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Kansas State University chooses ENCompass: Endeavor's Digital Management solution to unite University collections

Press Release: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. [January 12, 2001]

Copyright (c) 2001 Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

Abstract: Endeavor Information Systems announced Kansas State University has purchased the ENCompass digital collection management system to build and organize the University''s digital projects. The library will employ ENCompass as the unified user interface for the KSU Digital Library.

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS, Jan. 12, 2001: Endeavor Information Systems announced today Kansas State University (KSU) has purchased the ENCompass digital collection management system to build and organize the University's digital projects. The library will employ ENCompass as the unified user interface for the KSU Digital Library.

"We were looking for three distinct objectives in a digital collection system: it has to be able to organize, it has to have the capacity to index and display information in a sensible manner, and it has to provide an interface to bring the campus together at a higher level," explained Karen Cole, Associate Dean of Libraries for KSU.

Cole explained other systems did not have the capacity to deal with organization and indexing, yet others did not have solutions for integrating local content, but ENCompass met both these needs. The 2001 development of commercial content into ENCompass was also a strong point for the University. "We saw that Endeavor has a strong architecture that complements our goals. Adding commercial content is a big part of our strategy," Cole explained. "Endeavor has done more than just partner with Elsevier Science. They've shown that an ILS vendor and publisher can work together. Endeavor does not have to build bridges with a publisher to make commercial content happen, it's already there. Endeavor and ENCompass are fully poised to allow the further integration of more commercial content past the Elsevier resources, something all libraries can appreciate."

The KSU Digital Libraries Program Task Force of library professionals, faculty and IT staff only began their search in August 2000, with the goal of a university-wide system, not just a library system, to electronically acquire information, process it, and organize it in a way to make it available to all users, regardless of format. The Task Force looked for user-customizable collection presentation in a system that could represent a unified interface to the repositories created at KSU.

"The digital library represents the content of the University, who we are and what we're researching, access at all levels, and infrastructure, moving the library out of a silo of IT people and taking agendas forward on behalf of support areas," Cole commented. "We need all threeŚcontent, access and infrastructureŚor it does not meet our expectations."

"We've chosen to take the quantum leap with ENCompass to push this agenda forward for all libraries, we believe we might be pushing the profession a bit," Cole explained. With the university mandate of a live prototype system in May, the KSU Digital Library Task Force has already determined primary KSU-born collections to include in ENCompass, ranging from Kansas wildflowers, graduate school dissertations, historical and current agricultural research publications, a campus hazardous materials e-journal, to the Landon Lecture Series, a KSU visiting lecturer series including many US presidents

"We are elated to have Kansas State University join our prestigious ENCompass development partners to continue the Endeavor goal of delivering the digital library," stated Jane Burke, Endeavor President and CEO. "As our first large Voyager customer, Kansas State has continually proven to be a trendsetter in library technology. We are proud that Kansas State continues to believe in Endeavor and ENCompass. Kansas State shares the ENCompass vision of presenting integrated access to collections, and clearly understands how all of these collections support the University's mission."

About ENCompass

ENCompass applies new technology standards like XML, EAD and Dublin Core to organize and access electronic resources. ENCompass provides seamless searching across digital object collections while managing and controlling links for separate repositories. ENCompass ties together resources, creating a more effective research base.

About Endeavor Information Systems

Endeavor Information Systems, based in Des Plaines, IL, was founded in September of 1994. Over 800 academic and research libraries of every size have chosen Endeavor's high performance library system. Endeavor offers a complete line of library solutions for traditional and digital collections. Visit Endeavor at for more information about ENCompass, Voyager, careers at Endeavor or Endeavor's complete product suite of solutions for libraries.

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