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Box 24914
Lund, 224 21
Phone: +46-46-270-0400
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Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Mats  Hentzel
Mats Hentzel
photo of Joel Sommerfeldt
Joel Sommerfeldt
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Maria  Wasing
Maria Wasing
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Malcolm Howitt
Malcolm Howitt
Managing Director, Axiell CALM
photo of Annika Jägenstedt
Annika Jägenstedt
Chief Financial Officer
photo of Elisabet  Thylander
Elisabet Thylander
Chief Financial Officer
photo of Fredrik  Paulsson
Fredrik Paulsson
Chief Technical Officer
photo of Marie  Flackerup
Marie Flackerup
Chief Human Resources Officer
photo of Ann Melaerts
Ann Melaerts
Vice President; Public Libraries and Education
photo of Eva  Houltzén
Eva Houltzén
Managing Director, Axiell Media
photo of Boris Zetterlund
Boris Zetterlund
Vice President Strategy

Company Ownership

Axiell is privately owned, with Mats Hentzel as leading shareholder.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions for Axiell

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

Axiell 201985116432065310
Axiell 201885116432040285
Axiell 20179896443235305
Axiell 20169188503235296
Axiell 20158596373224274
Axiell 20147668404349263
Axiell 20136063362931219
Axiell 20125553302931198
Axiell 20115766343534226
Axiell 20105826312642223
Axiell 20096249262553215
Axiell 2008240
Axiell 2007117

Documents or articles featuring Axiell

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Acquires Bibliotekenes IT-senter. March 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Axiell, a major provider of technologies to libraries, museums, and archives, has acquired Bibliotekenes IT-senter, more commonly known as Bibits, expanding its presence in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This acquisition brings two important products into the Axiell product portfolio, the Micromarc ILS dominant in Norway, and Saga, a library web portal. This move represents a significant expansion of Axiell's library business and brings in a new set of customer libraries with potential interest in its flagship Quria library services platform.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Group Acquires Adlib Information Systems. April 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a move that consolidates two companies that produce systems for managing museum, archive, and library collections, Axiell Group has acquired Adlib Information Systems. Axiell offers a variety of library automation systems used in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom as well as Axiell CALM, for the management of archive and museum collections. Adlib's products find use primarily in museums, archives, and special libraries. The acquisition of Adlib, a company with particular strengths in the museum and archive automation sector, significantly expands Axiell's reach, especially into the museum sector and also into many new geographic areas. While it has not yet ventured into the North American library automation market, Axiell, with its growing arsenal of products, warrants attention as a major, global contender with the potential to expand into new geographic regions.

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News Announcements

March 2, 2020. Axiell partners with Demco and enters the U.S with next-generation library services platform. Axiell, the leading supplier of software to the cultural sector, announced a partnership with Demco, a leading library supplier in North America. The partnership is formed to introduce the groundbreaking library services platform Axiell Quria to the U.S market.

November 22, 2019. Archives NZ partners with Axiell to improve access to New Zealand's archives heritage. Archives New Zealand Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga welcomed a new partnership with Axiell, the world’s leading supplier of software to the cultural sector, to manage their unique archives. Archives New Zealand will replace their collection management and search tool, Archway, with Axiell Collections so that Archives staff can work more efficiently, and New Zealanders can have better access to the nation’s taonga and public archives.

June 19, 2019. Axiell and CultureConnect partner to offer immersive museum-collection experiences. Axiell, the leading vendor globally for collections management software, today announces a collaboration with CultureConnect, an innovative technology company delivering award-winning mobile and digital experiences to the cultural sector. This ground-breaking partnership advances the technology landscape for museums, libraries and cultural organizations, enabling them to launch engaging, beautiful digital experiences for visitors more easily and as part of a sustainable technology foundation, i.e., one which they can build upon and scale.

January 28, 2019. Axiell acquires Bibliotekenes IT-senter and becomes leading library vendor in Norway. Axiell, the leading vendor globally to public libraries, museums and archives, today announces the acquisition of Bibliotekenes IT-senter (Bibits) in Norway. Through the acquisition, Axiell adds 300 municipalities in Norway, Sweden and Finland which use the ILS-solution MikroMarc for public libraries, and 100 number of customers using SAGA, an OPAC. As the largest partner for IT solutions and services to public libraries in the Nordics, Axiell now expands its operations and strengthens its position in Norway. Axiell makes this move to pave the way for Quria, Axiell’s cloud-based library services platform and WeLib, the digital school library, as well as integration of additional solutions across the cultural sector.

January 28, 2019. Axiell förvärvar norskt bolag. Axiell, som är en global leverantör för IT-lösningar till kultursektorn somfolkbibliotek, skolor, museer och arkiv, förvärvar nu norska Bibliotekenes IT-senter (Bibits),Bibliotekscentrum Sverige AB samt Open Library Solutions (OLS) med biblioteksplattformarnaMikromarc och Saga. Genom köpet får Axiell samarbete med ytterligare 2000 bibliotek och300 kommuner i Norge, Sverige och Finland. Förväret medför att Axiell kan stärkautvecklingen mot att ge biblioteken tillgång till världens modernaste biblioteksplattform.

December 28, 2018. Axiell wins procurement of digital book platform for all Finnish libraries. Axiell Media announces the win of the competitive procurement for digital media to all the 790 Finnish public libraries. The company is with the framework the main supplier of systems and products for the distribution of digital literature to the libraries. With the solution, Finland’s patrons will have improved access to digital reading when Axiell Media enters the Finnish market.

December 28, 2018. Axiell wins Zug Cantonal Library with cloud-based, digital-first library services platform. Axiel announced it has won the Zug City and Cantonal Library in Switzerland as a customer for its public library software. After an evaluation project which lasted nearly a year, the city council of Zug decided in favour of Axiell Arena and Quria. The Library will use these solutions to present and manage its entire media inventory (physical and digital) and all other offerings and information via a single platform. With Axiell Quria, the customer will benefit from a platform which makes daily work routines more efficient. It completely revamps the way staff are guided by workflows and how catalogue search is performed, which therefore removes all barriers between physical and digital assets.

November 13, 2018. Axiell Quria expands customer base in Norway with additional libraries. Axiell, the leading vendor to public libraries in Europe, today announces new customers for Axiell Quria in Norway. In September 2017, Drammen Library became the first library in the world to use Quria, Axiell’s cloud-based library services platform. With the forthcoming municipal assembly between Drammen, Svelvik and Nedre Eiker, libraries in these municipalities will all switch to Quria. This means that Quria will go from serving over 68,000 inhabitants to almost 100,000.

October 2, 2018. Järfälla invests in digital school library WeLib from Axiell. Axiell announced that the Swedish municipality Järfälla has selected the digital school library solution WeLib for their 8200 students. The procurement process was designed to ensure that the municipality could secure its vision for the students to have access to a modern digital school library solution. WeLib was considered the only system that met every requirement. Järfälla’s selection of WeLib means that approximately 24% of all students in Sweden have a modern digital school library.

September 26, 2018. Broken Hill City Council selects Axiell to manage their archive, gallery and museum collections. Axiell, the leading supplier of software to the cultural sector, today announces that it has been selected by Broken Hill City Council to manage their archive, art and geology collections. The city is looking to build on existing economic platforms, like art, culture and tourism to reinvigorate the local economy. Axiell's EMu Collections Management System will centralise collections from the Broken Hill & Outback Archives, Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals Museum (Geocentre) and Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, opening up the City's significant history to a much wider audience.

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Corporate Chronology

May 25, 2016 Axiell acquires Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums
Axiell announced the acquisition of Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums, particularly national museums. The acquisition brings together Axiell’s global resources and experience within Archives, Libraries and Museums with the solid position that Mobydoc has held in the French market for over 20 years. The move creates an organisation that will be able to continue to serve French museums with market leading solutions and services, now and in the future.

Mar 09, 2015 Axiell acquires seventy percent of Elib e-book distributor from publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget
The four major Swedish publishing houses are now selling their eBook company Elib to the Swedish IT company Axiell Group, whereby Elib gains a technology-intense owner that can power eBook development into the future. Axiell has acquired 70 per cent of the company, while the publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget are keeping 30 per cent. Elib was established in 2000 to meet the market's eBook demand, and has come to function as the hub of the Swedish digital book market.

Apr 03, 2014 Axiell acquires KE Software
Axiell Group AB – the Swedish developer and supplier of systems and services for libraries, museums, archives and schools – has acquired the Australian company KE Software, making Axiell the leading IT supplier of software and services within museums and archives sector. This acquisition is set to create fresh opportunities in Australia, the Middle East and North America.

Oct 08, 2013 Axiell acquires Selago Design
Axiell Group has acquired Canadian company Selago Design Inc. Selago Design Inc. has been developing and supplying collections management and public access software for museums and archives for more than 20 years. Their flagship product, Mimsy XG, is used by organisations ranging from small business collections to large national museums. While the majority of the customer base is in North America, the company also enjoys a significant presence in the UK, Australia and Asia.

Aug 21, 2013 Axiell and Publit Launch Atingo for E-book lending
new venture has been established on the e-book lending front, initially focused on publishers and libraries in Sweden, but with possible opportunities for other international regions. Two Scandinavian companies— Publit a Swedish company involved with e-books and print on demand, and Axiell, which develops software for libraries and archives— have jointly launched Atingo, a company offering e-book lending products and services to libraries. Though in an early pilot phase and not currently available in the United States, the service provides an interesting example of a business and technology model implemented abroad.

Mar 01, 2013 Axiell Group acquires ADLIB Information Systems
The acquisition of the Dutch company, Adlib Information Systems, makes Axiell the largest player in Europe in relation to museums and archives, and confirms the company's position as one of the five largest players in the global market. The deal has given Axiell 1,600 new clients in 30 countries, and has provided a broad international platform for future growth.

Apr 28, 2008 Axiell acquires DS
DS, the UK’s leading public library management system supplier, has reached agreement on a merger with Axiell Library Group AB. With immediate effect DS becomes part of the Axiell Library Group family of companies.

Jan 01, 2008 Axiell Library Group formed as new parent company
Axiell Library Group formed, consisting of a parent company with three operating subsidiaries: Axiell Bibliotek AB (Sweden), Axiell Bibliotek A/S (Denmark) and Ab Axiell Kirjastot Oy (Finland).

Dec 12, 2007 Axiell invests in Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP Oy
Axiell Bibliotek AB is strengthening its position in Finland by buying shares in the Finnish company Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP Oy.

Apr 2007 Axiell acqires TietoEnator Libraries Oy, Finland for 2.4 million Euros

2004 Axiell acquires CSC's Consulting Group's Library Section

2001 Axiell Biblioteksystem AB and BTJ System AB merge to form Axiell Bibliotek AB

Jan 2001 DS Ltd acquires Crossnet Systems Ltd
Rob Bull was Director of Crossnet Systems from June 1996 - January 2001. Crossnet Systems was formed as a result of a management buyout of Satellites International Ltd. One product of Crossnet was the ZedKit toolkit for Z39.50 support.

Jul 1999 ADLIB Information Systems acquires ROTA and Ocelot automation system from Reekx
Summer 1999, Adlib acquired the Ocelot automation system from Reekx. Ocelot for Windows

1999 Danish Data Elektronik becomes Ehuset A / S

1991 BTJ System AB is formed

1986 Bert Degenhart Drenth joins Databasix Computer Systems and launches a subsidiary office in the Benelux

1975 Danish Data Elektronik Founded

1960 BTJ converted into a limited company.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2019 Axiell Accomplishments Narrative

The Mikromarc ILS (Norway HQ) customers in the Nordics are from 2019 part of the Axiell family. The LSP Quria is now implemented in several libraries in Norway and a library in Germany. New contracts signed for libraries in Germany. Switzerland going live in 2020. The Axiell Arena Discovery web solution version “Nova” has a fully revamped public UX and staff UX and adds an event integration module. Axiell Arena has attracted customers in the archival sector of New Zealand. Axiell Media e-book distribution introduced in Finland. The Biblio e-media app is approaching 200 000 users in the first year. Axiell has a unique position in the public library realm by the successful first year of managing three libraries in Nacka city. The IKP-strategy, a full-service solution including library, archive and digital asset management, is promoted around the globe. [View Narrative for 2018] [View Narrative for 2017] [View Narrative for 2016] [View Narrative for 2015] [View Narrative for 2014] [View Narrative for 2013] [View Narrative for 2012] [View Narrative for 2011] [View Narrative for 2010] [View Narrative for 2009]