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Library of Congress selects Star for integrated library system

Press Release: Cuadra Associates, Inc. [February 15, 1993]

Copyright (c) 1993 Cuadra Associates, Inc.

Abstract: The Library of Congress selected the Cuadra/STAR software for a new Integrated Library System, to be used in its Congressional Research Service. The software is a product of Cuadra Associates, Inc. based in Los Angeles.

The Library of Congress has selected the Cuadra/STAR software for a new Integrated Library System, to be used in its Congressional Research Service (CRS). The software is a product of Cuadra Associates, Inc. (CA), based in Los Angeles.

CRS is the unit within the Library of Congress that is responsible for providing the U.S. Congress with information and analysis. To meet this responsibility, CRS acquires relevant ma-terials of all kinds and also draws on all the resources of the Library's collections--which grow at the rate of over 30,000 new items per day and include more than 90 million individual items in 470 languages. The materials needed for the CRS mission are requested and used by CRS staff members and congressional clients at various CRS locations, including the CR5 Reference Centers in the U.S. House and Senate Office Buildings.

STAR was selected for the integrated library system (Its) through a competitive procurement process in which offers were solicited from 64 vendors of library systems and software. The contract, for $134,950, was awarded to CA.

"We could not be more delighted that STAR has been selected for this new ILS," said Dr. Carlos A. Cuadra, president of CA. "During the last three years, we have invested heavily and worked very hard to enhance STAR's support for the full range of library functions, including complete MARC support. Our selection by the Library gives us confidence that we got it right." [MARC stands for MAchine Readable Catalog, the international standard used for cataloging library data.]

To manage all the materials needed to serve the Congress, CRS has been using a variety of automated and manual systems. But to increase efficiency, CRS needed a system that included fully developed and integrated Circulation and Inventory Control, Online Catalog, Cataloging and Authority Control, Acquisitions, and Serials Control. Particularly important in CRS's re-quirements was the ability to provide for sharing data between modules, to reduce duplication of data entry and to provide a common interface to a variety of systems.

CRS will use STAR in an environment consisting of multi-vendor IBM PC-AT and Compaq/386 compatible machines, all of which will be connected to a token ring network. STAR itself will run on a powerful UNIX multiprocessor host computer that may eventually support up to 130 simultaneous users. STAR is scheduled to be installed early in 1993.

As part of the contract, CA will convert 97,000 records presently in several formats, including BIBSEARCH, FAXON, dBase, and SCORPIO formats. These and other records currently in manual form only will be brought together to establish the bask catalog database for CRS's integrated library system.

STAR, which has been in the marketplace since 1982, runs under UNIX on a wide variety of high-performance Intel-based and RISC hardware platforms, including IBM, Sun, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard. STAR servers can be linked with all of the popular LANs, as well as with mainframes and minis.

STAR is designed specifically to provide fast, sophisticated multi-user access to descriptive in-formation of all kinds. Its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used effectively not only by libraries and technical information centers but also by corporate and government records centers, film, photo, and document archives, museums, law offices, and publishers.

Further information on STAR can be obtained from corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, sales offices in Washington, D.C. and New York, and authorized resellers worldwide.

For additional information, contact:

Carlos A. Cuadra or Judith Wanger
Cuadra Associates, Inc.
11835 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite. 855
Los Angeles, CA 90064, U.S.A.
Phone: (310) 478-0066
FAX: (310) 477-1078

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