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10535 Foothill Boulevard Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730
United States
Phone: 909-595-7004

Resource Management Products (ILS or LSP)

Executive Leadership

photo of Paul R. Cope
Paul R. Cope
photo of Cheryl Slinkard
Cheryl Slinkard
Chief Operations Officer
photo of John  Petrocik
John Petrocik
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Albert Flores
Albert Flores
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
photo of Maureen Graham
Maureen Graham
Product Manager, SHAREit
photo of Rae Schneider
Rae Schneider
Product Manager, VERSO
photo of Debbie Hensler
Debbie Hensler
SHAREit, Customer Services Product Manager
photo of Susan Rhood
Susan Rhood
Director of Marketing
photo of Bryan  Straight
Bryan Straight
photo of Oliver Weiler
Oliver Weiler
Director of Information Technology
photo of Alan Mask
Alan Mask
Customer Service Manager
photo of Julie Cavender
Julie Cavender
Product Manager, VERSO
photo of Seyon Sinclair
Seyon Sinclair
Product Manager, VERSO

Company Ownership

Agent Information Software, Inc. (AIS) became a publicly traded company in 2010 and involved a one-for-one exchange of shares from previously traded brand Auto-Graphics, Inc. (AUGR since 1969). Stock market quotations for Agent Information Software common stock can be found on Yahoo Finance under the ticker symbol AIFS. (from company investor page)

Personnel employed

[Data source: statistics supplied for the annual Library Systems Report or from public information]

Auto-Graphics, Inc. 202312633529
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 202266211732
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20219154432
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 202071133428
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20195951828
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 201891685139
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2017101164536
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 201651294333
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20156894330
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20145785328
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2013111164739
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 201211764735
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20117883834
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20107763932
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2009910124338
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 200811975638
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 200799114336
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 200671073532
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 20057984432
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2004107129442
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2003107129442
Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2002105732045

Documents or articles featuring Auto-Graphics, Inc.

Breeding, Marshall. Auto-Graphics: A Library Automation Pioneer Strengthens Its Position for Library Consortia. February 2012. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Auto-Graphics has been landing an increasing number of consortial contracts for its AGent VERSO ILS, demonstrating its standing as one of the stronger mid-level library automation vendors in the library automation industry. Their newest clients include a large statewide consortium in Tennessee. This project stands as a significant win for Auto-Graphics and also marks the first time that Tennessee has sponsored a statewide library automation initiative. In a phase of library automation where open source automation projects gain considerable attention, it demonstrates that proprietary systems continue to be regarded as viable alternatives.

Breeding, Marshall. Auto-Graphics launches ASP digital library product. December 2005. Smart Libraries Newsletter. Through its service called “AGent Digital Collections,” Auto-Graphics has extended its product line to include a platform for helping libraries create, and provide access to, digitized collections of local content. Auto-Graphics specializes in products offered through the ASP (application service provider) model, a model in which the vendor hosts the software on its own servers. The company's federated search, resource sharing, and ILS products follow this approach as well.

. Auto-Graphics acquires LIBerator Library Management System. October 1990. Library Systems Newsletter. Auto-Graphics, Inc., has announced its acquisition of the LIBerator Library Management System from LIBerator Information Systems & Services, Inc., of Denver, Colorado. The product, now to be called the IMPACT Small Library Management System (IMPACT/SLiMS), is a microcomputer based system for integrating a library's catalog maintenance, circulation and patron access catalog functions through a single data base. The operating system is MS-DOS and the programming language is "C." The system takes in, stores, and outputs bibliographic records in the MARC format.

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News Announcements

May 8, 2024. AGent Information Software (AIFS) Publishes 2024 First Quarter Financials. AGent Information Software (AIFS), the parent company of Auto-Graphics, Inc., released 2024 first-quarter financials earlier this week. In the first quarter of 2024, AIFS reported a net income of $21,259. Recurring revenue remains solid at $1,351,610 at quarter-end, a 5.3% increase over 2023. The sales team will continue to pursue both VERSO and SHAREit leads for the remainder of 2024 as well as attend numerous state and national library conferences to generate interest in A-G products.

April 29, 2024. Auto-Graphics, Inc. secures Seventh Consecutive Statewide Resource-Sharing contract with Tennessee State Library and Archives. Auto-Graphics, a pioneer in Web-based library resource management solutions for library consortia and statewide systems, announced that its cloud-based resource sharing solution, SHAREit, has been awarded the contract by the Tennessee State Library and Archives for the seventh consecutive time. This achievement solidifies Auto-Graphics' continued presence and expansion across the Southern and Midwest states facilitating resource sharing across state lines.

April 23, 2024. Agent Information Software (AIFS) publishes 2023 Audited Financials. Agent Information Software (AIFS), the parent company of Auto-Graphics, Inc., has released audited 2023 year-end financials as part of their Annual Report. AIFS reported a net income of $204k for 2023 and total revenue of $5,409k, an increase of $150k from 2022). Recurring revenue remains solid for 2023 at $5,247k with $161k in non-recurring sales. Both basic and diluted earnings per share finished 2023 at $0.04. A cash dividend of $0.035 per share was approved by the AIFS Board of Directors at its annual shareholders meeting on May 24, 2023. The dividend was distributed on June 30, 2023, to all stockholders on record as of June 15, 2023.

February 6, 2024. Auto-Graphics introduces Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) full record enhancements for libraries that subscribe to CLCD enriched content. Auto-Graphics has partnered with Children's Literature Comprehensive Database to provide enhanced catalog enrichments for VERSO customers that are subscribed to this service. The partnership was initially established when Harrison County Library System contacted Auto-Graphics in search of a solution for creating consistent MARC record data for their children's collection.

November 15, 2023. AGent Information Software (AIFS) publishes 2023 Third Quarter Financials. AGent Information Software, the parent company of Auto-Graphics, Inc. (A-G), released 2023 third-quarter financials. In the third quarter of 2023, AIFS reported a net income YTD of $98,863. Recurring revenue remains solid at $3,893k at quarter-end, a slight increase from 2023. The company's cash position remains solid at the end of the third quarter of 2023, with strong receipts expected in the beginning of the final quarter of 2023. Focus remains on product development/programming of our product lines as the company looks to add staffing to these areas.

October 26, 2023. Auto-Graphics, Inc sponsors Best Small Library Award during the Kansas Library Association Annual Conference. As part of its commitment to all libraries – no matter what their size – Auto-Graphics sponsored the “Kansas Best Small Library” award for 2023. This year's winner of the award is Marion City Library in Marion, KS. Each year, the Kansas Library Association seeks entries from public libraries serving a population of 5,000 or less that offer creative services, programs, and activities for their community. The winning library is chosen by a committee of distinguished librarians from around the state. Although only one library receives the award, all entries received by KLA are kept and used to share ideas about services, programs, and activities that can be replicated in other Kansas public libraries.

September 18, 2023. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission selects SHAREit as their new statewide Interlibrary Loan System. Auto-Graphics announced that The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has selected SHAREit as their new statewide Interlibrary Loan system. The contract, which began on September 1, 2023, provides a framework to implement SHAREit as the new statewide interlibrary loan solution for Texas public libraries over the next fiscal year.The statewide interlibrary loan program, administered by TSLAC, assists Texas public libraries in meeting the current accreditation criteria to offer, borrow, and lend materials with other Texas public libraries. Currently 534 Texas public libraries and branches, 14 small academic libraries, and 12 prison libraries participate in the statewide interlibrary loan consortium. The program is funded by the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

September 6, 2023. Auto-Graphics, Inc. has introduced fully indexed records for all hoopla titles in VERSO. Auto-Graphics, Inc. in collaboration with hoopla Digital, has introduced a new feature in VERSO that provides fully-indexed records for all hoopla e-resources. This new feature works with all hoopla content included with both Instant and Flex plans.

July 26, 2023. Children's Literature Database (CLCD) and Auto-Graphics, Inc. join forces to revolutionize children's books' products. Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD), the leading provider of children's and young adult literature information, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Auto-Graphics, Inc., a renowned technology solutions company. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the landscape of children's books' products, offering enhanced accessibility and empowering libraries and educators worldwide.

June 13, 2023. AGent Information Software (AIFS) Announces Cash Dividend. Board of Directors of Agent Information Software approved a cash dividend for its shareholders at its May 24, 2023, Annual Shareholders Meeting. The dividend of $0.035 per common share will be paid on June 30, 2023, to all shareholders of record as of the close of business on June 15, 2023.

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Corporate Chronology

Jan 20, 2009 Auto-Graphics announces AGent Iluminar as its new generation presentation layer
Auto-Graphics announced the development of AGent Iluminar, a next generation Web Services application for the company's library automation platform. AGent Iluminar was built using the free open source Flex framework, a key component of the Adobe Flash Platform, which provides fast, end-to-end development of rich Internet applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems. AGent Iluminar provides a more visual and interactive user experienceto facilitate social networking, effortless navigation and drag and drop customization capabilities for an improved user experience and administrative workflow. The application has been selected for use by many of the company's existing customers including the State Library of Kansas and is expected to be made available in early 2009.

2006 Auto-Graphics releases AGent Search Web Service

Apr 01, 2005 Paul R. Cope appointed President of Auto-Graphics
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Paul R. Cope, the Company's Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed President replacing Mr. Bergamasco effective immediately. Mr. Cope, who is the son of Robert S. Cope, Chairman of the Board and founder of Auto-Graphics, Inc., has been with the Company for nearly 30 years and served in many different capacities including CTO, General Manager for the Publishing Division, Product Marketing Manager for the development of our XML products and Production Manager.

2005 Auto-Graphics releases AGent VERSO

Jun 14, 2004 Patrick T. Bergamasco joins Auto-Graphics as the new Chief Executive Officer
Auto-Graphics announced that Patrick T. Bergamasco has joined Auto-Graphics as the new Chief Executive Officer. He replaces Robert S. Cope as President, who has retired. Mr. Cope will retain his current role as Chairman of the Board.

May 17, 2004 Auto-Graphics, Inc. announces deregistration
Auto-Graphics, Inc. reported that the Company has filed a Form 15 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to terminate the registration of its common stock under Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and suspend its reporting obligations under Sections 13 and 15(d) of the Act.

Jun 15, 2001 Auto-Graphics, Inc. acquires WINGS Request Management System from Pigasus Software
Augo-Graphics announced its impending purchase of the WINGS software assets from Pigasus Software, Inc. of Saint Charles, MO. The acquisition allows Auto-Graphics to expand upon its leadership role as an ASP by expanding its resource sharing product line to include the WINGS software. Auto-Graphics will embark upon further integrating the proven WINGS ISO 10160/10161 resource sharing system into the proven Impact/ONLINE system, which currently is in use throughout North America.

Feb 01, 2001 Auto-graphics acquires Maxcess Library Systems
From Auto-Graphics Annual Report (SEC form 10-K) submited May 3, 2001. In February of 2001, the Company completed the purchase of software and related assets of Maxcess Library Systems, Inc. for approximately $200,000. This purchase and resulting offering will afford the Company the opportunity to expand its current ASP (Application Service Provider) Impact/ONLINE(TM) product/services in the library automation area to include a fully Web based integrated library system (ILS) which will be offered to libraries, including those who currently use the Company's SLiMS (Small Library Management System) product, for license for "in library" use or as an ASP service under the trade name Impact/VERSO(TM). Acquisition of the Company's new ILS software on an ASP basis will provide libraries with a low capital investment alternative to their ILS needs, with no local software/hardware requirements (other than a Web browser and a PC workstation), allowing the library and their patrons to access and utilize the library's bibliographic holdings information via the Internet/Web.

May 23, 2000 Michael Skiles appointed to position of President of Auto-Graphics, Inc.
Michael K. Skiles, former President at Gaylord Information Systems, has been named President of Auto-Graphics, Inc. Prior to Gaylord, Mr. Skiles was Vice President at Data Research Associates.

Jan 10, 2000 Auto-Graphics, Inc. launches LibraryCard, Inc. and Dataquad as new subsidiaries
Auto-Graphics reported that it organized two new subsidiaries which will own, continue the development and operate the Auto-Graphics' proposed new and web publishing and content management software system businesses. The two new subsidiaries are named LibraryCard, Inc. and Dataquad, Inc., respectively.

Aug 01, 1997 Auto-Graphics subsidiary purchases ISM's library services division
A-G Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of Auto-Graphics, Inc., has purchased the Library Information Services Division of Information Systems Management, one of North America's major bibliographic utilities. The bibliographic utility may be recognized by some as the former UTLAS. The bibliographic database acquired by A-C Canada contains in excess of 57 million records and has an associated PC-based ILL system.

Jun 1995 Auto-Graphics releases Impact /ONLINE
Impact On-Line was the first internet based interlibrary loan and cataloging system. Impact/ONLINE allowed Internet users with a Web browser to enter a library consortium's online catalog or database to locate desired books or other information and create an interlibrary loan requestt o obtain the item through their local library or branch from anywhere in the consortium.

Sep 1990 Auto-Graphics acquires LIBerator Library Management System
Auto-Graphics acquired the LIBerator Library Management System from LIBerator Information Systems and Services, Inc., of Denver, Colorado. The product was released as IMPACT/SLiMS, is a microcomputer based ILS.

1986 Auto-Graphics delivers CD-ROM based Public Access Library catalogs

1970 Auto-Graphics produces its first library catalog produced from a database

1970 Auto-Graphics, Inc. acquires Leaps

1969 Cope Typesetting becomes Auto-Graphics, Inc. and begins trading as a public company

1950 Auto-Graphics founded as Cope Typesetting
Auto-Graphics was founded as a company involved in printing with hot metal typesetting. The company moved to computer typesetting, database development, and eventually to on-line services

Annual Accomplishments Statements

[Data source: text supplied for the annual Library Systems Report]

2023 Auto-Graphics, Inc. Accomplishments Narrative

Auto-Graphics, Inc. 2023 Business & Development Summary

In 2023, Auto-Graphics, Inc. continued to enhance and improve our library technology products. SHAREit, our flagship resource sharing software, solidified its position as a market-leader with the award of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) contract as the statewide inter-library loan provider. Auto-Graphics also partnered with the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) in early 2023 on a pilot program to create a shared print discovery catalog for academic libraries built on the SHAREit platform.

As libraries faced unprecedented challenges to their collections, Auto-Graphics took the opportunity to join forces with Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) giving our customers access to robust content enhancements for their children’s and young adult materials. These enhancements include over 600,000 professional reviews from trusted sources as well as award information, author biographies, reading levels, and subject classifications. This integration provides our customers with a rich and diverse resource that supports literacy and fosters a love of reading for children and young adults. This collaboration also helps standardize reading program data so that records can be searched and retrieved effectively when patrons use Accelerated Reader, Lexile, or Reading Counts as search parameters.

Auto-Graphics’ 2023 VERSO ILS development focused on streamlining workflow for library staff with an emphasis on the Cataloging and Reporting modules. Auto-Graphics employed a diverse beta group to test and advise on AG-Edit, the new, cloud-based editing component of the new cataloging module. Among the noteworthy features tested by the beta group are pre-defined MARC templates, support for local tag definitions, ability to copy external bib records to the local catalog, and cloning of an existing record to create a new entry.

Development of a new Reports module began in 2023 with over 50% of existing VERSO reports being moved to the new platform along with numerous new reports and features. The Reports module includes a section for all new features so customers can stay up to date on developments as well as a “favorites” option to find their most frequently accessed reports. The reports are designed to be “board-ready” making it easy to incorporate them into presentations or to use as a standalone document. The full Reports module will be available to all new and existing VERSO customers by the end of 2024.

Other significant VERSO enhancements in 2023 included enhanced mobile responsiveness for improved patron accessibility and streamlined CILL (Circulation ILL) integration for VERSO customers using SHAREit resource-sharing. Auto-Graphics has also been making continuous improvements to 508 compliance for VERSO with all patron-facing pages at Level AA and many at Level AAA. We have also published an official Accessibility Statement which can be found on our corporate website.

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