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OCLC offers CONTENTdm to help libraries develop online digital collections

Press Release: OCLC [June 14, 2002]

Copyright (c) 2002 OCLC

Abstract: OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources is now offering the CONTENTdm Software Suite as a complete solution for libraries developing online digital collections to provide preservation and access to special collections.

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 14, 2002—OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources is now offering the CONTENTdm Software Suite as a complete solution for libraries developing online digital collections to provide preservation and access to special collections.

Already in widespread use and supporting hundreds of collections, CONTENTdm provides tools for all aspects of digital collection management. As the world's largest library cooperative, OCLC will help bring CONTENTdm to libraries of all sizes so that they can offer worldwide access to special collections.

The CONTENTdm Software Suite is based on more than six years of development in collaboration with archivists and library professionals. With its ability to handle virtually all media types, CONTENTdm supports a diverse set of collection items, including photographs, slides, maps, yearbooks, fully transcribed diaries, rare books, audio and video clips, postcards and any other asset accessible via a Web browser.

"CONTENTdm's easily understood user interface and seamless upgrade path meet the needs of a wide range of users from small public libraries to complex multi-location university and consortium installations," said Greg Zick, President of DiMeMa Inc. "OCLC has demonstrated leadership and initiative with the formation of the Digital & Preservation Cooperative. CONTENTdm will provide a powerful software tool for Digital & Preservation Resources initiatives, linking directly to WorldCat and the OCLC Digital Archive in the future."

Organizations implementing CONTENTdm collections may either purchase a direct license to install the software on their own server or take advantage of OCLC's new hosted offering of CONTENTdm as a member of the OCLC Digital & Preservation Cooperative. The hosted version provides full software functionality, while operating from OCLC's server.

"The CONTENTdm design and affordability make it attractive to libraries considering digitization for the first time as well as those with highly complex digital collection requirements," said Taylor Surface, Director, Digital Content Management, OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources. "Through the OCLC Digital & Preservation Co-op, libraries can learn about digitization and show results immediately with their CONTENTdm 500-image Starter Kit. Once they see how easy it is to create digital collections online, they are in a better position to fund expansion of their digitization program."

OCLC Digital & Preservation Co-op participants come together to share knowledge and to increase the value of digital collections by combining them with other collections. The Co-op provides the latest in best practices, standards and technology white papers to help participants learn more about digitization and preservation trends. Members of the OCLC Digital & Preservation Co-op are eligible to receive an OCLC CONTENTdm 500-image Starter Kit.

"The CONTENTdm Software Suite is an integral part of OCLC's digital and preservation program," Mr. Surface continued. "By joining the Digital Co-op, libraries gain immediate access to CONTENTdm through their Starter Kit. They can also minimize costs by hosting their collections on an OCLC server rather than investing in the infrastructure and technical staff needed to host collections themselves. As their collections grow, libraries can consider licensing the software from OCLC and hosting their collections on their own server."

"CONTENTdm complements OCLC's other strategic digital preservation tools, from media preparation services to digital archives providing long-term preservation," said Mr. Surface.

DiMeMa Inc. (Digital Media Management) was formed in early 2001 to provide support for the rapidly growing community of CONTENTdm users. DiMeMa's corporate objective is to provide leading software tools for content management by professional archivists. Using the latest technology integrated with input from information professionals we will continue to evolve these tools to provide easy to use, reliable, flexible and high performance applications specifically targeted for media management and archiving. DiMeMa is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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