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Press Release: Pigasus Software, Inc. [June 24, 1998]

Copyright (c) 1998 Pigasus Software, Inc.

Abstract: Relais, an ILL / Document Delivery solution to assist libraries in finding and delivering documents to patrons and other libraries, will use modules of Wings from Pigasus Software to enhance Relais'' ability to communicate with other ILL utilities and systems.

Relais, an ILL / Document Delivery solution to assist libraries in finding and delivering documents to patrons and other libraries, will use modules of Wings from Pigasus Software to enhance Relais' ability to communicate with other ILL utilities and systems.

Wings is a web based ILL request processing package tat facilitates the cotmnunication of ILL requests and related messages between users and libraries and between libraries and other libraries or document suppliers. Wings supports a variety of communications protocols used in the ILL community: ISO and ERP (the Extended Request Protocol developed by Pigasus). In addition, Wings can communicate with organizations such as CISTI and it can produce ALA ILL forms on a local printer and for fax delivery.

Pigasus Software customers include UCLA.

Relais is designed to automate the internal processes of an ILL / document supply unit. Relais automates borrowing functions such as the identification of possible sources for a document by doing a multi catalogue Z39.50 search. When responding to lending requests, Relais is used for scanning and electronic document delivery including delivery by fax, email and Arid. Relais also assists ILL staff in managing and tracking transactions from the beginning to end.

Relais customers include the U of Alberta, National Library of Medicine, EBSCO Document Services, Linda Hall Library, U of Manitoba.

Relais International will license two Wings modules: Networker and Sphinx.

The Networker is responsible for communication with other automated ILL systems and ensuring that the data that passes into the system is valid.

Similarly the Sphinx is used to ensure the integrity of data entered from an external user interface, e.g., a web based interface to the library OPAC.

The integration of Networker into Relais means that a Relais system can exchange requests and messages in many different formats and can communicate using various methods, including

  • ISO 10160/1 BER coded APDUs sent via TCP/IP (half duplex or full duplex)
  • ISO 10160/1 BER coded APDUs sent via MIME encoded email
  • ISO 10160/1 EDIFAC'I' coded APDUs sent via email
  • Extended Request Protocol messages sent via TCP/IP
  • Extended Request Protocol messages sent via email

In addition, requests and messages can be sent to and from OCLC and DOCLINE. Requests can also be sent from Relais to CISTI and BLDSC in electronic formats that can be accepted by their respective systems. For Canadian libraries, Relais can communicate using the generic script.

Clare MacKeigan, Vice President and General Manager of Relais International said, "As ILL continues to be a diverse environment, and as libraries struggle to process and manage all requests within one internal system while being able to talk with the rest of the world. The integration of Relais and Wings moves ILL and Document Delivery into a new world. Bringing together the communications modules of Wings with the workflow, search, scanning and delivery components of Relais results in an end to end solution. Now libraries that are serious about improving ILL and document delivery services have an option."

Candy Bogar, President of Pigasus Software, said, "Effective and efficient communication has always been a challenge. Tapping into the rich variety of communication modes used in the ILL world while keeping the breadth and depth of data required internally in an efficiently accessible system is daunting but do-able. Joining the flexible communications solution of Wings with the technical document delivery expertise of Relais gives libraries a powerful tool to use in providing superior ILL/Document Delivery service."

For more information about Wings, contact Pigasus Software at (877) PIGS-FLY. Pigasus is located at 65 Charleston Sq., St. Charles, MO 63304 USA and on the World Wide Web at

Pigasus Software, Inc. produces Wings, an interlibrary loan and request processing system with a web interface. Pigasus Software is a privately held Missouri corporation.

For more information about Relais, contact Clare Mackeigan at (613) 226-5571 x70. Relais International is located at 1690 Woodward Drive, Suite 215, Ottawa, ON K2C 3R8 Canada and on the World Wide Web at

Relais International, Inc. develops turnkey document delivery and interlibrary loan management solutions and is a subsidiary of EBSCO Industries, Inc. EBSCO Industries provides many services to libraries including fully integrated access to serials through subscription management and database access.

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