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Reference linking in a hybrid library environment: part 1: frameworks for linking

D-Lib magazine [Issue 4 April 1999]


Copyright (c) 1999 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Abstract: The creation of services linking related information entities is an area that is attracting an ever increasing interest in the ongoing development of the World Wide Web in general, and of research-related information systems in particular. Currently, both practice and theory point at linking services as being a major domain for innovation enabled by digital communication of content. Publishers, subscription agents, researchers and libraries are all looking into ways to create added value by linking related information entities, as such presenting the information within a broader context estimated to be relevant to the users of the information.

This is the first of two articles in D-Lib Magazine on this topic. This first part describes the current state-of-the-art and contrasts various approaches to the problem. It identifies static and dynamic linking solutions as well as open and closed linking frameworks. It also includes an extensive bibliography. The second part, SFX, a Generic Linking Solution describes a system that we have developed for linking in a hybrid working environment.

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Publication Year:1999
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: D-Lib magazine
Publication Info:Volume 5 Number 4
Issue:Issue 4 April 1999
Publisher:Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Products: SFX Reference Linking Software Solution
Libraries: University of Gent
Subject: Reference linking
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