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U.S. Bancorp Tower; 111 SW 5th Avenue 31st Floor
Portland, Oregon 97204
United States
Phone: 888-900-8944
Web site:

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

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Koha -- ByWater Solutions
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Executive Leadership

photo of Brendan A. Gallagher
Brendan A. Gallagher
Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Nathan A. Curulla
Nathan A. Curulla
Co-Owner and Chief Revenue Officer
photo of Jessie Zario
Jessie Zario
Director of Library Sales and Outreach
photo of Joy Nelson
Joy Nelson
President, Koha Division

Company Ownership

ByWater Solutions is privately owned by its founders Brendan A. Gallagher and Nathan A. Curulla.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

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ByWater Solutions 202042845130
ByWater Solutions 201942634127
ByWater Solutions 201832424124
ByWater Solutions 20172203520
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Documents or articles featuring ByWater Solutions

Breeding, Marshall. ByWater Expands Support Offerings to Include Aspen Discovery. December 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. ByWater Solutions, a company involved in providing services surrounding open source software, has recently expanded its portfolio to include Aspen Discovery. This open source discovery interface based on VuFind was originally developed by Mark Noble. His business, Turning Leaf Technologies, has been acquired by ByWater solutions and Noble now serves as Aspen Discovery Team Lead.

Breeding, Marshall. Virginia Tech Libraries to Implement Koha. March 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The libraries of Virginia Tech University have begun the implementation of the open source Koha integrated library system and the Coral electronic resource management application. Virginia Tech selected ByWater Solutions as its technology partner, not only to provide support services for Koha and Coral, but also to enhance these systems to meet the library's specific needs while offering substantial savings relative to its current environment. The library will migrate from Sierra ILS from Innovative Interfaces, which was implemented in 2011.

Breeding, Marshall. ByWater Solutions to Offer FOLIO Services. March 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. ByWater Solutions has become well established as a support services firm for open source library software, primarily for the open source Koha integrated library system. The company announced that it will also offer support for the open source FOLIO library services platform in partnership with EBSCO Information Services. ByWater Solutions will provide services to libraries to implement and support FOLIO hosted on EBSCO's technology infrastructure. EBSCO will also provide data services, such as access to its knowledge base and to EBSCO Discovery Service. ByWater Solutions will also explore using FOLIO microservices and apps to enhance services for its current clients using Koha and other open source components.

Breeding, Marshall. ByWater and Donohue Group To Develop New Advanced Cataloging Module for Koha. April 2014. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A collaborative project between ByWater Solutions, one of the major providers of support services for the open source Koha integrated library system, and Donohue Group Inc. proposes to develop new MARC record editing and management capabilities to support the needs of complex cataloging operations. The Donohue Group will partially fund the development of the new cataloging module, which will be supplemented by funding contributed from ByWater Solutions

Breeding, Marshall. Open Source ILS Continues to Expand. April 2011. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The movement toward open source library automation continues. Recent months have seen many announcements of libraries selecting both Koha and Evergreen to replace proprietary systems. Keeping in mind that proprietary ILS products continue to dominate, both in new selections and in the overall base of installed systems, open source library automation has gained a strong footing in the industry and has become a common option for most types of libraries.

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News Announcements

November 18, 2022. El Paso County Digital Library goes live on Aspen and Koha with ByWater Support. ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that the El Paso County Digital Library in Texas is now live on Aspen Discovery and Koha ILS with ByWater Support. This is a unique library that offers only digital collections and a small number of physical items such as laptops and hotspots. Their digital content includes CloudLibrary, Hoopla, Kanopy, and they will feature events via LibCal. They also promote their other digital resources via placards.

November 18, 2022. Aspen 22.11 release brings 60+ updates including more options for displaying copy information. This month's Aspen Discovery release brings more than 60 updates requested by our library and consortia partners. Updates include deciding how many copies to display as well as when to display the “Where is it?” link. A suggestion was also made to show the copy information in one column instead of two, a change that our partners discussed and agreed on.

November 10, 2022. Wyoming State Library's WYLDcat Catalog goes live on Aspen Discovery with ByWater Solutions Support. ByWater Solutions announced that they are providing support and hosting services for the Wyoming State Library and their WYLDCat Catalog. The WYLD Network is a statewide, multi-type library consortium of 108 libraries in Wyoming. Library services are supported by the Wyoming State Library's WYLD Office in Cheyenne. The shared bibliographic database contains 1.1 million records and supports 3.3 million transactions annually.

November 10, 2022. Park County Public Libraries join CLiC and Choose ByWater Solutions' Koha and Aspen Support. ByWater Solutions announced that CLiC (Colorado Library Consortium) has added Park County Libraries to their consortium. They will be using Koha for their ILS and Aspen Discovery for their catalog.

October 28, 2022. Huntsville-Madison County Public Library becomes first in Alabama to go live on Aspen Discovery with ByWater. ByWater Solutions announced that they are providing support and hosting services for the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library and their Aspen Open Source Discovery system.

October 28, 2022. ByWater Solutions announces October 2022 Community Giveback winner. Each month, ByWater Solutions selects one library to be awarded $500. These funds are meant to support libraries and their communities and fill gaps in funding to further library goals. We are excited to announce our October 2022 winner of the ByWater Community Giveback, the Plum Creek Library System in Minnesota.

October 19, 2022. ByWater Solutions Announces new user interface customization options and enhancements with Our Aspen Discovery 22.10 Release. This month's release includes multiple enhancements to the options libraries have for customizing the Aspen user interface. Aspen's header and footer can now easily be extended to fill the full width of the browser window. Libraries also have the option to upload and format an image as the header background. We heard from many libraries that they loved the style of floating book covers that The Darien Library created when they launched earlier this year, and now that style of cover is an easy configuration option rather than custom CSS.

October 19, 2022. Three Texas Libraries join MetroShare and choose ByWater Solutions' Koha and Aspen Discovery support. ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that Decatur Public Library, Roanoke Public Library, and the John Ed Keeter Public Library (Saginaw Public Library) have joined MetroShare and choose ByWater Solutions' Koha and Aspen Discovery Support

October 14, 2022. Ocean State Libraries selects Koha and Aspen Discovery to power Its patron portal to books, media and more in Partnership with ByWater Library Solutions. Ocean State Libraries is delighted to announce that its members have selected Koha and Aspen Discovery as its next ILS and discovery solution after more than a year of product explorations and evaluations. Koha and Aspen Discovery work together to power behind-the-scenes operations and patron-facing discovery of library resources.

October 14, 2022. ByWater Solutions announces support of Aspen Discovery for East Central Regional Library. ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced that they are providing support and hosting services for the Aspen Open Source Discovery system for the East Central Regional Library in Minnesota.

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Corporate Chronology

Nov 07, 2019 ByWater Solutions expands services to include Aspen Discovery
ByWater Solutions, America's forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced today that they have acquired Turning Leaf Technologies and will be providing implementation, support, hosting and development services to the Aspen Open Source Discovery system. Mark Noble the founder of both the Pika and Aspen Discovery systems, has joined the ByWater family as the Aspen Discovery Team Lead and users will benefit from his 10 plus years of experience in developing, managing and supporting Discovery systems for Public, Academic and School Libraries.

Apr 17, 2009 ByWater Solutions listed as an official Koha support company
ByWater Solutions has been recognized for providing expert open source ILS support by the Koha free library software developer and user community. As a result the newly formed company has been listed as an official pay-for support vendor on

Koha -- ByWater Solutions Satisfaction Ratings

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Annual Accomplishments Statements

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2021 ByWater Solutions Accomplishments Narrative

2021 saw another historic growth rate for ByWater. Aspen Discovery business has more than doubled and we now support 570 libraries during the 2 years we have supported this product. More non-Koha libraries adopted Aspen in 2021 than already existing Koha institutions. Koha has seen significant growth as well, both with our typical library types as well as with much larger institutions when paired with Aspen Discovery. We were proud to successfully bring up the Montgomery County Public Libraries in Maryland on both Koha and Aspen. The library system circulates 11 million titles per year and represents the largest circulating library utilizing Koha in the United States. ByWater also brought on an additional 5 team members to aid in the support of both Koha and Aspen during 2021 and is poised to hire several more team members next year.

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