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  • Ron Aspe -- President

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Library automation systems

SydneyPLUS International offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

A total of 0 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by SydneyPLUS International.

Corporate Chronology

Jan 20, 2012   SydneyPLUS Inmagic division acquires Presto product.
Oct 24, 2011   SydneyPLUS acquires Inmagic's special library business.
Jul 28, 2011   Inmagic Introduces IdeaNet.
May 21, 2010   SydneyPLUS acquires LookUp Precision from Advanced Productivity Software.
Mar 2010   SydneyPLUS acquires Questor Systems.
Jul 2009   Edison Venture Fund makes follow-on investment in Inmagic, Inc.
May 21, 2009   Ron Matros appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Inmagic.
Jan 21, 2009   Inmagic Presto for Social Libraries launched.
Jul 1, 2008   SydneyPLUS acquires Cuadra Associates.
Dec 13, 2007   Inmagic receives $5 million from Edison Venture Fund.
Aug 30, 2007   SydneyPLUS acquires SV Technology, developer of LawPort.
Sep 12, 2006   Paul J. Puzzanghera named President and Chief Executive Officer of Inmagic.
Aug 24, 2004   Inmagic Presto launched.
May 5, 2004   Inmagic Genie launched.
Sep 2, 2000   InfoNet Software Solutions, Inc. becomes Incite Software Solutions.
Jan 2000   International Library Systems becomes SydneyPLUS International.
Aug 1, 1999   Inmagic acquires BiblioTech Pro from Comstow Information Services, Inc..
1999   SV Technology, Inc. creates initial release of LawPort.
1998   Karen Brothers becomes Chairman of the board of Inmagic.
Jun 30, 1994   InfoNet / Computer Sciences Canada becomes InfoNet Software Solutions, Inc..
Nov 1993   Inmagic moves into new corporate headquarters.
Nov 30, 1992   InfoNet / Computer Sciences Canada founded.
1990   Phillip Green joins Inmagic as President.
Jul 1989   Sydney Development Corporation files for bankruptcy.
Mar 1989   International Library Systems acquires rights for the Sydney Library System.
Mar 1989   International Library Systems founded.
1986   Questor Systems founded.
Jan 1984   Sydney Development Corporation assumes responsibility for Easy Data Library System.
1983   Inmagic founded by Elizabeth Bole Eddison and Karen Brothers.
Dec 1982   Keewhit Investments Limited makes investment in Sydney Development Corporation.
1982   Cuadra Associates shifts to full time development and support for STAR products.
1982   Easy Data sold to Sydney Development Corporation.
1978   Cuadra Associates founded by Carlos A. Cuadra as a consulting firm.
1978   Inmagic product developed by Warner-Eddison Associates.
1977   SydneyPLUS International founded.
1975   Easy Data Inc. founded by Merv Richter.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

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(January 20, 2012). SydneyPLUS Inmagic division acquires Presto product

SydneyPLUS KM, provider of Library KM software and solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, law firms and government agencies has just announced that its Inmagic division has reacquired Presto, bringing it back into Inmagic's portfolio of library and KM solutions. Presto is a social knowledge management platform integrating knowledge-based content with the "wisdom of the community" to create an Enterprise 2.0 environment that supports your organization’s research and business objectives. Inmagic also acquired the applications built using the Presto platform: Presto Social Library, Presto KnowledgeNet, Presto AssociatioNet, and Presto IdeaNet. In late 2011 SydneyPLUS KM acquired Inmagic's Library Suite of products and trademark. Simultaneously, it announced the intent to form a strategic partnership to co-market and support the Presto product line.

Napoli, Robert, First West Credit Union (January 19, 2012). Opportunity: Due south

First West Capital makes U.S. acquisition possible for Richmond software companyFor many businesses, last year’s ongoing economic uncertainty and fluctuating Canadian dollar signaled a time of consolidation. For SydneyPlus, the Richmond-based global provider of knowledge management software, it signaled a time of expansion. In late 2011, with $4 million in funding from First West Capital, SydneyPLUS completed the purchase of Massachusetts-based Inmagic’s special library automation business—a purchase SydneyPLUS president Ron Aspe says will give the company great growth opportunities.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (December 2011). SydneyPLUS acquires Inmagic Assets: Continued Consolidation in the Special Library and Knowledge Management Solutions Arena

In a move that continues the trend toward consolidation in the broader library automation industry and significantly alters the landscape in the special library sector, SydneyPLUS has acquired key assets from Inmagic. This transaction does not involve a complete acquisition of the company, but brings the library-oriented core of Inmagic under the ownership of Sydney- PLUS. It involves a division of the assets across two organizations: the Inmagic Division of SydneyPLUS International and the former Inmagic, Inc., which will assume a new identity. In general terms, the Inmagic Division of SydneyPLUS will continue with a focus on its traditional customer base in special libraries while the remaining entity will take the Presto technology into other market sectors and industries.

(July 28, 2008). Cuadra Associates joins The SydneyPLUS Group of Companies

On July 1, 2008, Cuadra Associates joined the SydneyPLUS group of companies. For more than 25 years, Cuadra has set the standard for powerful and versatile information management and retrieval software. Now, as before, Cuadra's products continue to earn the highest ratings from their users, while the name Cuadra has become synonymous with quality and integrity. The Cuadra management team, led by Dr. Carlos A. Cuadra and Ms. Judy Wanger, will remain with the company, as will Cuadra’s renowned technical support and development staff.

Library Systems Newsletter (January 2000). ILS evolving to SydneyPLUS

International Library Systems has begun to de-emphasize its name in recent advertising and on its letterhead. The new name, in large print, is "SydneyPLUS International." Its original name still appears in small print, but the company is clearly seeking to take advantage of the better known name of its principal product. Its Web address and e-mail address also reflect this new emphasis.

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