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IMS products used in Library Storage Facilities

This page presents the inventory management systems used by library storage facilities. (Return to Storage Facility Registry)

IMS Product
Unknown Carleton University Library Storage Facility
College of William and Mary Swem Library Offsite Stacks
North Carolina State University Satellite Shelving Facility
University of North Texas Library Annex

CaiaSoft Bangor University Library Research Reserve
Binghamton University Libraries Annex
Bowdoin College Library Annex
City of Boston Archival Center
Clancy Relocation and Logistics Tri State Depository
Clemson University Library Depot
Cornell University Library Annex
Duke University Library Service Center
Florida Academic Repository
Georgia Tech Remote Storage Library Service Center
Kansas State University Library Annex
Northern Regional Library Facility
Oklahoma State University Library Auxiliary Facility
Penn Libraries Research Annex -- LIBRA
Rochester Institute of Technology Library Offsite Collections
Southern Regional Library Facility
Texas State University Archives and Research Center
University at Buffalo Libraries Annex
University of Alabama Libraries Annex
University of Arkansas Library Annex (LINX)
University of Illinois -- Urbana-Champaign Oak Street High Density Storage
University of Kansas Library Annex
University of Maryland Severn Library
University of New Mexico Library Storage Facility
University of Pittsburgh Thomas Blvd. Library
University of South Carolina Library Annex and Conservation Facility
University of Virginia Ivy Stacks
University of Washington Sand Point Shelving Facility
West Virginia University Libraries Depository
Western Michigan University Zhang Legacy Collections Center

Dematic ASRS California State University Long Beach Online Remote Collections Access
Chicago State University Automated Storage and Retrieval System

GFA Library Archival System Bodleian Libraries Book Storage Facility
Brown University Library Collections Annex
Harvard Depository
Indiana University Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility
Joint Library Facility
Library of Congress High Density Storage Facility
Loyola Marymount University Library Basement Storage
Northwestern University Oak Grove Library Center
NYPL Milstein Stacks
Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP)
Rice University Library Service Center
Stanford Auxiliary Library 3
Syracuse University Libraries Facility
University of British Columbia Library PARC
University of Calgary High Density Library
University of Rochester
University of Wisconsin -- Madison Verona Shelving Facility
Wake Forest University Library Offsite Storage
Williams College Library Shelving Facility
Yale University Library Shelving Facility

Invar Warehouse Management System British Library Additional Storage Building

Locally Developed Colorado State University Library Lake Street Storage Facility
Dartmouth Library Depository
Five College Library Repository Collection
Notre Dame University Library Annex
Texas Christian University Library Annex
University of Alberta Research and Collections Resource Facility
University of Texas Library Storage Facility

None (Uses ILS) Arizona State University Polytechnic Archive
CAVAL Archival and Research Materials Centre
Center for Research Libraries
Iowa State University Library Storage Building
Johns Hopkins University Libraries' Service Center
Kenyon College Storage Facility
Michigan State University Libraries Remote Storage Facility
Minnesota Library Access Center
Northeastern Ohio Cooperative Regional Depository
Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository
Ohio State University Book Depository
Oklahoma State University Library North Boomer Annex
Pennsylvania State University Libraries Annex
Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries (PASCAL)
Rutgers University Libraries Annex
Southeast Ohio Regional Depository
Southwest Ohio Regional Depository
Texas Tech University Library Remote Storage Facility
TriUniversity Group Annex
University of Denver Hampden Center
University of Georgia Libraries Repository
University of Iowa Libraries Annex
University of Michigan Buhr Remote Shelving Facility
University of Missouri Libraries Depository
University of Nebraska -- Lincoln Library Depository Retrieval Facility
University of Texas Arlington Library Collections Depository
University of Toronto Libraries at Downsview
University of Western Ontario Archives and Research Collections Centre
University of Wyoming Library Annex
Vanderbilt University Library Annex
Virginia Tech Library Service Center
WRLC Shared Collections Facility

SPAN Warehouse Management System Cambridge University Library Storage Facility

Zasio Versatile Professional University of Oklahoma Library Service Center


Dematic ASRS2
GFA Library Archival System20
Invar Warehouse Management System1
Locally Developed7
None (Uses ILS)32
SPAN Warehouse Management System1
Zasio Versatile Professional1