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Volume 28 Number 12 (December 2008)

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Breeding, Marshall, Ex Libris Launches New Product for Digital Preservation
As libraries become more involved in managing digital content, long-term digital preservation has become a crucial issue. While it is challenging enough to develop digital collections that fit within systems providing convenient access to library users, itís even more difficult to implement processes that guarantee long-term preservation of these materials. Libraries play an important role in ensuring that future generations have access to the artifacts of our cultural heritage. Books, manuscripts, and other physical media have been preserved within libraries for centuries, but in recent years, a tremendous volume of information has been transferred into digital formats. Much of the new work produced today is created digitally. The ever-increasing volume of digital content managed by libraries is creating a need for trusted digital repositories that provide confidence for long term preservation. In a major advancement in the digital preservation arena, the National Library of New Zealand, Ex Libris, and Sun Microsystems have developed a commercial product that addresses much needed requirements for long-term preservation of digital collections.
Breeding, Marshall, The Library Corporation Works Toward a New ILS Platform
The Library Corporation announced that it is developing a new integrated library system called LS2. This product will ultimately become TLCís strategic automation product, though it will continue to develop and support both of its existing ILS products indefinitely. The initial module of the system, the LS2 PAC, has been completed and has been implemented by the Shenandoah County Library System in Virginia.