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Volume 28 Number 11 (November 2008)

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Breeding, Marshall, Koha in Delhi, India
As open source library automation products find their way into more diverse libraries,the news that the Delhi Public Library in India has adopted Koha marks its entry into theranks of larger municipal libraries. Yet, upon closer inspection we will see that this initial deployment of Koha for the Delhi Public Library represents a fairly modest endeavor relative to the demands of a large municipal library in the United States. Delhi Public Library, like many libraries serving cities in the developing world, remains in a fairly early phase of automation. Our examination of their adoption of Koha provides an excellent snapshot of library automation in the developing world.
Breeding, Marshall, ISIS Moves into the Open Source Arena
When it comes to library automation in the developing world, there is nothing more important right now than CDS/ISIS. CDS/ISIS is a database package specifically designed to be accessible within the resources of library and information centers in countries that do not have a high level of financial or technical resources. CDS/ISIS has enormous worldwide impact, with hundreds of thousands of individuals, libraries and other organizations making use of the software. This family of software products has gone through multiple generations of technology, each in step with the broader IT trends, including its most recent transition to the free and open source software arena.