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Scotland Yard chooses Open Text's Collaborative Intranet to more efectively fight crime: Livelink and BASIS will save Scotland Yard $2.4 million over five years

Press Release: Information Dimensions, Inc. [March 14, 2000]

Copyright (c) 2000 Information Dimensions, Inc.

Abstract: Open Text Corporation announced that Scotland Yard will deploy the company''s flagship technology, Livelink - along with Open Text''s BASIS, the library automation component of the Livelink product family - to share case files and other records across the police organization.

WATERLOO, ON. March 14, 2000. Open Text Corporation (Nasdaq: OTEX, TSE: OTC), the leading provider of collaborative intranet, extranet and e-business applications, has announced that Scotland Yard will deploy the company's flagship technology, Livelink - along with Open Text's BASIS, the library automation component of the Livelink product family - to share case files and other records across the police organization.

Scotland Yard will use the BASIS component, a document collection and high performance search and retrieval application, together with Livelink, Open Text's Web-based collaborative intranet solution, to collect, index and provide online access to over 600,000 case files, which currently occupy over 9 miles of shelf space at a file repository in West London. By implementing Open Text's BASIS and Livelink applications, Scotland Yard is able to extend its information base into a collaborative knowledge network, and expects to save a significant $2.4 million over the next five years.

Previously, officers could only access the case files and records from nine a.m. to five p.m. on Monday through Friday, using limited searching capabilities to locate relevant files. Linkhand, a leading systems integrator, worked with Open Text to customize BASIS and develop a searchable, highly-scalable database that is used to index the headline information from the case files and records. The new BASIS database will support more detailed search strings - producing more finely tuned results within a matter of seconds - significantly narrowing down the search results to include only relevant files.

Scotland Yard will also use Livelink, Open Text's Web-based intranet solution, to provide officers 24 hour access, regardless of location, to the new BASIS online database, via the Scotland Yard intranet - giving them immediate access to an index of existing case files and other records.

"By using Livelink together with BASIS to electronically index and access all of the data currently stored at the Registry, Scotland Yard will provide its officers and support staff with a much faster and more efficient method of tracking down case papers which can often contain information that will help in new investigations," said Alan Oakley, Chief Registrar and Departmental Record Officer, Scotland Yard: "The new system will enable more precise search results, ultimately enabling officers to investigate crimes more effectively. It will also contribute towards achieving considerable cost savings and improved accountability through good records management."

"We're delighted to be helping Scotland Yard work towards a safer London," said Andrew Pery, Vice President, Marketing, Open Text Corporation. "By deploying an integrated online knowledge repository and search and retrieval solution, like the Livelink and BASIS joint solution, Scotland Yard will save time and money, better enabling them to focus on their core task of reducing crime."

About Linkhand:

Linkhand is a recognized provider of integrated electronic document, workflow and e-commerce solutions. Based at London Bridge we have built up a client base of some 50 organizations using our solutions to automate and manage their business processes in order to improve customer service, competitive advantage and organizational productivity. Further information about the company, its solutions and services can be found at

About Livelink:

Livelink is a highly scaleable e-business application. Its richly-featured enterprise services include virtual team collaboration, business process automation, enterprise group scheduling and information retrieval services, all tightly integrated into a solution that is easily customized and extended. Livelink is essential to the effective management and development of communities of interest that span organizations and industries. For everything from the creation of complex e-community relationships to the automation of simple e-business processes, Livelink delivers true dynamic collaboration between individuals, organizations, and large trading communities. Livelink servers are fully Web-based and open-architected to ensure rapid deployment and easy access to its full functionality through a standard Web browser.

About BASIS:

BASIS is a robust document collection and high performance search and retrieval solution that puts all of your corporate knowledge at your fingertips. Designed for comprehensive library control, BASIS provides an ideal solution for organizations and large e-communities that need access to hybrid document collections consisting of both documents and metadata. Used by major commercial and government information centers, BASIS provides library automation, research and records management, technical document publishing, legislative tracking, content archives, litigation support, and competitive intelligence. BASIS delivers Web-based document management, search and security functionality-fully integrated into an extended relational document database and optimized for managing large document collections.

About Open Text:

Open Text has pioneered the development of innovative intranet, extranet and e-business applications. Since creating one of the first search engines to index the World Wide Web, the Company has remained at the forefront of Internet-based technologies. Today, Open Text solutions allow individuals, teams, organizations, and global trading communities to collaborate on projects, share ideas and accelerate innovation to the fastest possible speed. We call it HyperInnovation™ and it is already a major factor in the success of leading Global 2000 organizations. Open Text has become the largest supplier of collaborative, Web-based e-business applications for the enterprise, with over 3.5 million users in 31 countries, speaking 12 languages throughout the world. For more information, visit

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