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OpenURLs, Citations, and two-level SRV-record-based resolution



Copyright (c) 2001 Goerwitz IT Consulting, LLC

Abstract: This article retraces (from the standpoint of academic researchers) the fundamental issues behind the development of open linking strategies, particularly OpenURLs, and shows that, despite many advances afforded by the emerging OpenURL specification, OpenURLs lack not only the overall robustness but also the portability necessary for use in a broad academic context. Left unremedied, the portability problem alone would be enough to doom OpenURLs to oblivion. By establishing a two-level SRV-record-based OpenURL resolution system, however, this problem can be overcome - and a pathway can be opened up towards more robust support of real-world academic usage scenarios.

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Publication Year:2001
Type of Material:Article
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Publisher:Goerwitz IT Consulting, LLC
Subject: Reference linking
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