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565 Bourke St
Melbourne, 3000
Phone: :+61-3-8676-4400
Web site:

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Executive Leadership

photo of Simon Downing
Simon Downing
Founder, Chairman
photo of Wayne Story
Wayne Story
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Iain Finlayson
Iain Finlayson
Managing Director of Libraries and Education
photo of Marc  Nolan
Marc Nolan
Managing Director, Education and Libraries UK

Company Ownership

Civica is owned by Partners Group.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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Civica 2018184401115484
Civica 2017184401115484
Civica 2016214381215486
Civica 20151336110163403
Civica 20141838615314454
Civica 20131737615264438
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Civica 2008233401910392
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Documents or articles featuring Civica

Breeding, Marshall. Civica Launches Spydus 9. October 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Civica Library and Learning has released the latest major version of its flagship library management system, Spydus 9. This new version of Spydus incorporates a variety of new functional capabilities and technology enhancements. Embracing many of the characteristics of the new generation library services platforms, it includes comprehensive resource management, Webbased interfaces, and open APIs. Civica offers Spydus 9 either for local installation or as a fully-managed hosted service.

Breeding, Marshall. Civica finds new private equity ownership. July 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Civica, a large international information technology services firm that provides products for a wide range of local government services, including library automation, recently changed ownership. Civica has been under ownership of 3i since April 2008 (see “Civica Transitions to Private Equity” Smart Libraries Newsletter, June 2008), bringing the company under ownership of a large private equity firm following a period of public ownership, traded on the London-based AIM (Alternative Investment Market). OMERS Private Equity, with investment capital of over $6 billion acquired Civica from 3i Group Plc. in a transaction valued at about £390 million. The company reports that it does not anticipate major changes in its executive management or in its operations as a result of this transition.

Breeding, Marshall. Civica Transitions to Private Equity. June 2008. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Civica, a large software and services company that includes a library division offering the Spydus automation system, has undergone a business transition where it changes from a publicly traded company on the London-based AIM exchange to a private company, primarily owned by 3i Investors, a major private equity firm. 3i is a very large private equity firm with £5.6 billion (approximately $11 billion) in market capitalization.

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News Announcements

August 26, 2020. Civica wins a major contract with the Singapore Ministry of Education to provide its cloud optimised Spydus Library System and Library Management services to over 350 Singapore schools. Civica, a global leader in software for public and community services, announced it has been awarded a contract for up to five years to transform school libraries in Singapore in line with the Ministry of Education's ‘Learn for Life' vision. The new contract will see the implementation of the latest cloud optimised Spydus library management solution, library collection services and people services, with professional librarian support for over 350 Singapore schools.

July 30, 2020. Eastern Regional and Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries fulfill the vision of informed, empowered and connected communities with a cloud-optimised library management system. Civica, a global leader in software for public and community services,announced that it has signed five-year contracts with two of Victoria's largest metropolitan libraries, Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation (ERLC) and Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries (YPRL).

August 30, 2019. Civica enlightens library search with artificial intelligence. Civica has built a cloud-based AI infused library search and management platform, leveraging technology first developed by Microsoft to search and interpret all the documents associated with the death of President Kennedy.

May 21, 2019. More than a third of our most borrowed books headed for La La Land. The 2019 Civica Libraries Index reveals similarities among the tastes of book lovers and movie buffs, with many of the most borrowed books from libraries across Australia and New Zealand headed to the big screen. The Index reveals seven of the top 20 titles are set to be adapted to films or television series, with stories authored by Australians becoming increasingly popular choices for adaptations, both locally and globally.

January 28, 2019. Town of Victoria Park and Goulburn Mulwaree councils choose Civica as a library management partner of choice as they migrate to the cloud with Spydus10. Civica announced that Goulburn Mulwaree, New South Wales and the Town of Victoria Park, Perth are the latest councils to join the Spydus community. This kicks off a very exciting year for Civica’s Library division and reflects the current landscape of library service delivery, which focuses on cloud-based, customer-centric library management solutions to meet the changing needs of library users.

January 8, 2019. Civica Libraries customers to benefit from greater efficiencies in the cloud. Civica has announced the latest release of its cloud-based Spydus library management system, which firmly focuses on improving customer experience and streamlining library administration. Led by customer feedback on the common challenge of growing administration in libraries, this latest upgrade to the leading cloud-based integrated library management system makes essential information available at a glance through a personalised staff dashboard. Spydus Home streamlines the administration burden by making tasks simpler to complete. Spydus Home also acts as a communication tool, delivering updates and announcements in a timely and efficient manner and reducing the need to send multiple emails. It also streamlines workflows for ongoing library tasks such as approvals.

November 12, 2018. Inner City Councils in Sydney put citizens first with cloud management. Four of Sydney’s inner city councils have selected Civica’s market-leading library management system to improve community collaboration. Spydus, a cloud-hosted solution, will support core library functions, enhance citizen engagement and open possibilities for a combined library service in the future.

November 12, 2018. Port Hedland libraries start a new chapter in the cloud. The Town of Port Hedland is strengthening the role of libraries at the heart of its community with a cloud-based integrated management system. Civica’s Spydus10 will help the WA council improve customer experience and increase citizen engagement.

October 23, 2018. Civica offers a creative platform to young writers in Singapore with eighth edition of Tales of ‘S’ competition. Civica, a leading global supplier of critical software applications, digital solutions and managed services that help transform the way organisations work, is delighted to publish the eighth edition of Tales of ‘S’, a compilation of winning short stories submitted by students from across Singapore.

August 8, 2018. Oberon Council selects Civica’s Spydus cloud based library solution to strengthen its community focus. Civica, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of critical software applications, digital solutions, and managed services that help transform the way organisations work, today announced that Oberon Council selected Spydus10 to transform its library service delivery to achieve its vision of connected communities.

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Corporate Chronology

May 07, 2013 OMERS Private Equity acquires Civica from 3i Group for £390 million
OMERS Private Equity, the private equity investment arm of the OMERS pension plan, has completed the purchase of Civica, a market leader in specialist systems and business process services, from 3i Group plc and funds managed by 3i for an enterprise value of £390 million.

Mar 28, 2008 Civica acquired by 3i Investments
Privite equity firm 3i Investments, through a new company Cornwall Bidco begin the process of acquiring all shares of Civica. Company valued £190.0 million, 270 pence per share.

Mar 01, 2004 Civica Plc. flotation on the AIM stock exchange
Civica is raising £15 million of new money from the offer and is placing £30 million on behalf of existing shareholders. On admission, the Group will be valued at approximately £79.2 million.

2002 Sanderson restructures as Civica

Sep 1989 SGA Pacific Limited acquires AWA Limited

Spydus Satisfaction Ratings

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Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2019 Civica Accomplishments Narrative

Civica Libraries solutions and the latest release of our library management software, Spydus 10 saw steady growth throughout 2019 with a number of libraries increasing their solution by adding complimentary elements such as Manger for analytics and Spydus API’s. We continued our successful run globally and the development of our modern library software is now fully web-based. Highlights included investment in 2019 into research, events and pilot programmes focussed on the ways in which Artifical Intelligence is helping support Libraries in discoverability, management of collections and improving search. 2019 also saw the re-sign of a number of public and specialised libraries in ANZ, and the addition of Libraries ACT, who have chosen Spydus for all Libraries within the ACT to optimise workflows and back-end operations while improving library service delivery and customer experience within the Australian Capital Territory. In addition to these benefits, business intelligence modules SpydusManager and SpydusCollections will enable the libraries to gain richer data insights. Civica published the ninth edition of Tales of ‘S’, a compilation of winning short stories submitted by students from across Singapore. Civica has been operating school media resources libraries on behalf of the Singapore Ministry of Education for over 14 years, with services including the cloud-based Spydus library management system, library staffing and innovative literacy programmes. During this time Civica has successfully delivered library and literacy services to more than 350 primary and secondary schools and junior colleges, and Tales of ‘S’ has been a vital part of the programme. Civica prides itself on actively engaging customers in our development roadmap - we seek every opportunity to gather feedback and ideas from our valued libraries to continually improve the service and solution we provide.

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