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Journal of Digital information [January 2002]


Copyright (c) 2002 University of Southampton

Abstract: This paper presents the METAXPath data model and query language. METAXPath extends XPath with support for XML metadata. XPath is a specification language for locations in an XML document. It serves as the basis for XML query languages like XSLT and the XML Query Algebra. The METAXPath data model is a nested XPath tree. Each level of metadata induces a new level of nesting. The data model separates metadata and data into different dataspaces, supports meta-metadata, and enables sharing of metadata common to a group of nodes without duplication. The METAXPath query language has a level shift operator to shift a query from a data level to a metadata level. METAXPath maximally reuses XPath hence the changes needed to support metadata are few. METAXPath is fully compatible with XPath.

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Publication Year:2002
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Journal of Digital information
Publication Info:Volume 2 Number 2
Issue:January 2002
Publisher:University of Southampton
Place of Publication:Southampton
Subject: Metadata
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