United States
Phone: 617-939-9623
Web site:

Executive Leadership

photo of Lynn Bailey
Lynn Bailey
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Sebastian Hammer
Sebastian Hammer
Co-founder and President
photo of Adam Dickmeiss
Adam Dickmeiss
Chief Technical Architect

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Index Data is privately owned.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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Documents or articles featuring Index Data

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Supports New Open Source Project in Partnership with Kuali OLE. May 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A new initiative has launched to create an open source library services platform for academic libraries. EBSCO Information Services conceived the project and will provide substantial funding. A community of developers comprising commercial and library organizations will create the software. Kuali OLE, previously working to create its own open source library resource management system, will make a transition to participate in this new initiative rather than complete its own software. Many details of the new project, including the nature of Kuali OLE's involvement, are not yet finalized. The resources currently lining up behind this initiative provide the potential for the rapid development generally consistent with the plans for Kuali OLE. Participants characterize this new project as not as a setback, but as an acceleration of the availability of an open source library services platform for academic libraries.

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News Announcements

August 3, 2022. CAVAL becomes the first in Australia to implement FOLIO as its new Library Management Platform. CAVAL will be the first in Australia to implement FOLIO - Future of Libraries is Open – as its new Library Management Platform hosted by Index Data. CAVAL's previous Library Management System had served it well in the last 20 years, however, the changing times and its new strategic direction called for a fresh outlook.

January 19, 2022. Spokane (Washington) Public Library Adopts the FOLIO Platform. Spokane (Washington) Public Library became the first public library in North America to use the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The library uses Index Data to host and support the open source platform for its six branches and community of 210,000 residents. Averaging over two million circulations per year, it is among the largest installations of FOLIO to date.

September 24, 2021. CU Boulder partners with Index Data on data migration for FOLIO. A project to employ an open source Libraries Services Platform (LSP) to manage materials and resources at the University Libraries and the William A. Wise Law Library reached a significant milestone in August when preparation for transferring data between the old system and the new began. Index Data, a software and services company specializing in creating and providing services for innovative products and tools for the library ecosystem, is managing this transfer of data from the legacy system to the FOLIO LSP.

September 19, 2021. PALCI and ConnectNY libraries now live on ReShare hosted by Index Data. Earlier this month, library patrons of both the PALCI consortium and ConnectNY started using ReShare Shared Inventory and ReShare Returnables to request the delivery of books between campuses. PALCI was the first consortium to go live and use these next-generation apps to expedite the movement of items between libraries—effectively broadening the base of knowledge available to these students, faculty, and staff. Index Data is providing hosting and implementation support for both the PALCI and ConnectNY ReShare installations.

February 11, 2021. PALCI and ConnectNY partner with Index Data to adopt ReShare. Index Data is pleased to announce that the PALCI consortium and ConnectNY (CNY) will adopt ReShare to support their consortial resource sharing programs. The two consortia, both planning to go live this summer, will partner with Index Data for implementation, hosting, and support services.

January 20, 2021. ConnectNY Selects Index Data as Service Provider for ReShare. ConnectNY, a consortium of independent academic institutions in New York State, and Index Data, a software and services company specializing in creating innovative tools for libraries, are pleased to announce that CNY has selected Index Data as the service provider for ReShare.

September 1, 2020. Spokane Public Library partners with Index Data to adopt FOLIO. Spokane Public Library announced that it has chosen to partner with Index Data to help the Library adopt FOLIO. The Library aims to go live on FOLIO in the first half of 2021.

June 18, 2020. Simmons University Library Goes Live with FOLIO. The Simmons University Library went live with the Open Source Library Services Platform FOLIO on Monday, June 15, 2020. As part of the Fenway Library Organization (FLO), Simmons implemented FOLIO in collaboration with the FLO staff as well as its hosting partner Index Data. It is using VuFind, the open source library resource portal, as its public-facing catalog user interface. This is the first implementation of VuFind as a public interface to FOLIO, and it includes full integration with patron empowerment functionality.

January 22, 2020. Duke University Libraries selects Index Data as its implementation and hosting partner for FOLIO. The Duke University Libraries (Duke) has selected Index Data as its implementation and hosting partner for its adoption of the FOLIO Library Services Platform, planned for Summer 2020. Duke plans to initially implement ERM functionality in FOLIO to be followed in 2021 with a full implementation.

October 2, 2019. Lehigh University selects Index Data for FOLIO services and hosting. The Lehigh University Library has selected Index Dataas its hosting and support vendor for its adoption of the FOLIO Library Services Platform,planned for Summer 2020. The library’s technical staff at Lehigh will manage the FOLIOinstall in Index Data’s cloud environment with secondary support from Index Data.

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Corporate Chronology

Aug 1994 Index Data Co-founded by Sebastian Hammer and Adam Dickmeiss

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2021 Index Data Accomplishments Narrative

2021 was an important year in our journey to establish ourselves as a FOLIO service provider. We brought major academic libraries online, in addition to the first US public library. Perhaps the most exciting development in 2021 was Project ReShare launching operationally with two consortia going live during the year, and more on the way. Project ReShare is based on the FOLIO platform so the two projects and communities complement each other well. 2021 also saw libraries going online with the Library Data Platform, an open-source analytics tool designed not only to meet the reporting needs of FOLIO, but offered as candidate for a true community-owned model for reporting and analytics in libraries. We also contributed to the formation of the Controlled Digital Lending Implementers group, in the hope of fostering greater uptake of this key practice in libraries.