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Finnish Academic Libraries select Endeavor's Digital Asset Management System to control digital resources

Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [November 30, 2005]

Copyright (c) 2005 Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

Abstract: Nine members of the Finnish Academic Library Networks LINNEA and AMKIT have selected ENCompass for Digital Collections from Endeavor Information Systems to make a wide range of digital collections available to the public and to integrate them into the Finnish national library infrastructure.

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS, November 30, 2005: Nine members of the Finnish Academic Library Networks LINNEA and AMKIT have selected ENCompass for Digital Collections from Endeavor Information Systems, ( the leading provider of library management software, to make a wide range of digital collections available to the public and to integrate them into the Finnish national library infrastructure.

Following the lead of the Helsinki University Library -- the National Library of Finland, which implemented ENCompass for Digital Collections this past spring -- nine Finnish university and polytechnic libraries are now in the process of implementing ENCompass for Digital Collections: The National Library of Finland; Helsinki University; Jyväskylä University; Åbo Akademi University; Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia; Lappeenranta University of Technology; Jyväskylä Polytechnic; Tampere Polytechnic; Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic; and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Endeavor's ENCompass for Digital Collections (EDC) is a comprehensive and scalable system for local digital content creation, management and access. Libraries all over the world use the system to manage their collections of papers, audio, art images, and other important cultural heritage material.

"We are very pleased that these institutions have joined the National Library in selecting ENCompass for Digital Collections as the standard for protecting their digital assets and academic output," said Sara Randall, Endeavor's Director of Strategic Products. "Increasing numbers of institutions are doing the same as they recognize the value of a centralized, user-friendly system that connects researchers with digital resources regardless of format or location."

According to Randall, these institutions will use the system to manage a wide variety of digital objects, ranging from pictures to sound files to all kinds of text formats, including dissertation databases. She added that these institutions will also focus on the capabilities of ENCompass for Digital Collections as a platform for institutional repositories. "ENCompass is designed to handle large repositories of data and can scale up as their digital assets grow," Randall said, "so these institutions can be confident that the system will serve their future needs as their collections increase."

Several of the collections administered by these institutions are already operational thanks in part to ENCompass and can be searched directly through the Doria portal ( These collections include:

  • UKK Collections – 4,500 records including the collected writings of Urho Kekkonen, former president of Finland
  • Archives of the Dept of Cultural Studies, University of Helsinki – 2,500 records; mostly photos from field trips, archaeological sites, etc.
  • ELEKTRA – 11,000 records plus articles from Finnish scholarly journals
  • TATU – Tampere Polytechnic diploma works
  • RAITA – oldest (copyright-free) Finnish sound recordings, plus metadata from othersl

Additional collections are in the planning stages or have been slated to enter production with ENCompass for Digital Collections in the coming months, including:

  • LutPub – Lappeenranta University of Technology theses and dissertations
  • Stadia – Helsinki Polytechnic diploma works
  • Ethesis – Helsinki University theses and dissertations
  • University of Jyväskylä – various materials
  • Åbo Akademi University – theses and dissertations, historical collections digitized
  • NLF – Restored and digitized monographs
  • University of Helsinki – institutional repository

"The National Library of Finland views EDC as the cornerstone of the Finnish digital object management infrastructure," explained Juha Hakala, the Director of Information Technology at the Helsinki University Library. "This supports the Ministry of Education's recent call for all Finnish universities and polytechnics to better control and provide access to their electronic publications and allow the open harvesting of metadata from their digital collections."

Mr. Hakala added that the National Library has a central support team that works along with representatives from Endeavor to assist LINNEA and AMKIT institutions with their ENCompass implementations. "We emphasize the need of seamless interoperability between all the software components of the system, so that the customers will be able to fully and easily exploit the resources we offer to them," Hakala said. "With the work that we have done, ENCompass is now offering this level of integration for our users."

The LINNEA Network consortium includes all Finnish university libraries, the Library of Parliament, the National Repository Library, and six union catalog and national bibliographic databases hosted by the Helsinki University Library. These databases include the union catalog database for all Finnish academic libraries, a database of bibliographic records for all regional public libraries, the national database for articles, the union catalog database for music materials, and the Finnish national bibliography database. AMKIT is the consortium for library cooperation between the 29 polytechnics in Finland.

The decision to implement ENCompass throughout the Finnish Academic Libraries marks the second time this group has selected Endeavor technology on a broad scale. In 2000, LINNEA selected Endeavor's flagship integrated library system, Voyager, for implementation at 22 member academic libraries, including the National Library. AMKIT followed the LINNEA example in 2001 with all their members implementing Voyager.

About ENCompass

ENCompass is a complete solution for integrated end user searching across multiple data types and databases. ENCompass provides the tools to maximize the power of the library's collection, whether local or remote. With integrated simultaneous access to a variety of resources, the ability to organize library resources, and the ability to create and manage local digital assets, ENCompass provides federated search and discovery, linking, collection management, license and rights management and object management. Visit for more information.

Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems produces advanced library management systems for research and public librarians seeking to integrate ever-increasing electronic resources within their collections. Since 1994, Endeavor has pioneered library management systems by offering enhanced functionality coupled with intuitive interfaces that increase usability and efficiency. Its heritage of technological innovation and service to libraries as well as its significant financial strength as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier combine to make Endeavor Information Systems an industry leader. Visit Endeavor at for more information about Endeavor Meridian, Voyager, ENCompass or LinkFinderPlus.

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