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Multilingual access to Dublin Core metadata of ULIS Library

Journal of Digital information [January 2002]


Copyright (c) 2002 University of Southampton

Abstract: With the recent Internet expansion, people all over the world can access more and more document databases. As Unicode has become more popular, the environment for multilingual retrieval has improved to some extent. However, there are still numerous problems to be solved, such as multilingual input and display. This paper proposes a system for retrieving ULIS Japanese metadata. The system provides convenience for overseas users for multilingual access by solving these problems and by indicating candidates for translated words and Boolean queries based on the statistics of the system''s behavior.

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Publication Year:2002
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Journal of Digital information
Publication Info:Volume 2 Number 2
Issue:January 2002
Publisher:University of Southampton
Place of Publication:Southampton
Subject: Metadata
Dublin core
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