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Dynix announces Corinthian ILS for academic libraries

Press Release: Dynix [April 08, 2005]

Abstract: Dynix announced the launch of Corinthian Integrated Library System, a fourth-generation ILS designed specifically for academic and research libraries. Corinthian incorporates the latest library automation technologies and securely integrates with network services and applications in a modern, enterprise system.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.--April 8, 2005--Dynix, the world's leading provider of automation technologies, solutions, and services for libraries, today announced the launch of Corinthian Integrated Library System, a fourth-generation ILS designed specifically for academic and research libraries. Corinthian incorporates the latest library automation technologies and securely integrates with network services and applications in a modern, enterprise system. Introducing unparalleled levels of integration, flexibility, and security to library technology, Corinthian is the most technologically advanced integrated library system available for academic libraries today.

"Corinthian is the culmination of an unprecedented level of partnership with the academic library community," said Dynix President and CEO Jack Blount. "Since we began developing Corinthian in 2002, our engineering team has spent more than 120,000 man-hours developing the product and more than 40,000 man-hours working with product management designing workflows and features. In addition, Dynix employees spent thousands of hours with academic library directors, system administrators, and staff members from leading institutions around the world."

"The result is a state-of-the-art ILS comprised of leading-edge technologies geared to meet the unique needs of academic libraries," Blount said. "By working with Oracle through the Oracle PartnerNetwork, we have included native Oracle database support, adding to the incredible scalability, performance, and power of Corinthian."

In addition to native Oracle support, Corinthian also includes numerous advanced technologies that work in concert to significantly raise the standard of ILS technology for academic and research libraries, including LDAP, uPortal, Kerberos, Shibboleth, eCommerce, Linux, Unicode, Java/J2EE architecture, and more.

Blount said that through Corinthian, academic libraries will finally have access to the same enterprise technologies used by the largest, most complex corporations in the world, enabling them to seamlessly integrate their library systems with other campus technologies for an extremely unified user experience.

Corinthian for Integration

Corinthian enables academic libraries to achieve unsurpassed levels of integration with other campus resources and systems. For example, the uPortal channel technology in Corinthian Information Portal allows the library to build a library portal that provides powerful searching, is fully customizable, and can readily be incorporated into any standards-based campus portal.

As well, Corinthian provides open APIs that enable the software to easily integrate with the existing campus technology infrastructure while facilitating multi-vendor interoperability. The product's open APIs will enable system administrators to add features and functions that are either developed on site or purchased from third-party providers.

Corinthian for Flexibility

Corinthian is built around a powerful Java/J2EE architecture and uses Web Services to provide the highest possible levels of flexibility for academic libraries. The product's thin-client architecture makes it possible to extend the life of current hardware investments by decreasing the amount of processing power and bandwidth necessary to run the system. The Corinthian system was expressly designed for distributed processing in a scalable, open, and secure multi-tiered environment.

Corinthian runs on servers that support leading-edge database solutions, such as Oracle, and on a variety of operating systems, including Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, and Windows Server.

Corinthian for Security

To overcome challenges imposed by the insecurity of the Internet, both inside and outside library firewalls, Corinthian incorporates Kerberos, a technology created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a solution to network security problems. Kerberos uses strong cryptography that enables a client to prove its identity to a server (and vice versa) across an insecure network connection.

Additionally, Corinthian uses Shibboleth, a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use solution for sharing secured online services and for providing access to restricted digital content. Shibboleth leverages campus-identity and access-management infrastructures to authenticate individuals and then sends information about them to the remote resource site, enabling the resource provider to make an informed authorization decision without having to maintain a duplicate user database. In Corinthian, Shibboleth is used in conjunction with LDAP to provide students and faculty the convenience of single sign-on authentication to all library resources from inside and outside the library.

Individuals interested in learning more about Corinthian should contact the Dynix Academic Solutions Group at 1-800-388-0477. Demonstrations of Corinthian will also be available at the Dynix booth (#301) at the ACRL National Conference in Minneapolis, April 7 to 10.

About the Oracle PartnerNetwork

The Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global business network of more than 14,000 companies who deliver innovative enterprise software solutions based on Oracle software. Through access to Oracle's premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support, the OracleŽ PartnerNetwork provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in today's global economy. Oracle partners are able to offer customers leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle's position as the world's largest enterprise software company.

About Dynix

Dynix is the pioneer provider of library management systems and has the largest installed customer base of any library technology vendor. As a committed advocate of the library community, Dynix serves academic, special, school, public, and consortium libraries in over 40 countries. Dynix has more than 100 professional librarians on staff and proven experience in software leadership. Since 1983, Dynix has provided customers visionary technology solutions that support the latest industry standards and offer intuitive functionality. For complete corporate information and a guide to Dynix products and services, visit

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