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Improvements in cataloging software provide automatic MARC record repair and global editing

Press Release: Information Transform, Inc. [June 18, 1998]

Copyright (c) 1998 Information Transform, Inc.

(Madison, WI. June 18, 1998) -- Information Transform, Inc. (ITI), developer of the popular MARC cataloging software program, MITINET/marc, is proud to announce the new upgrade version 5.11 which includes powerful automatic MARC record repair and global editing. MITINET/marc is the only software to incorporate these powerful new features, which greatly improve record accuracy, make searching records more effective, and save users hours of time when they clean up and edit their library databases.

"We are excited at all of the possibilities and the power that global editing gives us in editing our old MARC records," says Sandy Sharps, Library Media Coordinator of Denton Independent School District in Texas.

MARC records are repaired automatically as users import MARC databases and MARC records from other outside sources into MITINET/marc. The software corrects ISBD punctuation, non-filing indicators, GMD (General Materials Designation), structural problems, and many other common errors found in the leader and control fields (007 & 008). MITINET/marc even provides warnings for serious structural errors in the MARC records that were fixed but need to be reviewed. Users can make other corrections, make additions to the records, check the spelling, and then export the upgraded records to their library automation system.

The powerful new global editing features make record clean-up easy and more efficient by giving users the ability to make changes to a whole group of records at once. It's a breeze to update subject heading terms with the find and replace text command, to make corrections to control fields, to add or delete entire fields and subfields with text, and even to correct records that were cataloged using the wrong format. For example, older A/V records were often cataloged using the book format. With MITINET/marc's group editing features, users can change all of their incorrectly-cataloged A/V records to the proper cataloging format in one process. With version 5.11, users now have the power to completely and efficiently clean up their catalog databases, resulting in more accurate and reliable searching and record sharing.

Rosette Acord, Media Specialist at Bonneville High School Media Center in Weber County School District in Utah, says, "I like being able to add a new subject heading to an entire group of records at once. It makes it much easier for the kids if we do this. We can now change an obscure subject heading that nobody will ever use to something more useful for students. We even downloaded some CD-ROM records from the web, and since we had the print version of these titles in our library, we were able to change all the CD-ROM MARC records to book records in one step."

In addition to record clean-up functions, MITINET/marc provides a solution to original cataloging needs without the user having to memorize MARC codes or rules. Users can easily create full MARC records for books, A/V, and all other type of library materials by simply following the prompts and examples. Users are not required to memorize any MARC codes or rules--MITINET/marc automatically creates MARC tags, indicators, subfield codes, GMD, Leader, 007 and 008 fixed fields, and handles 118 ISBD punctuation and 99-non-filing indicator rules.

MITINET/marc can be purchased directly from Information Transform, Inc. or through one of its many resellers including Follett Software, Winnebago Software, Ameritech (Scholar Division), Nichols Advanced Technologies, and The Library Corporation. Single copy price is $399 with volume discounts and site licensing available. MITINET/marc operates under DOS and can also be run under the Windows operating systems. Power Macintosh users please call III for specific system requirements.

For more information or a free PC demo, contact MITINET/marc Software (Information Transform, Inc.) 6409 Odana Road / Madison, WI 53719 / Tel: 800-824-6272 / Tel: 608-270-1102 / Fax: 608-270-1107 / email: Visit us at our web site at

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