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1831 Fort Union Blvd
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-3041
United States
Phone: 801-943-7277

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Executive Leadership

photo of Bill Schjelderup
Bill Schjelderup

Company Ownership

COMPanion Corporation is privately owned by founder and President Bill Schjelderup

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News Announcements

February 7, 2014. Alexandria library automation software starts new year with new and upgraded program features. In the beginning of February 2014, Alexandria customers will notice that their current features may have shifted slightly but are definitely more efficient. Some of these features include: Bulletin Board, Maps, Item Management, Advanced Bookings, and Patron Module Preferences. Alexandria will release software version 6.22.5 to current customers as a release that lays solid groundwork and support for future growth and planned enhancements.

January 15, 2014. Alexandria Library Automation Software and TABvue enhance partnership. Alexandria Library Automation Software customers may take advantage of all the benefits TABvue has to offer with added functionality. TABvue integration is one of the many features that is offered by Alexandria at no additional cost, and each current Alexandria customer is issued a PIN number which gives them the ability to explore the benefits. The integration allows for a streamlined communication between the customer, Alexandria, and TABvue.

January 14, 2014. Alexandria library automation software to make appearances at select tradeshows in 2014. Alexandria product representatives travel to select tradeshows throughout the country to be available to our current customers as well as introduce the library automation software to prospective facilities interested in a new system for their library.

January 7, 2014. Alexandria plays important role In Montevideo Middle School's Library functionality. Alexandria Library Automation Software conducted an interview with librarian Gloria White at Montevideo Middle School Library of Rockingham County Public Schools in November of 2013. The discussion of Alexandria’s functionality at the library and the features that are found most beneficial led to learning about the thriving community within Montevideo Middle School Library.

October 27, 2011. NoveList and COMPanion partner to improve access. NoveList, a division of EBSCO Publishing, and COMPanion have announced a partnership that will enrich K-12 reading curriculum by providing book recommendations to students and offering curriculum-based activities to teachers and school librarians. NoveList Select, can now be seamlessly integrated into COMPanions Alexandria Library Automation Program. With NoveList Select in Alexandria, when a student searches for a book via the Alexandria portal, NoveList Select will return reading recommendations based on that book—and based on titles that the library owns.

February 1, 2010. COMPanion Releases Alexandria v6.03. Alexandria 6.0.3 is a major release in the v6 series introducing improvements to the system expanding on recently introduced technologies, increasing performance and stability.

April 05, 2005. COMPanion Corporation launches Textbook Tracker v3.03. COMPanion Corporation announced the release of Textbook Tracker v3.03, a textbook management program that can save a school thousands of dollars each year by enabling it to hold students and parents accountable for lost and damaged textbooks.

October 04, 2004. COMPanion releases Alexandria v5.4.4.1,. COMPanion Corporation the release of Alexandria v5.4.4.1, which includes an exciting import and management option for Lexile measures.

March 03, 2004. COMPanion Releases Alexandria v5.44 rev D. COMPanion Corporation announced the release of Alexandria v5.44 rev D. Alexandria v5 features follow COMPanion''s power of simplicity approach to library automation solutions.

June 25, 2003. Alexandria, the premier library automation solution, announces a new partnership with Syndetics.. Alexandria and Syndetics have partnered to offer Alexandria Sneak Peek powered by Syndetics title enrichment services. With Alexandria Sneak Peek, library patrons enjoy access to title reviews, summaries, cover art and more all from within the Alexandria research interfaces.

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Corporate Chronology

1987 COMPanion corporation founded
COMPanion Corporation Founded by Bill Schjelderup.