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Box 24914
Lund, 224 21
Phone: +46-46-270-0400
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Executive Leadership

photo of Mats  Hentzel
Mats Hentzel
photo of Joel Sommerfeldt
Joel Sommerfeldt
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Maria  Wasing
Maria Wasing
Chief Operating Officer
photo of Andreas Ekberg
Andreas Ekberg
Chief Financial Officer
photo of Fredrik  Paulsson
Fredrik Paulsson
Chief Technical Officer
photo of Marie  Flackerup
Marie Flackerup
Chief Human Resources Officer
photo of Ann Melaerts
Ann Melaerts
Vice President for Strategic initiatives
photo of Elisabet Thylander
Elisabet Thylander
Head of Finance and Administration
photo of Dan Moran
Dan Moran
Vice President Operations
photo of Eva  Houltzén
Eva Houltzén
Managing Director, Axiell Media
photo of Malcolm Howitt
Malcolm Howitt
Managing Director, Axiell CALM

Company Ownership

Axiell is privately owned, with Mats Hentzel as leading shareholder.

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

Axiell 202199122482277368
Axiell 202096117462188368
Axiell 201985116432065310
Axiell 201885116432040285
Axiell 20179896443235305
Axiell 20169188503235296
Axiell 20158596373224274
Axiell 20147668404349263
Axiell 20136063362931219
Axiell 20125553302931198
Axiell 20115766343534226
Axiell 20105826312642223
Axiell 20096249262553215
Axiell 2008240
Axiell 2007117

Documents or articles featuring Axiell

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell acquires Infor Library and Information Solutions. January 2022. Library Technology Newsletter. In a move that further consolidates the global library technology industry, Axiell has entered into an agreement to acquire the Library and Information Solutions division of Infor. This deal will add the V-smart integrated library system and related products to Axiell's already extensive portfolio of library technology products. The scale of the transaction is modest but impacts libraries across many countries and regions. At the time of the announcement, Infor reported 180 library customers. V-smart is a well-established product in the Benelux region, with many customers in Belgium and The Netherlands as well as in Switzerland, France, and Greece. Beyond Europe, V-Smart has been implemented by libraries in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and in the United States.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Acquires CultureConnect. November 2020. Smart Libraries Newsletter. The September 2020 acquisition of New York-based CultureConnect brings to Axiell new technologies for the creation of sophisticated digital experiences for museums and cultural institutions. This acquisition builds on partnership announced in June 2019 to create interoperability among their respective platforms. CultureConnect's products enable organizations to create engaging online exhibits, virtual programs, mobile museum guides, mobile kiosks, games, and other interactive interfaces delivered through mobile devices and touchscreens. CultureConnect enables the organization to create content in a single platform and publish it, with built-in data and analytics, to many different interfaces or applications.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Acquires Bibliotekenes IT-senter. March 2019. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Axiell, a major provider of technologies to libraries, museums, and archives, has acquired Bibliotekenes IT-senter, more commonly known as Bibits, expanding its presence in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This acquisition brings two important products into the Axiell product portfolio, the Micromarc ILS dominant in Norway, and Saga, a library web portal. This move represents a significant expansion of Axiell's library business and brings in a new set of customer libraries with potential interest in its flagship Quria library services platform.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Acquires ATP Automation. November 2017. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Axiell continues to expand its portfolio of products through business acquisitions. The company's latest move involves the acquisition of ATP Automation Ltd Oy, a small company based in Finland that supplies self-service and automated material handling equipment to public libraries. The company was founded in 2006. Over 70 libraries in Finland have implemented its products as well as a small number of organizations outside the library sector. ATP Automation previously worked with Axiell as a partner in library implementations prior to its acquisition. The four staff members of the company will join Axiell.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Continues to Expand. December 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Axiell, one of the major global companies providing technology products and services to libraries, archives, and museums, continues to expand. In North America, Axiell is better known for its technology products for archives and museums than for library systems. The company offers a diverse set of technology products, operating divisions for public libraries, for the broader archives, libraries, and museums (ALM) sector, for educational platforms, and for e-books and other digital media. In recent months, the company has made two strategic acquisitions to strengthen its position in libraries and other business areas.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Launches Quria: New Library Services Platform for Public Libraries. July 2016. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Although not a product that will be marketed in the United States in the near future, Axiell's Quria will be designed to accommodate the requirements of modern public libraries increasingly involved in digital delivery of content and services and will be based on current technologies. Axiell aims for Quria to help libraries cope with the shifts they are making toward digital services.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell and Publit Launch Atingo for E-book lending. October 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. A new venture has been established on the e-book lending front, initially focused on publishers and libraries in Sweden, but with possible opportunities for other international regions. Two Scandinavian companies— Publit a Swedish company involved with e-books and print on demand, and Axiell, which develops software for libraries and archives— have jointly launched Atingo, a company offering e-book lending products and services to libraries. Though in an early pilot phase and not currently available in the United States, the service provides an interesting example of a business and technology model implemented abroad.

Breeding, Marshall. Axiell Group Acquires Adlib Information Systems. April 2013. Smart Libraries Newsletter. In a move that consolidates two companies that produce systems for managing museum, archive, and library collections, Axiell Group has acquired Adlib Information Systems. Axiell offers a variety of library automation systems used in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom as well as Axiell CALM, for the management of archive and museum collections. Adlib's products find use primarily in museums, archives, and special libraries. The acquisition of Adlib, a company with particular strengths in the museum and archive automation sector, significantly expands Axiell's reach, especially into the museum sector and also into many new geographic areas. While it has not yet ventured into the North American library automation market, Axiell, with its growing arsenal of products, warrants attention as a major, global contender with the potential to expand into new geographic regions.

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News Announcements

April 25, 2022. Axiell's Quria platform chosen by Viken Fylke to strengthen cooperation in the region. Axiell, the leading software vendor for public libraries in Europe, announces new customers for Axiell Quria in Norway. Earlier this year, Viken County Library, in partnership with 22 municipalities and all the upper secondary schools in the county, issued a tender to choose a new library system. Viken County Library chose Axiell's cloud-based platform Quria and Quria Discover. Through this partnership, Quria will now serve nearly 700 000 inhabitants.

March 23, 2022. Axiell's EMu Collections Management Software chosen by second University of Arizona division. Axiell, the world's leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, today announces the expansion of its EMu Collections Management System within the University of Arizona. The Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum joins Arizona State Museum as a fellow EMu user within the University of Arizona. EMu has gained international acclaim with natural history institutions for it's flexible and comprehensive management of multidisciplinary collections. The adoption of EMu will further establish the Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum as a world class institution focused on digital innovation to power mineral and gem education and outreach.

February 22, 2022. Axiell's Film Archive Collections Management software chosen by Eye Filmmuseum. Axiell, the world's leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces that Eye Filmmuseum has chosen Axiell's collections management platform, Axiell Collections, to manage their vast collection to the international EN 15907 film archive standard. The Archive has also chosen two integrated Axiell Collections add-on products to deepen their use of the system. Axiell Move will be used to handle object movements across their storage facility which holds over 250,000 film cans and 600,000 other objects. Axiell's Collections Online offering will be used to create an intranet that facilitates internal search and reading requests for their 32,000 film books.

November 1, 2021. Axiell's integrated MuseTech Ecosystem chosen by the Historic New Orleans Collection. Axiell announced that The Historic New Orleans Collection has chosen Axiell's collections management platform, Axiell Collections, and collections online product, Arena, to centralize their collections data and boost efficiency across the institution. These platforms will be integrated with THNOC's digital asset management system, Piction.In January 2021, Axiell announced a partnership with Piction and the two companies now collaborate on a shared production roadmap for the benefit of companies like THNOC that seek to connect, streamline and enrich data across platforms in their institution. The integration with Piction is now part of Axiell's standard CMS application.

September 30, 2021. Axiell launches cloud-based workflow automation solution for museums, archives and libraries. Axiell, the world's leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces the launch of a new cloud product, Axiell Flow. Axiell Flow is a workflow solution that automates internal processes to give museum, archive and library staff more time to focus on their areas of expertise. Based on museum and archive procedural and data standards, Axiell Flow is designed to ensure that processes involving collections care, cataloguing, access, and use can be followed effectively, whether users are at their desks or on the move.

May 7, 2021. Quria Library Directors' Forum membership grows rapidly enabling future strategic product development. In the spirit of learning and collaboration, Axiell has launched a Quria Library Directors' Forum. The forum will provide a place for Library Directors in the Quria User Community to share experiences using the software, collaborate on strategic product development, receive product updates from Axiell and exchange on international trends and formats. The forum is growing fast and new delegates from leading libraries in Europe took part.

March 10, 2021. Axiell partners with Adimeo to bring next-generation library services platform to France. Axiel announced a strategic partnership with Adimeo, a tech and consulting company based in France. The partnership grants Adimeo exclusive distribution rights to bring Axiell's Quria product, a library services platform designed for the modern public library, to French-speaking European markets.

January 22, 2021. Axiell launches the Quria Library Directors' Forum. In the spirit of learning and collaboration, we have launched a Quria Library Directors' Forum. Library Directors in the Quria Community are invited to join the community and partake in discussions about strategies and trends in the sector. The forum will also provide a place to share experiences using Quria, collaborate on strategic product development, and receive product updates from Axiell.

January 19, 2021. Oxelösunds library chooses Quria to streamline operations. Oxelösunds Library chooses Axiell's cloud-based platform, Quria, and discovery tool, Axiell Arena, to streamline work for library staff, leaving more time to assist borrowers and visitors. With this user-friendly and modern library system, Oxelösund will be better positioned to support its 11,900 inhabitants with more flexible library operations and automated processes.

December 21, 2020. Library consortium Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund (NBBF) chooses Quria. Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund chooses Axiell's cloud-based platform Quria and Axiell Arena, providing the libraries' staff and users with a modern, flexible solution. As a library consortium, NBBF's goal is to manage all of their resources in one platform and to provide the digital service that visitors and borrowers expect from libraries today.

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Corporate Chronology

Jan 04, 2022 Axiell acquires Infor Library and Information Solutions
Axiell announces agreement to acquire Infor Library and Information Solutions business and expand global presence. Axiell, the world's leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, today announced an agreement to acquire Infor Library & Information Solutions, a business within Infor, the industry cloud company. The acquisition is expected to close in February. The Infor Library & Information Solutions business delivers solutions and services to the library sector and serves more than 180 customers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The acquisition is driven by Axiell's expansion strategy, focusing and strengthening its offer in the public library and education industry.

Sep 22, 2020 CultureConnect acquired by Axiell
Axiell acquires of CultureConnect, an award-winning technology company headquartered in New York City that empowers cultural institutions to easily create beautiful and dynamic digital experiences that broaden audience engagement onsite and online.

Aug 03, 2020 Axiell acquires Musoft
Axiell, the leading supplier of software to the cultural sector, announced the acquisition of Musoft, the leading vendor for collections management, heritage catalogue, virtual reality and public facing solutions in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The acquisition advances the technology landscape for museums, libraries and cultural organisations in Eastern and Central Europe and brings customers such as Czech National Museum, Slovak National Museum, Czech National Heritage Institute, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic into the Axiell Group. Musoft's industry experience, local infrastructure, leading technologies and well-established customer relationships expand Axiell's position in Europe. In the near future, the region and Musofts existing customers will get access to the cloud-based solutions Axiell Quria for libraries and WeLib for education, as well as Axiell's solutions for collections management.

Aug 08, 2017 Ann Melaerts joins Axiell as Vice President & Business Area Director for Axiell Public Libraries
Axiell announced the expansion of its operations in Europe. Ann Melaerts, formerly General Manager Library Division and VP Independent business units at INFOR, joins Axiell as Vice President & Business Area Director for Axiell Public Libraries. Ann will be responsible for sales from Axiell’s solutions and services portfolio to public libraries in Europe, which includes Axiell Quria, a cloud based library services platform, and Axiell Arena, an advanced and robust online discovery portal for libraries.

May 25, 2016 Axiell acquires Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums
Axiell announced the acquisition of Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums, particularly national museums. The acquisition brings together Axiell’s global resources and experience within Archives, Libraries and Museums with the solid position that Mobydoc has held in the French market for over 20 years. The move creates an organisation that will be able to continue to serve French museums with market leading solutions and services, now and in the future.

Mar 09, 2015 Axiell acquires seventy percent of Elib e-book distributor from publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget
The four major Swedish publishing houses are now selling their eBook company Elib to the Swedish IT company Axiell Group, whereby Elib gains a technology-intense owner that can power eBook development into the future. Axiell has acquired 70 per cent of the company, while the publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget are keeping 30 per cent. Elib was established in 2000 to meet the market's eBook demand, and has come to function as the hub of the Swedish digital book market.

Apr 03, 2014 Axiell acquires KE Software
Axiell Group AB – the Swedish developer and supplier of systems and services for libraries, museums, archives and schools – has acquired the Australian company KE Software, making Axiell the leading IT supplier of software and services within museums and archives sector. This acquisition is set to create fresh opportunities in Australia, the Middle East and North America.

Oct 08, 2013 Axiell acquires Selago Design
Axiell Group has acquired Canadian company Selago Design Inc. Selago Design Inc. has been developing and supplying collections management and public access software for museums and archives for more than 20 years. Their flagship product, Mimsy XG, is used by organisations ranging from small business collections to large national museums. While the majority of the customer base is in North America, the company also enjoys a significant presence in the UK, Australia and Asia.

Aug 21, 2013 Axiell and Publit Launch Atingo for E-book lending
new venture has been established on the e-book lending front, initially focused on publishers and libraries in Sweden, but with possible opportunities for other international regions. Two Scandinavian companies— Publit a Swedish company involved with e-books and print on demand, and Axiell, which develops software for libraries and archives— have jointly launched Atingo, a company offering e-book lending products and services to libraries. Though in an early pilot phase and not currently available in the United States, the service provides an interesting example of a business and technology model implemented abroad.

Mar 01, 2013 Axiell Group acquires ADLIB Information Systems
The acquisition of the Dutch company, Adlib Information Systems, makes Axiell the largest player in Europe in relation to museums and archives, and confirms the company's position as one of the five largest players in the global market. The deal has given Axiell 1,600 new clients in 30 countries, and has provided a broad international platform for future growth.

Mar 2013 CultureConnect founded by Samantha Diamond and Monika Smyczek

2011 Musoft founded
MUSOFT.CZ s.r.o., was founded in 2011, is a genuinely Czech company specializing in analysis and programming of database information systems. The main objecive of the company is to develop a modern collection registration system for memory institutions (museums, galleries, archives, libraries, heritage institutions, etc.)

2011 Joel Sommerfeldt appointed as CEO for Axiell Group AB
Joel Sommerfeldt, previous CEO for Kelva AB and board member of Axiell Group AB, will take over the position as CEO for Axiell Group AB – the European leading vendor producing IT services and systems to archives, libraries and museums. Joel Sommerfeldt will take up office the 1st of January 2012 after Jerk Sintorn, who will still work for Axiell but in another position. Joel Sommerfeldt succeeds Jerk Sintorn, Axiell’s incumbent CEO who after 16 years of leadership has decided to step down devoting himself to other tasks in Axiell.

Apr 28, 2008 Axiell acquires DS
DS, the UK’s leading public library management system supplier, has reached agreement on a merger with Axiell Library Group AB. With immediate effect DS becomes part of the Axiell Library Group family of companies.

Jan 01, 2008 Axiell Library Group formed as new parent company
Axiell Library Group formed, consisting of a parent company with three operating subsidiaries: Axiell Bibliotek AB (Sweden), Axiell Bibliotek A/S (Denmark) and Ab Axiell Kirjastot Oy (Finland).

Dec 12, 2007 Axiell invests in Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP Oy
Axiell Bibliotek AB is strengthening its position in Finland by buying shares in the Finnish company Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP Oy.

Jun 21, 2007 Ann Melaerts named Managing Director of Infor Library Systems
Ann Melaerts has been appointed Managing Director of Infor Library Solutions. Ann has been with our organization for over 15 years and has served as General Manager Southern Europe Region for the last 6 years. In her role as General Manager for Southern Europe, she successfully implemented an aggressive growth strategy, solidifying our leading position and strengthening our brand recognition in the southern European marketplace.

Apr 2007 Axiell acquires TietoEnator Libraries Oy, Finland for 2.4 million Euros

2004 Axiell acquires CSC's Consulting Group's Library Section

2001 Axiell Biblioteksystem AB and BTJ System AB merge to form Axiell Bibliotek AB

Jan 2001 DS Ltd acquires Crossnet Systems Ltd
Rob Bull was Director of Crossnet Systems from June 1996 - January 2001. Crossnet Systems was formed as a result of a management buyout of Satellites International Ltd. One product of Crossnet was the ZedKit toolkit for Z39.50 support.

Jul 1999 ADLIB Information Systems acquires ROTA and Ocelot automation system from Reekx
Summer 1999, Adlib acquired the Ocelot automation system from Reekx. Ocelot for Windows

1999 Danish Data Elektronik becomes Ehuset A / S

1991 BTJ System AB is formed

1986 Bert Degenhart Drenth joins Databasix Computer Systems and launches a subsidiary office in the Benelux

1983 Technical University Eindhoven joins Vrije Universiteit Brussels as a co-developer of VUBIS

1978 VUBIS goes into production at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

1975 Danish Data Elektronik Founded

1960 BTJ converted into a limited company.

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2021 Axiell Accomplishments Narrative

Axiell’s cloud-based library services platform Quria has been received exceptionally well by customers. Interest in the product from public and special libraries has grown significantly in 2021. The number of new Quria customers signed during 2021 reached 57, bringing the user base up to 80 customers.

At the end of the year, Axiell signed an agreement to acquire Infor’s Library & Information Solutions business on February 1st, 2022. The acquisition accelerates the availability of cloud technology to libraries and schools enabling them to, at their pace, join the community of customers who work with Axiell’s library services platform, Quria.

In late 2021 Axiell acquired Enisoft, the leading app developer for public libraries in Finland, serving 45 municipalities including the Finnish National Library. The app will be integrated with Quria to expand the platform with a market-proven solution for public libraries to engage and communicate with their patrons in a relevant and efficient way.

Axiell’s Quria Library Directors’ Forum continued to grow as a mechanism for library directors in the Quria User Community to share experiences using the software, collaborate on strategic product development, receive product updates from Axiell and exchange on international trends and formats. The highlight of the year was a hybrid event held in October at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen

In addition, Axiell’s school library system with educational functionality, WeLib, continued to grow during 2021 and expanded further into Norway and Finland. Notably, in 2021, Gothenburg’s 146 primary schools choose WeLib, which is a major achievement for both Axiell and the WeLib platform. The system is also now used by all primary schools in Sweden’s three largest cities, which offers a unique opportunity to accelerate Axiell’s digital school initiative.

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