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10 Estes Street
Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938
United States

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FOLIO -- EBSCO Information Services
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Executive Leadership

photo of Tim Collins
Tim Collins
President and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks
Executive Vice President – Marketing, Sales, Publisher Relations and Strategic Partnerships
photo of Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President
photo of Allen Powell
Allen Powell
President, EBSCO Subscription Services Division
photo of Gar Sydnor
Gar Sydnor
Executive Vice President, FOLIO and Research SaaS
photo of Patty Carroll
Patty Carroll
Executive Vice President of Human Resources
photo of Kim Gibbons
Kim Gibbons
Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
photo of Betsy Jones
Betsy Jones
Executive Vice President, EBSCO Clinical Decisions
photo of Tamir Borensztajn
Tamir Borensztajn
Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Communications
photo of Sara Earley
Sara Earley
Senior Vice President, Research Databases
photo of Michael Laddin
Michael Laddin
Senior Vice President, Product Management, Proprietary Products
photo of Darby Kopp
Darby Kopp
Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Planning
photo of Neil Block
Neil Block
Vice President of Open Source Innovation
photo of Kathleen McEvoy
Kathleen McEvoy
Vice President of Communications
photo of Jennifer Pothier
Jennifer Pothier
Senior Vice President Marketing
photo of Kristin Delwo
Kristin Delwo
General Manager, Stacks Library Services
photo of Oliver Pesch
Oliver Pesch
Chief Product Strategist
photo of Scott Bernier
Scott Bernier
Senior Vice President of Library Relations
photo of Sid McNeal
Sid McNeal
Senior Vice President

Company Ownership

EBSCO is privately owned by the J.T. Stevenson family.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions for EBSCO Information Services

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

EBSCO Information Services 20225631223532766882002
EBSCO Information Services 20215621133353046841998
EBSCO Information Services 20205883656815296942857

Documents or articles featuring EBSCO Information Services

Breeding, Marshall. GALILEO selects EBSCO FOLIO with support from EBSCO Information Services. April 2023. Library Technology Newsletter. Following an extensive procurement process, GALILEO has selected EBSCO FOLIOopens new tab and ReShare supported by EBSCO Information Servicesopens new tab for the shared system supporting the 26 institutions of the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Archives to replace its current Ex Libris Alma implementation. This announcement marks the only large-scale implementation of Alma to migrate to another platform. It further reinforces the momentum gained by EBSCO FOLIO in the last year, following its selection by the Library of Congress and the MOBIUS consortium.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO and Novelist use BIBFRAME to facilitate discoverability. May 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. NoveList, a division of EBSCO Information Servicesopens new tab, offers its Linked Library Service, leveraging linked data to enable multiple paths for making libraries and their collections more visible on the web. The Linked Library Service is based on technologies and linked data infrastructure developed and deployed by Zepheira, a company it acquired in 2020. The Linked Library Service is based on the Library.Link network that brings together a variety of linked data resources. Libraries that subscribe to the service export their collection as represented in MARC records, which are then transformed into BIBFRAME and merged into the network.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Information Services Launches New Search Service. March 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. EBSCO launched a new search service designed as a starting point for research, emphasizing convenient access to open access materials. EBSCO Essentials is available to anyone regardless of affiliation. It provides a search tool for the general public that guides them to the full text of authoritative resources published as open access. The service also serves as a channel toward library-provided resources. Search results also list citations for resources restricted to subscribers. To gain access to these restricted resources, visitors can search for and connect through their library, using their library-assigned sign-in credentials.

. EBSCO Information Services acquires leading library and research web platform, Stacks Inc.. February 7, 2019. . EBSCO Information Services announced the acquisition of Stacks Inc., a leading library and research web platform. EBSCO partnered with the company in 2016 to release Stacks, a hosted content management system for libraries. This acquisition reinforces EBSCO’s commitment to providing library patrons with the best possible search experience and deep integration of resources.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Supports New Open Source Project in Partnership with Kuali OLE. May 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A new initiative has launched to create an open source library services platform for academic libraries. EBSCO Information Services conceived the project and will provide substantial funding. A community of developers comprising commercial and library organizations will create the software. Kuali OLE, previously working to create its own open source library resource management system, will make a transition to participate in this new initiative rather than complete its own software. Many details of the new project, including the nature of Kuali OLE's involvement, are not yet finalized. The resources currently lining up behind this initiative provide the potential for the rapid development generally consistent with the plans for Kuali OLE. Participants characterize this new project as not as a setback, but as an acceleration of the availability of an open source library services platform for academic libraries.

. EBSCO Publishing and EBSCO Information Services merge. May 22, 2013. . EBSCO Industries, Inc. announces the EBSCO Information Services and EBSCO Publishing businesses will merge on July 1, 2013 and will operate as a single business under the name EBSCO Information Services. Tim Collins, a 26-year EBSCO veteran and previously President of EBSCO Publishing, will serve as President of the combined entity.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Discovery Service Extends Options through New Partnerships. August 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In recent weeks, EBSCO has announced a number of partnerships that potentially extend the reach of EBSCO Discovery Service. This product has become well established as one of the major indexbased library resource discovery services, along with Summon from Serials Solutions, Primo and Primo Central from Ex Libris, and OCLC's WorldCat Local. These products compete vigorously to offer the broadest coverage of the resources in library collections, the strongest features for search and retrieval, and for the most flexibility and interoperability with other applications within a library's technical infrastructure.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Releases EBSCO Discovery Service API. July 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. EBSCO Publishing has improved the extensibility and interoperability of its EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) through the release of a new Application Programming Interface, or API, compatible with current technology practices and with popular discovery interfaces such as VuFind. This move brings EDS, which already competed well on the power of its search technology and the breadth of its index, into an even stronger position relative to other discovery services, such as Summon and Primo Central, which have previously released APIs.

. New EBSCO Discovery Service API makes it easier for libraries to create a custom discovery solution. June 5, 2012. . EBSCO Publishing continues its commitment to performance and stability with the release of EBSCO Discovery Service API, representing the new standard for comprehensive content and an array of intricate software features and functionality. EBSCO Discovery Service API enables libraries to use their own portals or website applications for a discovery user interface while making the most of their discovery solution by connecting researchers to the superior content and enhanced search features available from EBSCO Discovery Service.

Breeding, Marshall. EBSCO Consolidates its Platforms. March 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. EBSCO has announced that it will begin merging all of these services into the EBSCO Discovery Services. The consolidation of these tools will not only provide opportunities for more seamless behind-the-scenes integration of the linking and discovery environments, but it will also allow libraries to manage both product families through a single administrative tool.

. EBSCO Discovery Service integrating EBSCO A-to-Z and LinkSource. January 20, 2012. . EBSCO Discovery Service is set to benefit from the formal merging of EBSCO A-to-Z and LinkSource into EBSCO’s overall discovery solution. The two resources, which are relied upon by thousands of universities and other institutions around the globe, will become an integrated part of EBSCO Discovery Service. The EDS technology and service teams will work to provide additional value for EDS customers via a seamless integration of the services with EBSCO Discovery Service.

. EBSCO Publishing and The H.W. Wilson Company make joint announcement of merger agreement. June 2, 2011. . EBSCO Publishing and The H.W. Wilson Company have merged in what is being viewed by the companies as an ideal match. This combination of organizations will allow the strengths of each to benefit existing and forthcoming products and services. Libraries using products from either company will benefit as improvements are made to the respective resources. The Wilson controlled vocabularies will be integrated into EBSCO’s controlled vocabularies, resulting in improved subject indexing for EBSCO databases. The EBSCOhost platform will be enhanced to take advantage of this indexing in its search and relevancy ranking algorithms. All Wilson indexing, abstracts and full text will be fully searchable via EBSCO Discovery Service for subscribers of Wilson databases. The addition of Wilson’s robust abstract/index records and unique full text will strengthen EBSCO Discovery Service.

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News Announcements

September 26, 2023. EBSCO Information Services Releases Moment Magazine Archive. An extensive, searchable digital archive of the independent magazine Moment is now available through EBSCO Information Services. Moment Magazine Archive is a complete collection of the popular magazine in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. The digital archive will enhance a library's special collections and give researchers insight into the Jewish community during the 20th century.

September 21, 2023. Dynamic Health releases Pediatric Behavioral Health Content. Mental and behavioral health emergency room visits for pediatric patients continue to rise in the US In response to this growing crisis, Dynamic Health, EBSCO Information Services's evidence-based skill and competency development tool, has developed a new set of pediatric behavioral health content to support health care providers working with youth experiencing mental and behavioral health issues across the continuum of care, including emergency room and urgent care settings.

September 21, 2023. EBSCO Information Services pursues generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities. EBSCO Information Services, a leading provider of online research content and search technologies, is embracing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing the transformative potential of generative AI in the realm of academic research and libraries, EBSCO is making proactive strides to incorporate AI into the company's products, undertaking AI pilot projects in specific environments with the goal of amplifying the effectiveness of research. This move marries EBSCO's unique strength — providing access to high-quality, relevant content — with the remarkable capabilities of AI, aiming to set a new standard in information discovery and comprehension for students, faculty and researchers.

August 11, 2023. Dynamic Health launches new content for nurse leaders. Dynamic Health, EBSCO Information Services evidence-based skill and competency development tool, has released a new set of leadership content aimed to help point-of-care leaders further develop their leadership skills. Dynamic Health's new leadership content consists of 12 categories with more than 350 anticipated topics, designed for nurse and health professions leaders looking to take their professional growth and team development to the next level.

July 20, 2023. Two Connecticut University Libraries to implement EBSCO FOLIO. The University of New Haven (UNH) and Quinnipiac University (QU) will become the first institutions in Connecticut to transition to the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) using EBSCO FOLIO hosting and implementation services from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO). These institutions will undergo phased implementation to be entirely live on FOLIO before the end of 2024.

June 26, 2023. EBSCO Information Services Announces 2023 EBSCO Solar Grant Winners. EBSCO Information Services will be awarding $300,000 in grants to three libraries looking to further their sustainability goals. Russell County Public Library, Kentucky; Purdue University Fort Wayne Helmke Library, Indiana; and Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation, New Jersey, will each receive an EBSCO Solar Grant to pay for the installation of a solar array. The grants offset the cost of installing solar panels and allow the libraries to reduce their electricity expenditures.

June 22, 2023. More Than 100 Libraries and Library Systems Now Live with EBSCO FOLIO. More than 100 libraries worldwide have transitioned to the FOLIO Library Services Platform with help from EBSCO FOLIO Services from EBSCO Information Services. EBSCO FOLIO's reach spans numerous countries from all corners of the globe, supporting diversity amongst the community and honoring its commitment to providing representation in open source initiatives. Since FOLIO's conception in 2016, the LSP has undergone substantial advancements. While FOLIO's community of contributors has expanded, several organizations, including EBSCO, have actively contributed to its evolution. As one of the founders of the FOLIO project, EBSCO has provided resources and expertise in accelerating the development and adoption of FOLIO, enriching its functionality, and prioritizing globalization efforts to welcome new perspectives.

June 12, 2023. 2023 John Cotton Dana Awards Announced. John Cotton Dana Award winners, recognized for their strategic communications efforts, have been selected. The John Cotton Dana Awards provide up to eight grants for libraries that demonstrate outstanding library public relations. The award is managed by the American Library Association's Core Division and EBSCO Information Services and consists of $10,000 grants from the H.W. Wilson Foundation.

May 31, 2023. Lebanon's Notre Dame University-Louaize to Adopt FOLIO. Notre Dame University-Louaize Libraries will be the first library in Lebanon to choose FOLIO as its Library Services Platform using EBSCO FOLIO hosting and implementation services from EBSCO Information Services NDU will undertake a phased implementation and will aim to be entirely live on FOLIO by January 2024.

May 25, 2023. EBSCO Information Services partners with eReserve to streamline resource management workflows with EBSCO FOLIO. EBSCO Information Services has partnered with eReserve to support institutions' resource management workflows with EBSCO FOLIO Services, including services related to copyright control. eReserve is built on a foundation of copyright best practices that offer a clear, defensible position against the increasing threat of copyright litigation while enhancing student engagement and success. The selection, organization, and delivery of educational resources are some of an institution's most critical functions. Providing such resources in a digital format has become increasingly necessary for promoting collaboration, easy resource management, advanced copyright control, and an improved student experience by delivering faculty selected and approved educational resources in a digital format within course resource lists. eReserve uses metadata and license information from EBSCO FOLIO Services and EBSCO Discovery Service, allowing the platform to accurately report on and manage copyright materials, making digital distribution easier and more legally sound.

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Corporate Chronology

Feb 20, 2015 EBSCO acquires of YBP Library Services from Baker &Taylor.
EBSCO Information Services made a significant investment in the library workflow with the acquisition of YBP Library Services from Baker &Taylor. GOBI3 (Global Online Bibliographic Information) serves as YBP's primary tool for the discovery and acquisition of digital and print monographic content. Relied upon by academic, research and special libraries worldwide, GOBI provides access to more than 12 million titles, including more than one million digital titles from leading aggregators and publishers.

Jun 30, 2013 EBSCO Publishing and EBSCO Information Services consolidate into single company operating as EBSCO Information Services
EBSCO Information Services and EBSCO Publishing businesses will merge on July 1, 2013 and will operate as a single business under the name EBSCO Information Services. Tim Collins, previously President of EBSCO Publishing, will serve as President of the combined entity. Allen Powell, President of the subscription services division of EIS, will now report to Collins.

Jun 02, 2011 EBSCO Publishing acquires The H.W. Wilson Company
EBSCO Publishing and The H.W. Wilson Company have merged in what is being viewed by the companies as an ideal match. This combination of organizations will allow the strengths of each to benefit existing and forthcoming products and services. Libraries using products from either company will benefit as improvements are made to the respective resources. The Wilson controlled vocabularies will be integrated into EBSCO’s controlled vocabularies, resulting in improved subject indexing for EBSCO databases. The EBSCOhost platform will be enhanced to take advantage of this indexing in its search and relevancy ranking algorithms. All Wilson indexing, abstracts and full text will be fully searchable via EBSCO Discovery Service for subscribers of Wilson databases. The addition of Wilson’s robust abstract/index records and unique full text will strengthen EBSCO Discovery Service.

Mar 17, 2010 OCLC sells NetLibrary to EBSCO Publishing for $7,867,200
From the 2009/10 OCLC Annual Report: On March 17, 2010, OCLC sold the assets of the NetLibrary Division (including the NetLibrary platform, operations and infrastructure in Boulder, Colorado) and the rights to license a select number of vendor-owned databases previously sold on the OCLC FirstSearch service to EBSCO Publishing for $7,867,200 and assumption of related liabilities. The transition services agreement between OCLC and EBSCO Publishing ($230,000 annually for an initial term of three years) ensures that all NetLibrary eBooks have been placed in a dark archive at OCLC and OCLC will continue to make OCLC- MARC records available for download by the relevant library for NetLibrary eBooks as well as providing library holdings synchronization. OCLC recognized a gain on the sale of $21,666,500.

Mar 17, 2010 EBSCO Publishing acquires the NetLibrary Division from OCLC
OCLC and EBSCO Publishing signed an agreement whereby EBSCO will purchase the assets of the OCLC NetLibrary Division and the rights to license a select number of vendor-owned databases currently available through the OCLC FirstSearch service. The purchase includes the NetLibrary eBook and eAudiobook platform as well as operations and infrastructure in Boulder, Colorado.

May 30, 2008 EBSCO Information Services acquires Minerva Wissenschaftliche Buchhandlun from Springer-Verlag
EBSCO Information Services has acquired Minerva Wissenschaftliche Buchhandlun, of Vienna, Austria, from Springer-Verlag. Founded in 1909, Minerva has a well established tradition for providing exceptional service to libraries in the areas of serials management and monograph orders, complementing very well the EBSCO portfolio of products and services. Minerva is the leading subscription agency in Austria and Hungary and has business operations throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Sep 24, 2003 EBSCO Publishing acquires Whitston Publishing Company
EBSCO Publishing announced the acquisition of Whitston Publishing Company, Inc., a well-respected publisher of reference works for academic and public libraries since 1969. Whitston's flagship database, the American Humanities Index has been available through the popular EBSCOhost online research service since January 2003.

Jan 24, 2003 EBSCO acquires operations of RoweCom Worldwide
RoweCom, Inc., doing business as RoweCom, Faxon or divine Information Services announced the signing of a non-binding letter of intent with EBSCO Industries, Inc., the global leader for the delivery of integrated information systems and services, for the proposed purchase of the RoweCom worldwide subscription agent business. The proposed transaction was also endorsed by the steering committee of the ad-hoc group of publishers and library customers of RoweCom. The committee, including the publisher members the American Institute of Physics, the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers, Elsevier, Oxford University Press and Wiley, will endeavor to expand the group of publishers supporting this transaction as they believe the contemplated agreement is a significant step forward for customers and publishers.

1999 EBSCO acquires NoveList from CARL
NoveList acquired by EBSCO. The company employed 5 personnel at the time.

1995 EBSCO Information Services formed
EBSCO Information Services (EIS) formed to provide libraries with one source for quality information-related services and products.

1986 EBSCO acquires Popular Magazine Review and Horizon Information Systems to form EBSCO Publishing
EBSCO Publishing got its start as a family business in Ipswich, MA that created summaries of magazine articles from the local library and published in a newsletter. The company was founded in 1984 as Popular Magazine Review by Gerald Seaman and Tim Collins, which had expanded considerably by the time it was acquired by EBSCO Industries in 1987 and renamed the product to Magazine Article Summaries. That year EBSCO Industries had also acquired Horizon Information Systems, a company founded in 1985 by Dan Tonkery to create search and retrieval software for databases distributed on CD-ROM, with Oliver Pesch leading the development process. These two companies were combined to form EBSCO Publishing.

1984 Popular Magazine Review founded by Gerald Seaman and Tim Collins
In 1984, Gerald Seaman and Tim Collins co-founded Popular Magazine Review. The firm's product was a print magazine index with article summaries

1958 EBSCO Industries, Inc. established
Operations were combined under EBSCO Industries, Inc., profit centers were established, and corporate headquarters moved to the center of Birmingham.

1944 Military Services Company founded by Elton B. Stephens and Alys Robinson Stephens
Elton B. Stephens and his wife, Alys Robinson Stephens, formed a partnership to sell magazines, personalized binders and racks to the U.S. Armed Forces under the name of Military Service Company.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2022 EBSCO Information Services Accomplishments Narrative

EBSCO Information Services continues to focus on supporting an Open environment for libraries and an equitable research experience for users by:

  • Ensuring access to trustworthy and diverse information, and delivering new experiences to users with a focus on equity in research
  • Creating new pathways to information and collection analysis with a focus on open linked data
  • Providing libraries with more choice of software applications to support and enhance librarian workflows with a focus on supporting an open infrastructure
  • Providing libraries with more choice in the procurement, deployment, and management of their library services platform with a focus on open source

We focus on the areas outlined below:

Equity in research

Our work includes providing an equitable discovery experience by including content from many countries, in many languages, covering an array of topics and viewpoints. We are thereby evolving our research platform interfaces to optimize how any user anywhere can access, search, choose and use information. We treat open access the same as non-open access content; we index, curate, and provide access to the world’s scholarly literature inclusive of open access content. We:

  • Continue to roll out a new version of EDS to current customers, equipped with a new interface to enhance and personalize the user experience
  • Have introduced CINAHL® Ultimate and MEDLINE® Ultimate to offer nursing and medical students the largest full-text collections of leading journals and literature from all over the world
  • Have introduced DACH Information along with UK and Ireland Points of View Reference Centre ensuring our commitment to meeting regional research needs
  • Include JSTOR’s open community collections in EDS
  • Launched new databases including CAB Abstracts with Full Text, FSTA with Full Text and Veterinary Source
  • Leverage / index the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) metadata for improved findability and access in EDS; include more than 100 open access database resources such as Pubmed, ERIC, DOAJ, Scielo, Dialnet, Swedish National Bibliography, NUMDUM, and NORA (Norwegian Open Research Archive); and integrate with Unpaywall to find and retrieve open access content

Open infrastructure

We work to ensure interoperability between applications and a suite of integrations in support of best of breed services and content for users. Our work includes developing our applications and services so libraries can integrate with third-party solutions such as ILL, ILS, authentication services, ordering platforms, learning management systems and more. Specifically:

  • Integration of EBSCONET and Alma - serials subscription renewal process
  • E-book offerings available in GOBI are now visible in Talis Aspire
  • GOBI announced partnership with Knowledge Unlatched Open Access (OA) e-books funding model, providing the opportunity for academic libraries to support OA funding initiatives within their GOBI workflow
  • EIS partnership with Clever to provide SSO access for K-12 schools nationwide
  • Further developing Panorama, and increasing implementations world-wide, as a vendor-agnostic analytics platform that combines data from disparate library systems and platforms

Open linked data

We support the discoverability and portability of library resources on the Web. Our work includes transforming library catalogs using BIBFRAME, an open standard, to make library resources connected and visible on the Web. We have introduced Bibliograph, a linked data technology allowing users to access library catalogs from anywhere on the web.

Open source

We support open source software with a focus on interoperability, open standards, and choice for libraries. EBSCO contributes to the development of FOLIO and provides a full suite of FOLIO services with implementation/migration, training, hosting, and support to make open source accessible for any library. For FOLIO:

  • The Library of Congress announced it will be migrating to FOLIO using EBSCO FOLIO services to further develop and implement a new, open-source IT platform to enhance its physical and digital collections. In addition to the Library of Congress, the National Library of Australia and the MOBIUS consortia both announced their plans to migrate to FOLIO with EBSCO FOLIO Services.
  • EBSCO FOLIO facilitated the migration of more than 60 libraries to FOLIO Library Services Platform, and EBSCO FOLIO ERM (which integrates print and electronic resource management) with implementation partners worldwide.

Open Community:

EBSCO has launched an Open community to foster dialogue and communication around aspects of ‘Open’ at: and has been organizing open panels (online presentations) where we are bringing thought leaders from around the world together to discuss trends, opportunities and challenges around open (not specific to EBSCO).

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