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Innovative rolls out new products at ALA Annual Meeting

Press Release: Innovative Interfaces, Inc. [June 13, 2001]

Copyright (c) 2001 Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Abstract: Innovative Interfaces, a leader in information technology for libraries, introduced several new products for its Millennium integrated library system at at the ALA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. The new products include: MAP: Millennium Access Plus, Millennium AirPAC, XML Harvester, and VIPs: Valued Information Providers.

June 16, 2001 Innovative Interfaces, a leader in information technology for libraries, introduced several new products for its Millennium integrated library system at its booth #729 at the ALA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

MAP: Millennium Access Plus

Citing its Web-based architecture as the foundation for extending the capabilities of Millennium, Innovative unveiled new features for MAP, an integrated solution that manages access to selected online information sources and guides patrons to Internet content quickly. Libraries are looking for ways to provide enhanced access to information; MAP integrates access to disparate information resources such as other library catalogs, image databases, and abstract and full-text databases. All three components of MAP-Web Access Management, MetaFind, and WebBridge-are being demonstrated at the booth.

Innovative announced a partnership with MuseGlobal, a division of EduLib. MuseGlobal’s technology will be used to power the MetaFind component of MAP. MetaFind accesses multiple resources with a single search, and returns all results in a consistent interface:

  • Simultaneous search across resources: launching an HTTP search and/or a Z39.50 search.
  • Real-time searching: no local indexes maintained.
  • A status screen that shows progress of searching as well as hits per resource.
  • Advanced and simple search screen.
  • Sources and categories are customizable by the library.
  • Results can be enhanced with book jacket images.

WebBridge allows user to link directly from the bibliographic record display within the Web OPAC and Millennium modules to related resources (such as full-text articles, book reviews, or book jacket images), based on library-managed tables.

  • Links are dynamic, contextual, and library-defined.
  • Context-sensitive searches are passed directly to the appropriate place in the resource.
  • Searches can be launched using various protocols such as Z39.50 and HTTP.
  • A management tool to define resources and set the relationships when resources are offred.
  • Detailed usage statistics.

Millennium AirPAC

Innovative announced the introduction of AirPAC, a catalog interface designed for wireless devices. With AirPAC, the handheld device becomes a searching tool with which users can issue OPAC searches from anywhere. Patrons with Internet-enabled cell phones or PDAs can search the OPAC, browse titles, and review records or list items.

AirPAC leverages the power of XML technology to deliver the next generation of OPAC access-from virtually anywhere at any time. Innovative’s XML server outputs catalog data in response to HTTP requests issued from Web browsing software on the handheld device. XML documents are then transformed into HTML pages specially formatted for display on Palm-powered devices or cellular phones.

Visitors to ALA were invited to try Millennium AirPAC from their own personal devices.

XML Harvester

Libraries of all types and sizes are finding themselves with disparate resources within the library and databases of records outside of the cataloged collection. Innovative’s new XML Harvester leverages XML (Extensible Markup Language) technology and the EAD (Encoded Archival Description) standard to provide an automated cataloging tool that can create library records for EAD entities stored on servers anywhere in the world. The XML Harvester maps EAD records into MARC format and allows for loading directly into the database. The catalog then becomes the central index for searching these materials-a one-stop search interfaces for the library’s electronic resources.

VIPs: Valued Information Providers

Innovative announced that its list of content providers has been expanded. With the introduction of the MAP suite of access products, Innovative libraries have the ability to integrate Web-based content into both staff modules and the Web OPAC. Whether enriching catalog displays with book jacket images and book reviews, or offering staff links to vendor Web sites and subscription management services, Innovative libraries now have access to the universe of Web-based content. VIPs include:

  • Bowker
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
  • Innovative Interfaces INN-View
  • netLibrary
  • RealRead
  • Syndetics
  • TheLibraryPlace
  • INN-View

Innovative announced new features to its Web-content hosting service which was established in 1994. Content is housed at Innovative headquarters, maintained by Innovative staff, and is available to Innovative customers as a for-fee subscription service. These databases can be accessed via the Web either directly or by using integrated contextual WebBridge links from within both staff and OPAC Millennium modules. Features new to INN-Keeper include:

  • Z39.50 server access to Books in Print.
  • Advanced searching, including Boolean operators, proximity and adjacency searching, and relevance ranking of results.
  • New, enhanced Web interface.

In addition to the new products introduced, Innovative showcased enhancements to existing products, demonstrations of new Web-based User Manuals, and the new, creatively-designed Mac G4 Cube, which was demonstrated with full Millennium functionality.

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