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1391 Corporate Drive
McHenry, Illinois 60050-7041
United States
Phone: 815-344-8700
Web site:

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Executive Leadership

photo of Todd Litzsinger
Todd Litzsinger
President and Chairman, Board of Directors
photo of Clay Wahl
Clay Wahl
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Bill  Mickow
Bill Mickow
Chief Information Officer
photo of Mark  Sproat
Mark Sproat
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
photo of Britten  Follett
Britten Follett
Executive Vice President, Follett School Solutions
photo of Amandeep  Kochar
Amandeep Kochar
Executive Vice President, Baker & Taylor
photo of Roe J.  McFarlane
Roe J. McFarlane
President of Follett Higher Education
photo of Jennifer  Hatton
Jennifer Hatton
Executive Vice President of Retail Operations
photo of Rick  Ellspermann
Rick Ellspermann
Executive Vice President Human Resources

Company Ownership

Follett is owned by the family of Charles W. Follett

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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Follett 20191561993351410541758
Follett 20181561993351410541758
Follett 2017169210360117321482
Follett 2016115173385376971407
Follett 2015124137302727591394
Follett 2014134135347816621359
Follett 2013120164521015361
Follett 2012781518131341
Follett 2011871438649365
Follett 20108915510856408
Follett 2009591611082240390
Follett 20088115511254402
Follett 20075818111550404
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Follett 2005457272947245
Follett 200250987543266

Documents or articles featuring Follett

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Corporation Makes New Leadership Appointments. October 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett Corporation, one of the largest companies providing products and services to libraries and educational institutions, has made new appointments in key executive positions. These changes apply to senior executive positions within the context of ongoing top-level leadership with Patrick Connolly as President and Chief Executive Officer and Todd Litzsinger as the chair of the board of directors.

Breeding, Marshall. Baker & Taylor Exits Services for Retail Bookstores. July 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a major shift in the retail bookseller market, Follett-owned Baker & Taylor announced that it will phase out its operations as a wholesale distributor for bookstores. The company will instead strengthen its operations related to providing books and other content to public libraries. This change is consistent with the business focus of its parent company, Follett, on libraries and educational institutions. This move will provide opportunities for large distributors such as Ingram Content Group, the other major competitor in the retail book distribution sector, as well as for smaller companies.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Acquires NextTier Education. January 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a move that strengthens its position in the educational technology sector, Follett has acquired Chicago-based NextTier Education, a relatively new startup offering a platform designed to help students apply for post-secondary education programs. This acquisition builds on a previous arrangement announced in May 2018, where Follett became the exclusive distributor of NextTier Education products to domestic and international institutions.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Acquires Fishtree. August 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett Corporation, in a move that strengthens its position in educational technology for the classroom, has acquired Fishtree and its adaptive learning platform. Fishtree is a relatively new company in the rapidly expanding sector of educational technology platforms for online learning and markets its platform to K-12 schools and districts, higher educational institutions, and the corporate sector. Fishtree distinguishes its products from other players in the increasingly crowded educational technology sector through incorporating machine learning to curate and align all resources and deliver personalized experiences for every student, while reducing the time required for teachers to prepare and deliver courses. The Fishtree platform has some characteristics of a learning management system, but it is an adaptive learning platform powered by machine learning, social tools, and analytics and comes pre-populated with a large repository of educational resources.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Expands to Dubai. February 2017. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett has expanded its international efforts through opening a new office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The office reflects the company's interest in strengthening its business interests in the Middle East region. The Follett International group includes 35 associates, with 8 in the Middle East region. In addition to this new office, Follett has local support in Africa, Asia, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, Canada, Mexico / Central America, and South America / Caribbean.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Corporation Acquires Baker & Taylor. June 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett Corporation, one of the major companies providing products and services to schools and higher educational institutions, has taken its largest expansion step of with the acquisition of Baker & Taylor, one of the oldest and largest providers of content to libraries. This move not only further diversifies Follett's product and services portfolio, but it also extends its presence internationally. Previously almost all of Follett's business has been in the US With customers in more than 120 countries, Baker & Taylor has considerable international reach. This move means more involvement by Follett with public libraries, expanding beyond its previous focus on schools and academic campuses. According to the press announcement, this acquisition increases Follett's annual revenue from $2.6 billion to $3.6 billion.

Breeding, Marshall. Tech Trends and Challenges for K-12 School Libraries. September 2013. Computers in Libraries. Though all libraries share some core objectives, each type of library has a distinct set of issues that shapes the nature of its collections and services, which, in turn, brings different requirements to its technology environment. In the most basic terms, academic libraries focus on the management and access to scholarly materials, public libraries foster engagement with their communities through vigorous circulation of collections of broad popular interest, and special libraries have gravitated into the realm of enterprise knowledge management. Likewise, school libraries have their own distinct concerns, which are closely tied to the support of learning and the provision of resources selected for the levels of students served. The distinctive role of school libraries has fostered the development of a variety of specialized technology products. At the same time, school libraries can benefit from close collaboration with other libraries in their communities. This month's Systems librarian column explores some of the trends underway in the school library arena, including a few interesting partnerships that have emerged to strengthen their capacity to serve their students.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Unifies its School Library Business. August 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett Corporation announced its plans to further consolidate its businesses involved in products and services for the K-12 school library arena. Currently, several separate companies, each acting as wholly owned subsidiaries of Follett Corporation, offer a distinct set of products.

Breeding, Marshall. Follett Releases Destiny 11.0. May 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Follett School and Library Group released Destiny 11.0, the latest version of its automation product designed primarily for the K-12 school library arena. Originally created in 2003, Follett has maintained a pace of delivering major updates to Destiny annually.

Breeding, Marshall. Sagebrush sold to Follett Software Company. September 2006. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Sagebrush Corporation has sold its library-automation division to longtime rival Follett Corporation, a move that consolidates the two largest K–12 library-automation software suppliers. This acquisition creates an organization that holds a stronger position than has ever existed in the library-automation arena. Now combined, the vendors provide automation software to up to 60 percent of K–12 libraries. The two companies closed the transaction on July 25, 2006; the terms of the sale were not made public.

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News Announcements

February 16, 2021. Remembering David Cully (1952-2021). David Cully, 68, died Sunday (Feb. 14) following a battle with cancer. Cully joined Baker & Taylor, a Follett company, in 2008 and served in several leadership roles before being named President of the business in 2017. Mr. Cully retired from Baker & Taylor in August 2019. He previously held various chief executive and executive president positions at Barnes & Noble, Simon & Schuster, Putnam Berkley Publishing Group and Waldenbooks.

November 21, 2020. Follett Book eFairs enhance shipping options to include students homes. Follett Book eFairs continue to grow in popularity due to their streamlined setup and the ease with which coordinators can carry them out. Yet another convenient feature was added today when Follett announced it will ship online book fair orders directly to students' homes. Online book fair coordinators can now choose to have books shipped to either the school or students' home -- a convenience that Britten Follett knows will be met with applause from educators as well as elementary and middle school students and their families.

November 17, 2020. Follett Adapts SIS to Help Districts During Distance Learning. As the COVID-19 pandemic calls upon many schools and districts to continue distance learning, Follett has responded to educators' needs by adding new convenient features to its student information system, which serves more than two million students throughout the United States and Canada.

October 28, 2020. Baker & Taylor returns as full-service vendor to academic libraries. Baker & Taylor, the world's largest distributor of physical and digital books and entertainment, announced it is once again a full-service vendor to academic libraries. A Follett company, Baker & Taylor will be serving academic libraries worldwide with the widest range of library products and services to institutions, as well as the most comprehensive range and deepest inventory of books, movies, and music for colleges and universities.

September 30, 2020. New Follett Tags a valuable Search-and-Find resource for educators. Shannon McClintock Miller knows first-hand the time she and her teacher-librarian peers can spend searching for standards-aligned resources and high-quality content – time that could better be spent with students. Created by teachers for teachers, Follett is introducing Follett Tags, unique curriculum tags designed to help teachers and librarians quickly find the best quality educational materials relevant to instruction.

September 15, 2020. California’s Ed Tech JPA Consortium Contracts With Follett to Streamline Procurement of Aspen Student Information System. California's Ed Tech Joint Powers Authority has contracted with Follett to provide streamlined procurement of Follett Aspen Student Information System (SIS). Ed Tech JPA provides all California educational agencies with the opportunity to leverage competitively-priced digital technology contracts, while saving time and ensuring that data privacy and public procurement laws are followed.

August 27, 2020. Follett Online Book Fairs a Convenient Option to Keep Kids Reading. Whether the 2020-21 school year is starting in the classroom or remotely, Follett is ensuring elementary and middle school students won't be missing out on one of their favorite back-to-school traditions: the book fair. With Follett Book eFairs, events can be held 100 percent virtually with schools choosing the dates that work best for them, students are empowered to select the books they wish to read, and families are afforded the opportunity to conveniently purchase books online.

August 13, 2020. Follett's new Destiny release features new apps for in-school or remote use. With this week's release of Destiny 18.0, Follett announced it is unveiling brand-new apps that have been designed from the ground up to bring an easy-to-use, personalized experience to school library patrons using mobile devices. The apps will conveniently facilitate the use of library materials whether students are learning in school or remotely

July 21, 2020. Britten Follett Named to EBMA Board of Directors. Britten Follett, who leads Follett's PreK-12 business, has been named to the Educational Book & Media Association's (EBMA) board of directors. The Warrenton, Va.-based not-for-profit association is committed to developing better techniques and procedures for the sales, marketing, and distribution of print books and related media in the school and library markets.

July 1, 2020. Follett Partners with Nonprofits to Promote Summer Reading. Two not-for-profit organizations serving young students from low-income families have partnered with Follett and its online book fairs to keep kids reading to help counter the “summer slide,” which is expected to have greater impact this year when combined with the COVID-19 school closures.

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Corporate Chronology

Nov 2012 Mary Lee Schneider elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Follett Corporation
Schneider is an 11-year veteran on the Follett Board of Directors. She is widely recognized as a digital innovator and a visionary leader – a result of her extensive experience in digital publishing and leadership positions. Schneider comes to Follett from Chicago-based RR Donnelley, where she recently was President, Digital Solutions and Chief Technology Officer. [From company Web page]

Oct 04, 2010 Follett Software Company acquires X2 Development Corporation
Follett Software Company announced that it has acquired X2 Development Corporation, a leading Student Information System provider for K-12 school districts in the United States and abroad. The acquisition includes the Aspen Student Information System, a popular Web-based solution that simplifies school district data management through the integration of key K-12 applications. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Jul 27, 2006 Follett Software Company acquires library automation division of Sagebrush Corporation
Follett Software Company purchased the automation division of Sagebrush Corporation, taking ownership of its line of products including InfoCentre, Winnebago Spectrum, Athena, and Accent. The sale does not include the former Sagebrush Corporations business activities related to book publishing, library services, and the Viewpoint product.

Aug 1999 Sagebrush Technologies acquires Winnebago Software Company
Sagebrush Technologies announces it will acquire Winnebago Software Company. Jeb Griffith exits. Sagebrush now employs 600 with $75 million revenue.

Sep 1998 Sagebrush acquires Nichols Advanced Technologies
Sagebrush acquires Nichols Advanced Technologies from Bruce Butler.

Jan 01, 1998 Thomas J. Schenck named president of Follett Software Company.
Thomas J. Schenck named president of Follett Software Company.

Jan 01, 1994 Sagebrush acquires Catalog Card Company
Sagebrush acquires 100% of Catalog Card Company from NCS for $2.35 million. Catalog Card Company operates under the name Library Services Company

Jan 01, 1984 Follett acquires Library Software Company
Follett acquires Library Software Company from Bob Skapura and Joe Ward

Destiny Satisfaction Ratings

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Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2020 Follett Accomplishments Narrative

This year we released a brand-new Destiny Discover App to IOS and Android platforms. This app allows a student to interface with all their Follett Digital content. The App also allows them to see and interact with all their print books in their library as well. In this time of COVID, this allows the student to interface with their content regardless of whether they can enter the library.

This year we brought many new features to the Destiny Discover website. We allowed our librarians to customize the content they show to their patrons. Also gave them the ability to share their content out to the Learning Management system through LTI Thin Common Cartridge. Finally, we gave the librarians the ability to reach their students even when they couldn’t see them in person. This was accomplished by allowing them to post videos and pictures to the homepage.

Finally, when it comes to Destiny Back office, we gave the Districts the ability to Quarantine their print material when it returned from being checked out. We continue to strive to make sure librarians have the tools to be relevant in this ever-changing world.

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