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119 Spadina Avenue Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L1
Phone: 647-436-6381

Executive Leadership

photo of Marty Tarle
Marty Tarle
General Manager
photo of Erica  Reynolds
Erica Reynolds
Vice President, Library Engagement
photo of Raena Morrison
Raena Morrison
Vice President for Sales and Marketing
photo of Natasha  Hesch
Natasha Hesch
Director of Product
photo of Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Senior Director of Engineering

Company Ownership

BiblioCommons is a portfolio company of the Volaris Group, one of the operating divisions of Constellation Software.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions for BiblioCommons

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Breeding, Marshall. New General Manager for BiblioCommons. January 2021. Smart Libraries Newsletter. BiblioCommons has named a new general manager, its top executive position. When Volaris Group purchased the company in February 2020, Matt Goddard was appointed as its general manager to lead the company through its initial phase of business integration. As of December 1, 2020, Sebastien Lopes has assumed the role of general manager, following a three-month recruitment process. This transition in leadership was expected and does not necessarily portend any major changes in product or business strategies.

Breeding, Marshall. Consolidation Takes a New Form: BiblioCommons Acquired by Constellation Software. March 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. BiblioCommons, a Toronto-based company providing a suite of applications and interfaces for public libraries, has been acquired by Volaris Group, one of six operating companies of Constellation Software, Inc. BiblioCommons has become established as a major force in the public library sector, and its products have been implemented by an impressive list of libraries and consortia in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This transaction marks a departure from its status as a founder-owned company. Though BiblioCommons will continue to operate independently, it now falls under the ownership of a large multinational technology firm managing a diverse portfolio of technology and software companies. But unlike general private equity firms, Constellation has never sold the companies it acquires.

Breeding, Marshall. BiblioCommons Launches BiblioOmni. August 2018. Smart Libraries Newsletter. BiblioCommons continues to expand its portfolio of products and services for public libraries. The company has recently developed a new marketing platform to enable libraries to create and distribute content to promote its collections, services, and events. This new product aims to help libraries increase awareness of their services by the communities they serve using some of the techniques that have been well established in the marketing and communications activities in other commercial and non-profit sectors.

Breeding, Marshall. BiblioCommons Launches E-Book Lending Integration. May 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. BiblioCommons announced in January 2012 a major initiative to integrate e-book lending into its socially-oriented library discovery platform.

Breeding, Marshall. New York Public Library Partners with BiblioCommons. September 2011. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The New York Public Library plans to make a major change in the way it offers access to its collections to patrons. This fall, NYPL will implement BiblioCommons, shifting from its current Encore-based catalog.

New York Public Library. New York Public Library and Bibliocommons partner to create a new innovative, interactive online experience. June 20, 2011. . The New York Public Library has partnered with Toronto-based software company Bibliocommons to completely transform its current online catalog, making it easier to discover the Library’s vast collections while also giving users the power to create reading lists, rate the latest books, and organize groups.

Vermond, Kira. Toronto startup drags NY libraries into the future. Tuesday, Jun. 07, 2011. The Globe and Mail. BiblioCommons, an 18-employee company from Toronto, is trying to bodycheck the library industry into the information age in such places as New York, Chicago and Ottawa. Taking the lead from social media, BiblioCommons, which launched in 2006 with funding from Knowledge Ontario, private investors and subscriptions, brings book readers, movie watchers and music listeners together.

Breeding, Marshall. BiblioCommons Prepares for next phase of Roll-out. August 2009. Smart Libraries Newsletter. After a long period of development, testing and some delays, BiblioCommons appears poised to move forward as a contender in the arena of discovery interfaces. Developed by a Toronto-based company of the same name, BiblioCommons offers a new approach to the discovery interface that fully embraces social networking as a fundamental component in the way that patrons find and select resources from library collections.

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News Announcements

March 28, 2024. The new BiblioCommons Analytics Platform provides actionable insight into the digital library experience. BiblioCommons announced the launch of the BiblioCommons Analytics Platform, a one-stop shop for libraries to gain insight into and improve their patrons' online experiences. The BiblioCommons Analytics Platform goes beyond standard analytics provided by Google Analytics or other providers. It captures the key actions patrons take as they navigate through the discovery layer, website, events platform, or apps and delivers critical, public-library-specific metadata about the actions. For example, if a hold is placed, library staff will see the item title, device used, and availability. To maintain privacy, this data is fully anonymized and cannot be traced back to an individual person.

March 13, 2024. BiblioCommons welcomes Raena Morrison as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. BiblioCommons announced the appointment of Raena Morrison as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over 20 years of experience building and scaling companies, Raena brings a wealth of knowledge and an impressive track record of success to BiblioCommons. She has experience establishing commercial organizations from scratch and inspiring existing teams to embrace bold new strategies for sales, account management, sales operations, and business development — making her the perfect fit for leading the BiblioCommons sales and marketing teams into the future.

March 12, 2024. 2023 Year in Review. Reflecting on a year of innovation and progress, BiblioCommons has once again raised the bar for library engagement and accessibility. From the significant transition to Google Analytics 4 to the introduction of the BiblioCommons Analytics Platform, we've ensured that library-specific data is not only accessible but also actionable. Our dedication to enhancing user experience is evident in our focus on personalizing the patron experience while ensuring patron privacy and the continuous infrastructure upgrades that included implementing next-generation firewalls and expanding server capacity to accommodate the growing needs of our Library Partners. Continued accessibility updates, new product features, and the expansion of language support in BiblioApps support our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the rollout of new features and services, proactive security measures, and the invaluable contributions from the BiblioCommons community of Partner Libraries, we look forward to what's next and invite all libraries to celebrate all the past year's achievements.

August 3, 2023. BiblioCon '23 is taking place online on September 20-22. BiblioCon, the Online Public Library Conference hosted by BiblioCommons, is back this year and will be hosted online from September 20-22, 2023. Building on the success of past BiblioCon conferences, we are once again thrilled to host BiblioCon ‘23 virtually. This decision comes as a result of positive feedback from previous attendees who valued the accessibility and convenience of the online setting. Moreover, in our continued commitment to inclusivity, we are waving all registration fees for BiblioCon '23 to facilitate the participation of all public library professionals without any travel or financial constraints.

June 26, 2023. BiblioCommons appoints Marty Tarle as General Manager. BiblioCommons announced the appointment of Marty Tarle as the new General Manager of BiblioCommons as of July 1, 2023. Marty will replace Sebastien Lopes, who will transition into a new role within the parent company, Volaris Group, leading multiple companies in the library industry. Marty co-founded BiblioCommons in 2007 and has held multiple leadership roles in the company, including Chief Technology Officer and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer. During his tenure with BiblioCommons, he has established a proven track record of innovation in the library technology space and built strong relationships with public library partners.

July 15, 2022. BiblioCon '22 registration is open to all public libraries. BiblioCon, the Online Public Library Conference hosted by BiblioCommons is back this year with incredible new speakers and insightful sessions that cover various topics about the digital library experience. Like last year, this year's event will be held virtually to enable audiences from far and wide to attend. Registration is complimentary to ensure that BiblioCon is welcoming and accessible to anyone working at a public library. Conference attendees can join public library staff, industry leaders, and BiblioTeam experts on August 24 and 25.

May 31, 2022. New library partners subscribe to BiblioCommons in 2022. Two partnerships were formed between public libraries and BiblioCommons in the first few months of 2022. Glenview Public Library and Harris County Public Library are now members of the BiblioCommons shared digital platform. The BiblioTeam is thrilled to work with these two incredible libraries to help them unlock the full potential of the web to welcome, inspire, and connect their communities.

February 4, 2022. 2021 Year in Review. As we look back at the past year, we recognize more than ever before how incredible public libraries are and how critical they are in bringing communities together. Unlike 2020, 2021 was the first full year where all nations around the globe faced COVID-19 challenges every single day of the year. While the new “normal” was different for everyone, we've seen unprecedented levels of communication, collaboration, and resourcefulness at a large scale across nations and in smaller circles across communities and neighborhoods. With strength and resilience, public libraries demonstrated their agility in serving their patrons and communities.

July 7, 2021. BiblioCommons welcomes new library partners in the second quarter of 2021. BiblioCommons formed new partnerships with public libraries across the United States and Canada in the second quarter of the year. The BiblioCommons team is excited at the opportunity to work with new consortia and public libraries of all sizes in urban, suburban, and rural areas across North America.

April 13, 2021. Nine new library partnerships formed in the first quarter of 2021. In the first three months of 2021, BiblioCommons formed new partnerships with public libraries across the United States. Newly subscribed libraries include Canton Public Library, Chandler Public Library, East Chicago Public Library, Elk Grove Village Public Library, Glendale Library, Arts & Culture, Herrick District Library, Kenton County Public Library, Strathcona County Library Board, and Tulsa City-County Library. These libraries are all on different ILSs (Integrated Library Systems.) Each will work closely with the BiblioCommons team to integrate their systems to the BiblioCommons product suite and elevate their online patron experiences.

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Corporate Chronology

Feb 10, 2020 BiblioCommons acquired by Volaris Group
Volaris Group finalized the acquisition of BiblioCommons. Volaris is a Canadian software success story that is focused on acquiring, strengthening and growing vertical market software companies. Volaris is a worldwide software organization which operates as a division of Constellation Software, one of Canada’s largest technology success stories. BiblioCommons will operate independently while advancing via the guidance and expertise of the Volaris network. Two of the founders, Beth Jefferson and Patrick Kennedy have decided to transition from BiblioCommons but will continue as advocates.

Sep 2011 New York Public Library partners with BiblioCommons
NYPL chose to invest in a company that brings technologies to the table beyond what they would be able to create internally. By subscribing to BiblioCommons and making investments in the company, NYPL will be able to accelerate its development roadmap.

2007 BiblioCommons founded by Beth Jefferson and Patrick Kennedy

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 BiblioCommons Accomplishments Narrative

Reflecting on a year of innovation and progress, BiblioCommons has once again raised the bar for library engagement and accessibility. From the significant transition to Google Analytics 4 to the introduction of the BiblioCommons Analytics Platform, we’ve ensured that library-specific data is not only accessible but also actionable. Our dedication to enhancing user experience is evident in our focus on personalizing the patron experience while ensuring patron privacy and the continuous infrastructure upgrades that included implementing next-generation firewalls and expanding server capacity to accommodate the growing needs of our Library Partners. Continued accessibility updates, new product features, and the expansion of language support in BiblioApps support our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the rollout of new features and services, proactive security measures, and the invaluable contributions from the BiblioCommons community of Partner Libraries, we look forward to what’s next and invite all libraries to celebrate all the past year’s achievements.

Data Analysis to Supercharge Engagement

More than aTransition from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The online data and analytics world experienced a significant change from Google Analytics this year, and BiblioCommons supported libraries through the transition. To empower libraries to access library-specific data, the BiblioTeam created the BiblioCommons Analytics Platform, a powerful feature available across the entire product suite that provides custom entities, parameters, and events that are exclusive to BiblioCommons and now available to all BiblioCommons subscribing libraries. This new platform for library-specific user data allows library staff to glean valuable insights into collection discovery, event engagement, and website interactions. Some examples are knowing when a user publishes a list for the first time, clicks through an explore link on service-related content such as a ’View More’ link, or requests an item in another platform. The BiblioCommons Analytics Platform not only eased the transition to Google Analytics’ latest iteration, it provides library-specific metrics, and amplifies library staff’s ability to make data-driven decisions, thereby enriching the library user experience.

Bridging Technology and Libraries with A New Patron Engagement Data Project

BiblioCommons is creating a comprehensive, shared North Star metric and data tool to enhance libraries’ capability to track, analyze, and boost patron engagement effectively. This innovative initiative will help libraries foster sustained patron engagement and achieve strategic goals by improving how libraries using BiblioCommons test, learn, and iterate on best practices. The development of this initiative draws inspiration from established library measurement techniques and incorporates successful strategies from the technology, hospitality, and retail industries. As part of this project, BiblioCommons will release an annual State of the Patron Report that will aid in demystifying online public library patron behavior. The full report will be available in 2025 and will include details about how patrons behave online so that libraries are better informed when making strategic decisions. Examples of the insights that will be included in the report are: x, x, x, and x. An appreciative thank you goes out to our Founding Partners, King County Library System, Pima County Public Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library, and San Francisco Public Library, who have been collaborating to help shape the project.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Updates Make Your Online Library More Welcoming

Personalized Experiences Across the Catalog and the Events Calendar

Personalized Promotions is a BiblioWeb feature that enables discovery and increases patron engagement by promoting library-created content to users as they search and explore the library’s online collections. In 2023, many Partner Libraries enabled Personalized Promotions for their online catalogs, and many more will be turning on the feature in 2024. Additionally, a new feature called My Events entered preview for Partner Libraries that subscribe to BiblioEvents. The feature allows patrons to personalize their library event experiences by viewing and managing the events they have registered for or for which they are on the waitlist and hoping to attend. Further details about the My Events general release to additional Partner Libraries will be shared in Q1 of 2024.

Detailed Accessibility Updates Positively Impact Users

BiblioCommons’ dedication to accessibility is a key distinguishing factor compared to other vendors offering similar solutions and services to public libraries. The BiblioTeam made accessibility enhancements to the entire suite of products following a report provided by the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS). Some highlights include updates to the display of active and pinned filters on the Search page (benefitting disabled and non-disabled patrons), support for libraries to identify the language of the pages and blog posts they create to ensure screen readers use the correct pronunciation and accent as well as ongoing improvements to our products to adapt accessibility standards, screen-readers, and other assistive tools evolve. In 2023, BiblioCommons completed the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for BiblioApps (for both Android and iOS). A VPAT outlines a process to self-report a product’s accessibility compliance. There is also a VPAT available for BiblioCore, and the BiblioTeam is aiming to complete VPATs for the entire product suite. The currently available VPATs can be downloaded from the Partner Portal.

Awards Offer an Avenue to Highlight Diverse Voices

Displaying and promoting awards listings in your online catalog exposes patrons to quality titles from underrepresented voices that they might not otherwise discover. The list of awards available for Partner Libraries to enable in BiblioCore is extensive and grew further this year, with six additional awards. Among them, the IGNYTE Awards celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of BIPOC storytellers, the Sydney Taylor Book Award recognizes outstanding books for children and teens that authentically portray the Jewish experience, and the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction is a new English-language literary award celebrating creativity and excellence in fiction by women and non-binary writers in Canada and the United States. Displaying a wide array of awards in BiblioCore helps enrich the online catalog and highlights diverse perspectives and voices in literature.

BiblioCore Languages are Enabled in BiblioApps for All Libraries

To support Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion efforts at libraries, BiblioCommons expanded language support to all Partner Libraries. Libraries that subscribe to a language translation (or multiple language translations) in BiblioCore now have those same languages applied to BiblioApps at no additional cost. Currently, 11 languages are available that have been translated by professional, in-country translators and are updated regularly. This expansion of language support in BiblioApps significantly enhances EDI initiatives and ensures patrons from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access and engage with library resources more comfortably and intuitively.

A New Multi-Account User Experience for BiblioApps

The multi-accounts feature introduced this summer makes it easy for patrons to add multiple accounts to the mobile app, switch between them from within the app, and remove them. As part of this new feature, the app home screen is personalized to display the active user’s name and avatar. Users can add and access multiple library cards and easily switch between accounts by tapping the avatar icon or from the My Library Cards area. This new multi-accounts feature on BiblioApps enhances accessibility and personalization for families sharing a device, especially for parents managing their children’s library activities or for families or groups who may not have access to multiple devices.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Measures

Proactive Investment in Infrastructure Security

As part of our dedication and focus on security, stability, and reliability, BiblioCommons has made substantial investments in our infrastructure. Between last year and this year, all of BiblioCommons’ networking infrastructure at our colocation data centre was upgraded. We upgraded to use next-generation firewalls and our network switches were upgraded to increase security, add more redundancy to the network, and boost network capacity and speed for better performance. The BiblioTeam also continuously monitors and evaluates reports from our implemented intrusion detection and prevention solution, as well as our other security tools that perform regular security scans of our applications and adheres to secure engineering principles in our software development life cycle. BiblioCommons regularly reviews any newly discovered and announced vulnerabilities by security vendors to assess whether they impact any of our products or the tools we use. These reviews, and the best practices we follow, help us react and address any potential risks quickly.

Cyber Security Insights from Boston Public Library

Public libraries face several challenges as they strive to balance privacy and security with offering accessible and welcoming services to their communities. BiblioCommons hosted a webinar with David Leonard, President of the Boston Public Library (BPL), and Keith Gillette, Chief Technology Officer at BPL, to help inform libraries about cyber security best practices and create more avenues for peer learning. The webinar covered infrastructure security, prevention and recovery measures, and other takeaways to ensure libraries can provide reliable, secure, and uninterrupted digital services to their community. This webinar was instrumental in advancing library security knowledge and empowering libraries to navigate the delicate balance between maintaining privacy and providing open access to their communities. A recording of "Cyberattack at the Library! Lessons for Security, Access, and Data Privacy" can be accessed on demand.

Continually Scaling Up to Enhance Reliability

BiblioCommons strives to maintain the highest engineering, security, and stability standards. To support these initiatives, the BiblioTeam continuously monitors our infrastructure, the load on our systems and the performance of our applications, and invests to add new servers to our infrastructure, both to replace any aging servers and increase capacity for our applications, search clusters, and load balancers. By focusing on capacity planning and adding new servers we aim to ensure that our products can handle continued growth in usage and volume of requests, as well as any potential seasonal spikes in usage that our Library Partners tend to see throughout the year.

A Thriving BiblioCommons Community

New Templates for BiblioWeb Via the Spotlight Library Program

Partner Libraries have designed incredible and creative pages using BiblioWeb. To celebrate and share these beautifully designed pages, BiblioCommons developed the Spotlight Library Program. The program not only highlights libraries’ great work but also makes peer-nominated designs available to all subscribing libraries through the BiblioWeb Template Library. The templates are carefully reviewed to maximize customization potential, responsiveness, and accessibility. The Spotlight Library Program opens avenues for creativity and inspiration, supports continuous learning and collaboration, and strengthens the vibrant BiblioWeb community of Partner Libraries. Two sets of three templates were released in 2023 from Arapahoe Libraries and Chicago Public Library, and more templates will be shared in 2024.

BiblioCon ’23

Driving Engagement and Measuring Impact at the Library: One of the most highly anticipated virtual events for public libraries, BiblioCon, took place virtually from September 20-22. Sessions uncovered the countless ways public libraries create diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible online experiences for their patrons. Registration was complimentary for all public library staff and open to customers and non-customers. The theme for the first day of the conference was driving community engagement, while the second day’s sessions focused on measuring community impact, leveraging BiblioCommons products, and connecting with peers. Partner Libraries also had the opportunity to attend Office Hours with BiblioCommons’ product managers on the last day of the event. BiblioCon ’24 will take place online from October 9-11. Save the dates and sign up to receive the latest BiblioCon news on our website.

Sharing Ideas and Learning Together at Conferences and Webinars

Throughout 2023, the BiblioCommons team shared industry best practices and product updates through various webinars, virtual meetups, and speaking engagements at conferences. Presentations included "Library in Your Pocket: Building a Loyal Patron Base Through Your Mobile App," presented by Kevin Bowman from Laurel County Public Library and Alyx Park from BiblioCommons, at Computers in Libraries, "Not Everything Can Go on the Website: Effective Content Management Strategies," presented by Claudia Strange from Fulton County Library System and Kati Polodna from BiblioCommons, at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference, and “Best of Both Worlds: Libraries Leveraging BiblioCommons and Evergreen,” presented by BJ Colvin from King County Library System and Erica Reynolds from BiblioCommons. Additionally, many webinars took place that are now available on-demand from the BiblioCommons website. BiblioCommons’ commitment to hosting webinars and presenting at industry conferences is pivotal in fostering community, sharing knowledge, and helping drive the evolution of online library services.

Informing Our Path Forward with the Annual Partner Library Survey

Partner Library feedback has always influenced our product development and the services we offer. In addition to our Ideas Portal for submitting, up-voting, and managing enhancement requests, regular customer check-in calls, and regional meet-ups, the Annual Partner Library survey ensures that we continuously align with public libraries’ needs and preferences. In 2023, 91.25% of respondents reported being satisfied or very satisfied with BiblioCommons Software, 97.96% reported being satisfied or very satisfied with Implementations, and 91.55% reported being satisfied or very satisfied with Support. These CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Scores) are far above the 2023 B2B SaaS industry average of 77 (per Retently: BiblioCommons will use the feedback gathered to shape the products and services we offer and continue to deliver experiences for library staff and patrons that exceed their expectations.

Amplified Professional Services Packages to Support Library Staff

In 2023, new services and training were added to the Professional Services Catalog to supplement libraries’ expertise. The updated and customized training helps libraries reach their online patron experience goals faster and more effectively. Additional training options are available for BiblioCore, BiblioWeb, BiblioEvents, BiblioEmail, and Readers’ Advisory. All Professional Services benefit from the BiblioTeam’s expertise and include topics like website content strategy, BiblioWeb redesign, Taxonomy assistance, BiblioWeb accessibility, Google Analytics 4 consulting and dashboards, and much more. A benefit of the BiblioCommons Professional Services is their flexibility. Libraries are welcome to request customized consulting packages tailored to their needs.

A Website Redesign Tailored for Library Staff

The BiblioCommons website underwent a transformative redesign that was launched in September of 2023. Our goal has always been to put you at the forefront of everything we do. This redesign reflects our commitment to offering library staff an unparalleled user experience. The revamped layout provides a value-packed experience and makes the information visitors seek effortlessly accessible. Most notable are the Resources pages for All Resources, Webinars, and Blogs that have new filters so users can zero in on the precise resources they need. Whether it’s a specific area of focus or a particular type of content — from recorded webinars to handy templates — finding valuable resources has never been faster or more intuitive. The overhaul of the BiblioCommons website marks a significant leap towards a more efficient, user-centric online experience that helps empower library staff to make a greater impact on their patrons and communities.

Co-Founder named GM: BiblioCommons appointed Co-Founder Marty Tarle as the new General Manager of BiblioCommons as of July 1, 2023. Marty co-founded BiblioCommons in 2007 with Beth Jefferson and Patrick Kennedy, and he has held multiple leadership roles in the company, including Chief Technology Officer and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer. During his tenure with BiblioCommons, he has established a proven track record of innovation in the library technology space and built strong relationships with public library partners. With twenty years of senior leadership experience across technology, strategy, and operations roles, Marty is poised to lead BiblioCommons into a new era of growth, innovation, and customer-centric excellence.


New Partners Join BiblioCommons and Launch New Online Experiences

Many new public libraries joined the BiblioCommons Community in 2023. The following libraries subscribed to the BiblioCore online catalog: Richmond Public Library (CA), Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Naperville Public Library, Richmond Hill Public Library, Warren County Public Library, and Valley Library Consortium. Additionally, Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library and Thunder Bay Public Library subscribed to BiblioCore and BiblioWeb; and Central Arkansas Library System, Beverly Hills Public Library, and Mississauga Library System subscribed to BiblioCore and BiblioApps. Various Partner Libraries expanded their BiblioCommons subscriptions to benefit from the product suite’s tight integration. Hennepin County Library, Mid-Continent Public Library, Glenview Public Library, Kenton County Public Library, Harris County Public Library, Lakeland Library Cooperative, Innisfil Public Library, Frisco Public Library, Palm Beach County Library System, Naperville Public Library, and Muskegon Area District Library subscribed to BiblioApps, San Jose Public Library subscribed to BiblioWeb; Christchurch City Libraries, San Mateo County Libraries, and Kitsap Regional Library subscribed to BiblioEmail; and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Library subscribed to BiblioWeb and BiblioEmail.

2023 also marked the year that many new libraries went live with their new BiblioCommons-powered digital experience platforms (integrating the library’s website, catalog, and events in one platform) including Timberland Regional Library (WA), Kitsap Regional Library (WA), Dayton Metro Library (OH), Wood Buffalo Regional Library (AB), Stark Library (OH), Glenview Public Library (IL), Harris County Public Library (TX), and Palm Beach County Library (FL).

eiNetwork migrated from vuFind to BiblioCore and went live in 2023 as well, becoming the first Pennsylviana library system and one of the biggest consortia to subscribe to the BiblioCore catalog.

As we close another year of growth and advancement, it is clear that the milestones achieved will lead the public library community toward a more innovative and connected future. Together, BiblioCommons Partner Libraries and the BiblioTeam will continue to build on past successes and make 2024 even more transformative.

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