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Endeavor announces free OS upgrades with new release Of Voyager 2000.1 For Windows 2000 server

Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [January 18, 2002]

Copyright (c) 2002 Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

Abstract: Endeavor Information Systems announced that the 42 Voyager customers currently employing the Windows NT operating system will be upgraded to Windows 2000 Server at no charge when these libraries upgrade to the new commercial release of Voyager 2000.1 for Windows Server, available now.

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS, Jan. 18, 2002: Endeavor Information Systems announced today that the 42 Voyager customers currently employing the Windows NT operating system will be upgraded to Windows 2000 Server at no charge when these libraries upgrade to the new commercial release of Voyager 2000.1 for Windows Server, available now.

The operating system upgrade offers increased security for customers throughout the world. Normal maintenance for the Windows systems, the upgrade is provided as a superior service offered at no cost other than Voyager's competitive annual maintenance fees and the cost of the Windows license.

The server system upgrade ensures the hardware of each site is compatible with current technology specifications and is positioned for the future advancement of the library’s systems needs. Specifically, the Windows 2000 Server upgrades provide increased security measures, memory management and a faster operating system for the Voyager libraries.

At the same time, these Voyager libraries will also be upgraded from Oracle 8.05 to Oracle 8.1.7. Voyager is entirely based on an open Oracle framework, ensuring complete integration of functionality and increased capabilities for combination of functions throughout the library. As with the 2001 Solaris OS upgrades, Endeavor will contract with TekSystems, an Endeavor-approved and nationally-recognized technical services company, for the Windows 2000 server upgrades.

"The upgrade to the new operating system was pretty transparent and seamless," said Bob Richart, Systems Librarian at Madigan Army Medical Center Medical Library in Tacoma, WA. Richart's library was one of the first to receive the software and OS upgrade.

Richart noted the library's staff is enjoying the new features in Voyager 2000.1 designed to improve workflows. He noted positive modifications in the Acquisitions module such as enhanced serials check in and serials claiming, plus progressive enhancements to the OPAC interface, as well as the OS upgrade. "The biggest improvement is Acquisitions 2000," Richart noted. He added it was also beneficial to have a new operating system, and commented on the very fast and easy process of working with Endeavor on the upgrade.

"This upgrade would cost libraries a hefty amount if performed on their own—but Endeavor has decided to offer this additional service at no extra charge, something that no ILS vendor is required to do. This is a phenomenal service for Voyager libraries," explained Scott Hayes, Endeavor's Manager of Product Release and Integration, the department overseeing the upgrades. "At Endeavor, the only upgrade cost incurred to the library is the normal Microsoft license fee."

"Endeavor works with libraries on their schedule to upgrade both the Voyager software and the Microsoft software, ensuring library operations continue as normally as possible," Hayes said. "We know it is important to the library to run seamlessly to provide excellent service, so we meet the need with easy accommodations for upgrades."

"Operating system upgrades are a service that not all ILS vendors provide—our no-cost Windows 2000 Server upgrades are just another example of how Endeavor is a company that thinks of the library first," stated Jane Burke, Endeavor's President and CEO. "In this situation, Endeavor provides an excellent new upgrade of the Voyager software plus technical expertise and no-cost operating system upgrades—all provided on the library's schedule. This proves Endeavor's products are designed to provide smooth operations, outstanding productivity and a forward-looking vision for libraries, and our services echo those beliefs with our everyday practices."

About Endeavor's Product Release and Integration Group

Designed to provide technical expertise for hardware and software upgrades, Endeavor's Product Release and Integration Group (PRIG) includes technical professionals well-versed in Endeavor's support of Sun Solaris, AIX and Windows Server operating systems. PRIG assists Endeavor libraries with upgrades of the Voyager integrated library management system, ENCompass system for managing, searching and linking digital collections, and Endeavor's full suite of library solutions. PRIG is also involved with day-to-day troubleshooting of technical questions for all of Endeavor's systems as a branch of Endeavor's Customer Service Division.

About Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems, based in Des Plaines, IL, was founded in September 1994. More than 900 academic and research libraries of every size have chosen Endeavor’s high performance Voyager library system. Visit Endeavor at for more information on Voyager, ENCompass, LinkFinderPlus and Endeavor’s complete suite of products for today’s changing libraries.

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