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4901 University Square Suite 3
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
United States
Web site:

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Suzanne  Burton
Suzanne Burton
photo of Scott Burton
Scott Burton

Company Ownership

Book Systems is owned and operated by Suzanne Burton and Scott Burton.

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

Book Systems 20211823144261
Book Systems 20201921164262
Book Systems 20192224164268
Book Systems 20181723214267
Book Systems 20171623214569
Book Systems 20161626184468
Book Systems 20151623214367
Book Systems 20141624204266
Book Systems 20131523194263
Book Systems 20121522164259
Book Systems 20111521184260
Book Systems 20101521184260
Book Systems 20091624184264
Book Systems 20081724164263
Book Systems 20071622134257
Book Systems 20061416144250
Book Systems 20051218174253
Book Systems 20041219196258
Book Systems 20031019207359
Book Systems 200216312091288

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News Announcements

November 5, 2014. Book Systems, Inc. releases Atriuum 9.6. Book Systems announced the release of Atriuum v9.6.††This release is packed with many new features including customizable keyboard shortcuts, ability to create worker messages, My Reports menu, a debt management module, and more.††

April 17, 2014. Book Systems Celebrates 25 Years of Service. Book Systems, Inc., an innovative leader in providing library automation solutions, is pleased to announce that 2014 marks their 25th year in business.

June 19, 2013. Book Systems Integrates OverDrive APIs into Atriuum. Book Systems announcs the integration of OverDrive APIs into Atriuum version 9.0. This integrated search portal for OverDrive allows patrons to easily search and find all of the digital content your library or consortium has purchased from OverDrive.

June 15, 2013. Book Systems, Inc. Releases Atriuum 9.0. Book Systems announced the release of Atriuum v 9.0. This release contains enhanced features including improved eBook integration with OverDrive,social media connectivity with Facebook, and full support for the new RDA (Resource Description and Access)standard.

April 15, 2013. Books Systems, Inc. announces new website. Books Systems announced the release of our all new Website. It has been vastly improved to better serve our customers, reflect who we are as a company, and increase awareness regarding the products and services we offer.

June 7, 2012. Book Systems puts the library in patrons' pockets. Book Systems Inc. released its new Atriuum "on the go" app currently available on the Android Play Store. The mobile app for Atriuum gives you instant access to the library catalog from your favorite mobile device. Search for books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs and more. Use your mobile device to reserve a popular title, renew items, read reviews and even see a list of "What's Hot" at your local library. You can access My Items at any time to manage your account and book bags. Want to know if a new release is available at your library? While you are at your favorite book store, use the Scan ISBN feature to capture the ISBN located on the physical item.

June 5, 2012. Dublin City Schools in Georgia implement Booktracks. Five schools in Dublin City Schools moved from pen and paper to tracking their textbooks In Booktracks.

June 4, 2012. Huntsville City Schools Establishes Accountability and Saves Money with Booktracks. In 2011, the 48 sites in Huntsville City Schools migrated their libraries to Atriuum and implemented Booktracks, a textbook and asset management software.

June 4, 2012. Charlotte County School District in Virginia implements Booktracks for Assets. Charlotte County School District in Virginia implements Booktracks for Assets

May 28, 2012. Grand Forks 18 Schools In North Dakota implement Booktracks. Grand Forks 18 Schools In North Dakota implement Booktracks

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Corporate Chronology

1989 Book Systems founded by Bill and Mark Jones
Book Systems was founded in 1989 by Bill Jones and his son, Mark

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2021 Book Systems Accomplishments Narrative

2021 was another successful year for Book Systems Inc. The company continues to see its most considerable growth in the Public Library market.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our development focused on implementing features to facilitate libraries by safely providing new services for their patrons. These new features included:

  • Librista CheckIT: A touchless patron circulation mobile app,
  • Auto quarantine protocol workflows,
  • Custom reading list for curbside services.

Other Atriuum enhancements added in 2021 include:

  • API integration with Hoopla
  • Workflow improvements with Acquisitions and ILLs
  • Improved accessibility support (keyboard and screen readers)
  • Integrations with Comprise SmartPAY
  • Librista 2.0 mobile app for Atriuum

Book Systems strives to stay at the forefront of technology by investing and constantly evaluating the newest emerging technologies and frameworks. We build on the most reliable and time-proven development methodologies that ensure successful, robust, and scalable ILS solutions. One in particular is Flutter, a new mobile app development platform that allows us to develop products once and then push them to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Desktop). These advancements in technology provide the ability to deploy new features and updates in a much faster capacity.

Our newest OPAC interfaces, Gallery and Quilt (kidsí interactive catalog), use JavaScript 6, one of the marketís latest and most up-to-date platforms. Quilt also uses WebGL (Short for Web Graphics Library), a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser, without plug-ins. WebGL is fully integrated with other web standards, allowing GPU-accelerated physics, image processing, and effects as part of the web page canvas. WebGL elements can be mixed with other HTML elements and composited with other page or page background parts.

What does this all mean? Quilt provides libraries with an advanced visual-learning interface to engage and encourage young readers to use the online catalog, whether accessed from a desktop computer or mobile device. Both Gallery and Quilt are fully web-responsive and do not require installing or maintaining a mobile app.

How does this impact our customers? These advanced technologies ensure that our customers are kept updated with the most cutting-edge technology on the market, and are part of the software updates provided with the Atriuum Customer Service Agreement and Maintenance plan.

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