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News and Enhancements: October 2001

Press Release: ON POINT, Inc. [October 1, 2001]

Copyright (c) 2001 ON POINT, Inc.

Abstract: TLC Total Library Computerization v.3 was released in September.

TLC Total Library Computerization® v.3 was released in September. The user interface has been simplified so that menu screens display fewer items at first glance, but offer a wealth of choices for any library related function you choose to pursue. Options for searching, sorting and showing your records have been combined so that fewer mouse clicks are needed to run programs and review results. Any selections you make remain in effect until you intentionally change them. This permits you to rerun a sequence of programs for new research without making any changes. Moving around the menu system is also made easier because there's less to see on the screen until you investigate all the choices. As in earlier versions of TLC, all modules and their supporting relational files are structured according to the same plan. This uniformity throughout the system eliminates guesswork, avoids confusion, and promises a very short learning curve.

New features in TLC v3

  • Simplified menus. There are fewer buttons to see at a single glance.
  • It's easier than ever to put your library on the Web. Layouts are named for easy identification for use with Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing.
  • Perform "or" searches on the Web inside of core fields as well as between fields.
  • Hide records you don't want your end users to see, such as the continuing volumes of multi-volume sets. This will appeal to those who wish to retrieve the main record without an additional listing for each individual volume.
  • Combined program functions that won't change until you select an alternative operation.
  • Automatic removal of carelessly entered characters at the beginning and end of keywords and phrases. Extra spaces or inadvertently input carriage returns are removed from "pick lists" and bibliographies.
  • Jump back and forth between your list of retrieved items and any selected item's detailed record in any module.
  • Enjoy the availability of utilities that make many non-conforming imported records come out just right for TLC's fields.
  • Substitute any string of characters for any other string of characters in core fields in the Catalog.
  • Choose how to select the name of the user checking out an item. Use the new pop-up list or a search program.
  • Get rid of superfluous semi-colons in the Authors fields. Also clear out extra semi-colons in the Keywords field for records processed by TLC's MARC interface.
  • Permit your end users to self-reserve without the librarian's intervention any circulating item while its record is being displayed.
  • Quickly convert inconsistently named files with your MARC interface. The new setup screen is intuitive and easily modified
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