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Metadata for long term-preservation

[July 2000]


Copyright (c) 2000 NEDLIB Consortium

Abstract: The objective of this report is to define the core minimum metadata that are mandatory for preservation management purposes, in order to handle large amounts of data items in a changing technological environment.

Preservation of digital documents for the long term requires above all to solve the problem of technological obsolescence. Accessing to digital documents in 20 or 100 years will be impossible if we, or our successor, can''t process the bit stream underlying digital documents. We can be sure that the modality of data processing will be different in 20 or 100 years. It is thus our task to collect key information about today''s data processing to ensure future access to these documents.

This report focus strictly on this kind of information. Other kind of information, descriptive, administrative or legal one is out of the scope of this work.

This report doesn''t intend to cover in detail every type of digital document with its specificity. It is limited to the most generic information about digital objects.

We propose to define 8 metadata elements and 38 sub-elements following the OAIS taxonomy of information objects. A layered information analysis of the digital document is proposed in order to list all information involved in the data processing of the bit-stream.

The last metadata element is what we could call a cross-metadata in that sense that it documents every change made in the other metadata.

These metadata elements are intended to be created, as much as possible, in an automatic way to make it possible to handle large amounts of documents.

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Digital preservation
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